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the affect of lockdown on writers

Lock-down has not only stifled some writers but has also made writers feel less of one. This world pandemic has probably been one of the most challenging time that anybody has ever experienced before. Especially writers are creative individuals who feed off of daily life such as the intricate details that they see outside : nature, people, distance for the

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Will Ramadhan be the same in lockdown?

The holy month of Ramadhaan is the first celebration of the year following Eid. However it will celebrated under tight restrictions due to the Coronavirus outbreak. As a Muslim myself I have realised that every Ramadan seems to be the same. I believe that lack of distraction from the outside world will give Muslims the opportunity to reflect on themselves

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Is Covid-19 restoring nature back to health?

Nature has reported to be restoring itself since lockdown has taken place and people have stopped going to work. Dolphins were spotted returning to Venice canals in Italy. Owner of Metropole Hotel  Gloria Beggiato says “It is calm like a pond, because there are no more waves caused by motorised boats transporting day-tripper tourists. And of course, the giant cruise

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Are Covid-19 symptoms suited to each person?

The outbreak of the respiratory disease covid-19 has claimed 6,650 cases in the UK. Prime minister Boris Johnson announced the lockdown , only allowing people to leave under strict circumstances. The virus of 2019 rapidly made it’s way to the UK in January 2020 and cases further increased in March. The public were informed of the major signs of infection.

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Australia’s wildfire is only the beginning

The past month Australia’s extreme fire has spread rapidly and has left scientists fearing further climate crisis. They believe it’s the beginning of more climate issues that will continue into the years to come. Scientists have said that wildfire will become 3 times more common by the end of this century due to its new outbreak. Celebrities have been donating

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Aldi insists on giving free food on Christmas eve

The company announced online issuing a plea to help those in need on December 24th by handing out free food. The Aldi company said they wanted to help “less fortunate individuals.” They also want to share their food with other food banks to extend their charity across all food banks in the UK. Aldi supermarket are” further offering local organisations

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