The Inside of Lambeth


Lambeth being the backbone of London is a fun place to live, with people from all different parts of the world  it’s like your typical giant market place. Well except the fact, nothing is being sold.

Looking in from the outside there is many people within Lambeth that makes the community so unique.

Brixton is a place to be with constant busking on the streets and crowd of people going around their daily activities.  Stepping out there makes you fit in without having to make an effort.

324,431 of people living in Lambeth the place is a packed of sardines.

There are some amazing communities within Lambeth that I had no prior knowledge though I have lived  in Lambeth since the dawn of day.

Am going to give you the know it all of 3 amazing communities that reside in Lambeth.

Get yourself a popcorn and relax whilst I take you through these 3 unique communities.

First on my bucket list to talk about is “Kyrgyz people”! Well if you haven’t heard of the country’s name before like I hadn’t, fear not because almost everyone who heard of Kyrgyz were once in the same dilemma.

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Just as how you are wondering, where Kyrgyzstan is I’ve been there before so I will let you in on what I know.

Almost all Kyrgyz speak two languages Russian and Kyrgyz. One thing that will definitely blow your mind is their traditional clothes, which refer to as “Belmechi” for the women it is a skirt with a slit in the front, which is worn over the main coat or gown.

“Chapan” a high collared coat and suede of leather pants, “Kalpak” a high hat made of white felt is usually worn by men starting from the moment they turn 6.


There are  Kgyrzstans living in Lambeth, it is a shame that there’s not much exposure about them, for this is the reason why I chose to speak about them.

Having such a multi cultured community like Lambeth is, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they are not spotted in Lambeth.

Setting table at Pasha

The culture difference is what I will be focusing on, I know what you all are waiting eagerly for is the food!!.

I won’t drag it on but will put you out of your miseries, there’s some amazing dishes that the Kyrgyz people enjoy; the country is engaged in breeding live stocks hence meat is a substantive part of the modern and traditional cuisines from meals like Samsy and Plov.

There is a high-end affordable restaurant in Lambeth known as pasha that will cater to your taste.

In there you can opt for a vegetarian option if that is what you are into.

Kyrgyz people are very welcoming and friendly the like to interact with other people it’s nice to  know them.

The next time you come across Kyrgyzstanis you have me to thank for; well just kidding.

I asked Saadat a good friend of mine on her views of her country she said; “I Love my country it is fun we are always entertaining our guests”.

Morocco is a land known for nature it has many amazing attributes to it that isn’t well acknowledged.

The country is blessed with beautiful landscapes that makes it a very country to be in.

Ranging from the Moroccan dessert, The Atlas Mountains, and the Moroccan Versatile Climate there is so many things that makes the country very outstanding.

Moroccans are known to  drift from one place to another. In the UK, they have settled in fine and it’s nice to live across from them since you can be assured you will be hungry all the time from the aroma of their food.

Moroccans has 2 official languages the modern standard Arabic Amazigh (Berber) Moroccan Arabic known as (Darija). However there a lot of other languages they tend to speak.

The French language is embroiled as part of them, having been colonized by the France. French became their second language, which is widely taught and encouraged.


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So please stop having that look of disbelief when you see a Moroccan speaking away in French it is their second official language.

The outfits of Moroccans is generally filled with enriched traditions that says a lot about their culture.

The most common dresses the ladies opt for is Djellaba; it is a long and unfastened type of robe which both men and women can wear. Other clothing are usually worn beneath it.

The tackchita is a very formal type of clothing worn by the ladies its very sophisticated that is worn only on special occasions, it comes with very beautiful designs that makes it one of a kind.

OH I nearly left out the men my bad; like I previously said the djellaba is an outfit which are worn by men too. They usually wear it with a traditional Fez or tarbush a traditional headdress  that is usually red. The finest of materials are used in the making of  these clothing they tend to stand out amongst the crowd.

Let us dive into the most the important piece of information in my opinion, the food yah.


I guess you all are as excited as I am, Couscous is a North African dish that is naturally enjoyed by  Northern African countries like; Algeria, Tunisia and most importantly Moroccans.

Having a plate of couscous in a hot steamy afternoon is like your taste -buds are exploding with tastes you had no idea existed.

Malak a Moroccan had good things to say about her country she said; “the hills the nature and customs we have you can’t help falling in love with the country”.

For colder times of the year when being in an enclosed space with some warmth the only way to shield yourself from the cold, Moroccans prefer their tummies to be warm too.

Pastilla, Tanjia and Harira is a distinctive heavy soup which is eaten during those colder days and nights  in the winter season its usually served for dinner with a side of bread.

It is eaten hot and meant to heat up the whole body “talk about Moroccans and their creativity”

Moroccans residing in Lambeth love to live through their heritage by showing their culture and beliefs.

Moroccans have a lot to share about their culture and experience of living here.

Stay tuned to hear from them, learning new things about a different country is always an exciting to way to look at the world in different perspective.

Do y’all know Bolivia is in south America? Got you if you didn’t know.

Describing a country that is both beautiful and exotic is Bolivia; it is a democratic and multi ethnic country situated in the midst of South America occasionally referred to as the Tibets of America.

Bolivia is a remote country so it is quite thrilling if you are traveler and want to be secluded.

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Lambeth being a birthplace for diversity makes you have a satisfaction feeling when you come across new people.

Bolivians living in Lambeth are quite the pranksters they are always smiling and ready to come up with corniest jokes to crown your day.

Bolivia being a South American country obviously they will speak Spanish ; telling you in case you had no clue. Spanish is their main and official language but that shouldn’t faze you out since there about 39 other languages spoken within the country by the people in different regions.

Guyara, Aymara, Chiquitano and Chiriguano making Bolivia more dynamic.

An interesting fact about the Bolivians is they were known as Amerindians before the Spanish conquest.

Their sense of fashion is on top of its game on a whole next level; Pollera the history behind the pollera   which is a simple Spanish dress was once a symbol of captivity when the colonial masters forced the Andean women now its worn as pride of their past and growth.

For important events such as weddings and festivals the Manta is a rectangular textile that can be worn us a wrap -around dress or a blanket. A woven sash is use to hold the manta together when worn as a dress.

Homemade cotton trousers and brightly colored ponchos and woolen caps called Chullas are the must wear for the gents in Bolivia ; usually they prefer being barefoot its more nurturing for them in that way.

When you hear a sandwich ,what comes into mind? Typically for moi is some slices of bread with ham, cheese chicken or any -other  toppings that suit your palate.  Sorry but Bolivian sandwiches are contrary to what we are used. Their most popular sandwich is known as Chola.


Famous fried plantain dish of Bolivia


Chola is a bun that is stuffed with meat and pork  that’s slowly cooked until its crispy a touch of onions and ahi chili to the already crunchy bun makes it delicioso hence if you want a different kind of sandwich it is Chalo for you.

Y’all will agree with me that night times are the best time of the day when everything is lit for such times Bolivians have a snack that is nasty and delicious what a combination.

Antichucho is a skewer of beef heart with potatoes which is grilled hence a lot of flavour from the aroma and flame of the barbecue.

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The Street of Bolivia

Lovers of coffee will be thrilled to know that cunape(cheesy breads) is the snack to have with your coffee anytime of the day, they are baked with cheese and very delicioso.

Bolivians are very open and genuine people is great that there are some residing in the Lambeth vicinity it’s a great way to be exposed to things from different cultures.

In an interview with Madelyn, she said; “the only sad thing is there is no sea in Bolivia but that doesn’t stop us from having fun”.

Moroccans Kyrgyzstan’s and Bolivians living in London makes it very global and entertaining knowing and befriending is rewarding; if you meet any just smile and they will do the rest of the talking trust me.






Breakdown of the Increase in Laptops.

Education is a mandatory in every child life in most countries. The importance of having education is well understood which is a great achievement in the global world we live in now.

Getting good grades is what everyone strives for, the work that needs to be done to get those grades are endless.

In most countries primary schools to secondary school education is free for the public.

Developing countries are on the verge of making their school system free and open.

The essential accessories needed by all students in order to achieve well in school is hardcore in all countries. The price at which such necessities are sold is very expensive, and normally leave parent with no income after going that extra mile to purchase them.

Personally being born in a developed country does not necessarily mean my life has been a smooth ride without my own share of hurdles.

As a child, I had to watch my mom struggle to earn enough for all our bills whilst bringing up my younger sister and me.

Going to tuition centers for after school lessons were a leisure on its own I could not fathom. There were several reasons why I could not dream of going there; for the first reason it was extremely expensive.

For an hour session, I had to pay £15, which my mom could not afford considering our financial situation. The only option I had was to study on my own and work hard in getting good grades like my peers.

The internet is a required platform for students we all know we need that to find research and ideas on our assignments. To get access to the internet we need to connect it from a device here comes the dilemma. Having a device, which can be connected to the internet, is so insanely expensive.

A quality device such as a laptop , which can last for a while, is so expensive; the average price ranges from £280 to £800, which is unaffordable for someone like me.  Part time jobs is the only option in getting enough money to purchase one and it will require more than 3 months’ worth of my income which should not be the reality of us students.


The evolution of the laptops over the years are one of the contributing factors why the prices of laptops and other technologies keeps increasing making it an intense battle for students and parents. They are pressured  by the urge of doing well in school by getting expensive technology.

Schooling is extremely important in every child life; it impacts knowledge into pupils and helps as a stepping –stone in achieving their dreams.

Having education does not require a social class or any other ethics it solely depends on the efforts put in.

Personally from what I have endured growing I am happy I have been accepted into my preferred university to do the major I like. I am one-step away from having my dream job. I cannot continue to stay positive since I have to figure out how I am going to get all the things I need in pursuing my education.

Having a laptop is a top priority but the prices are leaving me breathless.

A break down to how the advancement of laptops over the years has been.

From the reign of Osborne 1, Compaq portable, Window 98 Operating System, Netbook and Smart book the laptop has indeed come a long way since the 1960s. It is no surprising the cost of a laptop continues to surge.

The marketing strategy in selling laptops spend thousands of pounds in branding it they have spent a lot of money in advertising laptops.

Higher education requires a lot of efforts and commitment. It is more challenging hence to do well the strive increases.

Students are inclined to purchase costly technologies for their academic projects. These are normally beyond their budgets, which as a result leaves them with nothing to keep afloat.


Parents and carers are pressured in getting such technologies without any regards to their financial circumstance, which should not be appropriate.

Larger families with more relatives in higher education need to toil and find limited solutions in getting the technologies for their schooling this situation sometimes breaks down families which should not be happenings.

Countries in the world should priorities education of the nation by working hard to gather enough resources and funds to provide students with discount laptops and other technologies which they can in a flexible way.

The cry of the government when it comes to investing in new things they always hum the same thing in repetition like a ritual they alone know of and that is; “ There’s insufficient funds to support a new projects or there are too many things which are more urgent”.

Can someone tell me where our tax payments are going and all the fines that are incurred?

For one thing which is so important they proceed to come up with excuses for everything and totally disregarding the urgency of educational needs for students.

This is sadly, what politicians in almost every country which does nothing but to leave the country bleeding as the future of its leaders are bleak.

Students needs to be encouraged to do well in their education. They should not be left worried about how they can afford the essential things that are needed for their schooling.

Countries like England, USA, Germany and France, which are more developed, tends to disregard the future of its youth but rather fill the country with unnecessary issues.

They forget the future of the country dwells on the students and for that, they need to invest on the future generation. They lose focus on what is most important but rather concentrate on the unnecessary.

As a developed countries they need to set good examples to other countries which will lead to a more global and prosperous world.

Young people in most countries find themselves caught up in fatal violence, which in most cases claims the lives of themselves or the innocence.

It is only after the violence escalates to a point where there is news of crimes every second.

This is when the government starts to confront the violence. It is only when the violence makes headlines in the news.  There’s not much being done to prevent it from happening in the first place it is a sad reality to the current state of all countries which is killing the health of the nation.

Before crime escalates and unemployment reigns there should be effective, ways implemented to prevent them in the first place;

  1. Making education affordable for everyone: Pupils should be able to go to school without having to worry about the cost of their education and how they will pay for it.
  2. Affordable laptops and technologies; to succeed in their education they need these technologies to do assignment. The prices of laptops are so expensive and unaffordable this leads to a lot of unnecessary pressure for parents and students in pursuit of getting these. A rental option can work. If students are given the option to borrow a laptop or other technologies that they can use for a periodic time like a week to do their projects, they can return after the specific time.
  1. Transport: Travelling to school is a struggle in almost every country. It is very costly to get buses or trains. Families with financial difficulties are unable to always pay their children to even get school. If free or affordable mode of transport is available, more students will be inclined to be in school.
  1. Affordable meals in school: The cost of meals in colleges are ridiculous. A bottle of water cots £1.40. Walking into cafeterias is like entering a high street. There is nothing that is reasonably priced. No one can study on an empty stomach if meals in schools are made in consideration of the diverse people. It will be more appealing for young people to stay in school.

Laptops and other technologies should not be an avenue to drain money out of students and parents who are desperate for a good future.

The media needs to portray these issues in their news outlets to emphasis on the ridiculous pricing of laptops and other technologies that are required by students for schoolwork.

The essence in excelling in school is extremely important. A higher education is the platform where we students can grow to be influential. The need to be do better is overwhelming and in a situation where we are limited and not financial stable

Help is needed in getting these technologies for our schoolwork. Being left alone with the burden of providing everything on our own only result in anxiety and worry. It affects us mentally since we are unable to grasp any solution. For the future of the countries we love and live in, we need to unite and work towards building our generation.

More efforts needs to be done for our future and us. Laptops should not be so hard for us students to get when needed for our project. It should be an important issue that should be addressed and not neglected.

An interview with Luke an employee which is included below proceeds to tell us why there is so much increase in laptops on a regular basis, he says;  I think the prices of laptops keeps increasing because technology keeps advancing”.

From his interview which is down below more research is needed when checking out the prices of Laptops.

It needs to be the priority of the government to ensure the future generation will not be lacking.

Funding for Eye Research Continues to Decrease.

The fight to find preventable ways to avoid the increase of Brits that will live with eye sight difficulties continues to be an issue due to lack of funding to address such crucial subject.

Presently there are 2 million members of the public in the UK who have difficulties with their eyesight which is a very large number yet there is not much being done to tackle an increase of eye problems in our country.

Living with a degree of sight loss can have a significant impact into the daily lives of the people caught in such predicament, it affects their interaction with the world they live in and eventually their confidence.

Interview with Mike Daw who is Chief Executive of the Nation Eye Reasearch Center

Getting more funding for Eye research entails reduction in the estimated number of people who will find themselves living with sight loss by 2050 which is 4 million, which is twice the people living with sight loss currently in the UK.

Sight loss not being a terminal disease seems to be a reason why its urgency is not noticed, it should not  be left unattended like it is now because the eyes are very important to our human life .

Glaucoma being an eye condition that causes permanent sight loss by damaging the optic nerve is one of the many eye disease that a detailed research is needed.


Regular eye check ups from 35 year old will help decrease the rate of increase in sight loss.

Eyes are important in our lives and its our responsibility to ensure we are aware of  complications to live without it and work to find measures to fight for our eyes.

For the further information, please visit

Sky and Netflix to blow our screens with new merge plans

Netflix and Sky have made head-waves with their upcoming plans to partner which will see a new package coming to our screens, they say it will be the “biggest demand TV service”.

The plans for the new package which will be known as “Ultimate on Demand” pack was first announced earlier this year. For an extra £10 subscribers of Sky Q premium TV box will be able to fully enjoy access to all Netflix programs which is more than a million 1000 shows.

With such package it means Sky Q customers will be able to sit back and enjoy Netflix shows without having to pay for it separately which means they can sit back and enjoy the endless TV shows as it grace their screens.

The upcoming joint package means shows that were only available on Sky and Netflix will be streaming on Sky Q, its audience will get to watch shows like Stranger things and Luke cage for the first time ever.


Movie fanatics will now have no reason to leave their screens since they will be glued to their screens.

The Chief executive of Sky’s UK and Ireland operation, Stephen van Rooyen, said: “We want Sky Q to be the number one destination for TV fans.

“Partnering with Netflix means we will have all the best TV in one great value pack, making it even easier for you to watch all of your favourite shows.

Chris Whiteley, Netflix director of business development for the UK and Ireland, added: “Innovation is at the core of Netflix.

“We are delighted to partner with Sky to offer fans a new and exciting way to access the best of entertainment from around the world.”


Excitement is filled in the air as Sky Q customers await the new package deal.

Productive negotiation has positively ended Prison Officers Strike

Prison Officers in England and Wales engaged in strikes that took place around 7 am today.  5000 officers were believed to have been a part of the strike.

Following a successful mediation with Minister Rowery Stewart and obligation to instruct the Employer to come into an agreement with the Prison Officers Association |(POA) to address their plight. The Union has instructed their members to return to their duty.

They have for now returned to work as they await for the promises to be fulfilled.

“The unprecedented levels of violence, and failure of this government and employer to provide safe prisons has been headline news for some considerable time,” a POA spokesman said.

An indication to how Officers felt unsafe in their working environment and the delays in coming to a solution to resolve it.

The Prison Officers Association General Secretary initiated the protest to be carried on earlier today unless told otherwise.

The general public have mixed feeling concerning the strike some felt its unsafe for them to strike whilst some felt it was necessary for them to voice out their frustration.

The strike coming to an end is great news and we hope the government ensures such occurrence does not repeat itself by providing them with what is necessary for the Officers to continue their work.

Clapham Common Family Cycling Extravaganza on Saturday

A family cycling events will be taking place at Clapham Common on Saturday the 9 of June.

Lovers of bike are invited to join the event, it is meant to start at noon from 12pm- 5pm.

Bring a bicycle to the extravaganza and get a stamp whilst you enjoy amazing fun activities.

You can get a chance to win a BMX day out or a £250 worth of bike shop voucher by just filing your card and then posting into the box.


To keep you excited there a lot of enjoyable activities lined up to keep you in a jovial mood, there will be static team racing, spin art, smoothie bike,cycle skill area and BBQ food.

Do you own an old bike or want to own a bike for an affordable price?

Extravaganza family cycling is the place for you then, you can bring your old bike to the festival and get help selling it through the Lambeth Bike Market who will be at the festival you can also get the chance to purchase a quality assured second – hand bike through them at an affordable price.

If you are debating on how to spend your Saturday afternoon then the bicycle festival is an ideal place for you.

Come and Pedal with fun.

Man arrested in Lough-borough Road after tossing a knife he was carrying

  whom are mostly known as Lambeth Task force apprehended a man in Lough-borough, he tossed away a knife he was carrying.

He was arrested without any incident and the weapon is now in Police custody, this comes after multiple stabbing in the capital as the public are beginning to fear for their own safety.

Knife crime has risen in just a few days causing the nation to find a more effective way to put an end to it.

The scale at which knife crime is rapidly increasing is difficult to comprehend, to solve the situation organisations like  and   are now recieving attention from both the media and the government on how to stop such increasing knife crimes.  The Mayor of London also showed his concern on how such violent crimes keeps occurring in London.

Please spread the message and support the  campaign, the public participation helps educate and show awareness.


Time to unite for this year 30th National Volunteer week .

National volunteer 30th Anniversary which is celebrated annually is back from 1st to 7th June 2018.

Residents can be great help to the community through volunteering which will benefit people of Lambeth.

In the month of June the volunteers achievements are acknowledged during the National Volunteer Week, it is also a time when more people are encouraged to volunteer to help improve Lambeth borough.

Establishments in the vicinity of Lambeth like Citizen Advice, Age UK, Health Watch and Volunteers Lambeth Drug are asking for people who are able to commit at least 3 days a week from their schedule to join these wonderful establishment.

The volunteer week scheme is a way for the public to be more aware on how such establishment work and the duties that is required. It is a very good way to boost confidence and work in an unfamiliar field.

Reasons why young people should volunteer:

  • The National Volunteer week is a great opportunity for young people who want a career in a specific field, if they do volunteer they are provided to work in their chosen department where they can explore everything and get information.
  • It can develop your marketable skills and also build new networks which you can use in your career life.
  • It can help boost your social life by meeting new people you can socialize with and also help you live longer from learning healthy living.
  • There are a lot of great achievements you can gain from dedicating a few hours of your time so, if you do want to be a part of the ongoing volunteer week you can proceed by visiting Love Lambeth blog, Volunteer Centre Lambeth, and where you can be linked directly to an establishment that suites you.
  • Get moving people to learn new things.

Frightened Rabbit singer death have been confirmed

A body discovered at Port Edgar around 8:30 pm was confirmed to be him.

The singer whose actual name is Scott Hutchsion went missing from the early hours of  Wednesday morning, the police were informed of his disappearance and a search for him was conducted.

He was last seen after his at Dakota Hotel in South Queensferry.

Image result for scott hutchison last seen at dakota hotel

In a statement released by his family through Police Scotland they said; “As a family, we are utterly devastated with the tragic loss of our beloved Scott”. they also proceeded to say there had been concern of his mental health and stability.

Being known as a founding member and the primary songwriter of the indie rock band Frightened Rabbit with whom he recorded five studio albums.

His fans have been left in total shock after the announcement of his death, social media have been filled with tributes to him.

The cause of death is yet to be confirmed but there is speculations that it might be suicide due to his struggles with his mental health.

Mr. Hutchsion had previously spoken openly about his battle with depression over the years with his older brother who said the singer went public about that as a way to help other people in similar conditions.

Depression itself is a serious illness that happens without any hint or warning, so if there is anyone you know that suffers from depression it is best to be of help in letting them seek help.
The last tweets from Mr. Hutchsion’s account did give an indication on what to come.

If it is confirmed that his cause of death is suicide, it will come after Wednesday hour long episode of Coronation Street which portrayed the shock and grief of Weatherfield residents after they found about out Aiden Connor suicide.

The new plot to the series was meant to give awareness to the increase of male of suicide in our society and educating them on how to seek help from the available charities that deals with suicide like Samaritans and Grassroots suicide prevention.

For now the death Mr. Hutchison continues to sadden us as we await his cause of death.

Bomb threats makes schools evacuate after receiving emails

Email containing bomb threats were sent to “multiples” of schools in Britain forcing some to evacuate from the building.

West London Primary school Fairholme Primary at Feltham informed parents earlier today due to the threats.

Selly Park Technology College for Girls in Birmingham were among schools that were evacuated after it received a threat earlier in the day.

Image result for selly park technology college evacuation bomb threat

The National Crime agency has  launched an investigation into the e-mails they also wrote a statement on their Twitter account.

Threats were made to schools like Middlesex, Uxbridge, London, Warwickshire and the West Midlands.

Selly Park Technology College for Girls’s Deputy Head Mr. Clinton wrote on their twitter account after the evacuation.

The number of schools that have received such threats are yet to be confirmed but teachers are told to remain calm if they receive any threats and inform the police.

The West Midland Police statement said; “We are aware of emails circulating to a number of schools in the West Midlands and nationally this morning (Tuesday May 8) making bomb threats – at this stage it is believed they are false and malicious.

Schools are meant to be the safest and most protected spaces to nurture its students where staff are adequately trained in emergency situations to safeguard students so such threats are being treated as a top priority and not disregarded .