Brixton gentrified further

Recently Brixton has been having an epidemic regarding the area being gentrified and rightfully catering to the locals of the area who have been living there all there life.

Newly found residents are now moving into the area which involves more newer establishment.

The people who have for a very long time managed businesses and traders in the progression of the gentrification have suffered through out the process. 


Many traders even being 20+years deep within selling goods to the community of Brixton who has also grown to be accustomed to the traders as well respected members of the community are having these establishments.


BRIXTON EVICTThis concludes the traders to be out of a job and initially left to the side as those creating the urban transformation to the aren’t giving any help.

Residents  who lose there business now lack income and  struggle now to obtain housing due to losing the business or trading position.

One owner and very well respected member of the community in Brixton who owns a soup kitchen that helps provide food and facilitate for those who need the providing.

His name is Solomon Smith

Solomon had been interviewed regarding the gentrification in Brixton and asked questions on whether he feels the original community are being catered to more than the new residents coming in.

He was even asked whether there is a fear of his business have any longevity within Brixton anymore especially with the new buildings being put in place.

The big question is will the gentrification within Brixton as it grows larger cause a comprise or a demise?


Female robber has been arrested for robbery and kidnapping

A Woman in Brixton who has been taking other woman hostage and forcing them to steal money from ATM’s has been arrested.

Brixton has been having a communal problem regarding a woman who is kidnapping other females in the area by using a knife to scare them into giving her what she wants.

According to the Lambeth metropolitan police the woman committing these crimes is located predominately on Brixton back streets.

Image result for brixton
  Brixton back roads 

The woman not only held other females captive but she even went as far as making them use their own bank cards to take money out of the ATM’s, before carting away with their money she would take their phone, purse and other belonging they posses.

The suspect has been arrested for robbery and kidnapping but her name has been published yet.


Demented Son kills mother in Peckham

Due to his unbalanced mental state Edward Watkins,55, has been issued to a mental institution hospital  under killing his mother.

According to the metropolitan police On Friday 19th November a mentally diminished man was given a hospital order due to him killing his own mother in their home in Peckham.

Maureen Watkins,75, mother of Edward Watkins was stabbed by a 7 inch Kitchen knife which was found beside her body where she laid face down in the hallway of  her flat.

Ethnard Road in Peckham where the victim was stabbed

Above photo Ethnard road, Peckham

Edward Watkins was sentenced under the Old Bailey Judge Anthony Leonard. Thursday the 9th he was sent to be put in a mental institution under the mental health act .

Mr Watkins was first diagnosed with paranoid psychosis in 1993 he was later confirmed to be mental ill ( Schizophrenia) in 2018.

Today a 55 year old women who wishes to not be named appeared in the court today as she knew Maureen very well.

Danny Watkins, a family member made a statement regarding how the family and himself feels about the tragic situation which occurred.

Danny stated ”there are no words to describe our loss” Watkins ”the situation feels like a surreal nightmare”.

Danny also mentioned that Maureen was devoted to looking after son understanding his mental health would make his life more harder.

He described Maureen to be ”Selfless and gracious”.

floral tribute and house in picture above

Floral tributes were left at the scene of the manslaughter on Saturday.

We will keep you posted on the any other updates.

Better chances for cervical cancer patients

Newly developed cervical cancer urine test offers are described to be a safe haven for women who missed out on getting a smear test check up.

University of Manchester have actualized a new development in urine samples which   they believe to be more efficacious in identifying cancer cells within the body.

Related image

Before the end of March out of  123,100 only 65.9% of the women attended the screening which means 42,010 missed a fundamental appointment regarding there lively hood.

Usually the screening are a shorter intermission for women aged 20-45 years old as it takes 3 years for them to be invited for one.

Those aged 50-64 will be invited every 5 years, which become problematic for some.

Charities have made advancements towards the new tests and examination to eliminate the embarrassment women may feel suffering through this.

Image result for cancer smear test]

CEO of Athena Lamnisos is orientated  with a health charity The Eve appeal.

Although Lamnisos is her having a progressive attitude to the new urine test she states an increase in accuracy should be taken into consideration.

Lamnisos “This research sounds like a promising early step, but is some way off being rolled out through the NHS.

“In the meantime, women must continue to book their screening appointment when they’re called.”

she believes more research is needed to ensure accuracy.

Above video regarding cervical screenings from Eve appeal charity organisation 

Chief executive of the Eve appeal Robert music believes that this newly found research tests can help decrease the malnourished atmosphere within the test screening for women with cervical cancer.

Music “With cervical screening attendance at an all-time low, advancements in the programme which could change this are essential.

“HPV self-sampling is another advancement with the potential to increase screening attendance and is something we want to see introduced as soon as possible.”

Attendance for cervical screening  dropped the fourth time in 2017-18 its now down to 71.9%.

with hope the new development will increase the attendance.

below is the twitter page and video link for the Eve appeal charity 



Surprising drop in Knife crime

Recently for the past year knife crime has risen to a prodigious degree and has been causing havoc on the streets and community of Lambeth with the amount of bloodshed and lives lost with this epidemic.

Image result for cressida dick

A drop in knife crime has succeeded in the last week as an increase in police have been assigned to patrol the streets.

As well as homicides and stabbings a majority of the activities that infuse and administrate this to happen is the drug trafficking as well within the area.

Commissioner Cressida Dick has compared statistics and shockingly knife  crime has decreased by 25% since 30% more police officers have been assigned to roam the streets and in the hope to normalize stop and searches.

Knife crime has been such a major problem this year that the stop and search section 60 order had to be put in place more than once, just 3 weeks ago it was put in action and then taken away only to then be put back into action.

6 out of 10 killings have taken place in Lambeth 2018-19 and eighty three of these homicides where male and female .

Here is a graph showing the statics in regards to knife crime numbers dont lie

Cressida states on the metropolitan news website

“If you went back in history, you would see examples of when police officer numbers have gone down and crime has not necessarily risen at the same rate and in the same way.

“But I think that what we all agree on is that in the last few years police officer numbers have gone down a lot, there’s been a lot of other cuts in public services, there has been more demand for policing and therefore there must be something and I have consistently said that.”

In other words the demand of police will probably continue to increase but the important question here is can this regulation of knife crime be controlled and maintained or is this just a temporary fix to an unsolvable solution.


Fatal stabbing at Clapham Common

A 40 year old man who was stabbed around Clapham Common tube station has now died.

The incident took place today at around  14:37 this afternoon at the corner of Clapham Park Road and Clapham Common station.

Paramedics were active at the scene with an air ambulance having arrived at the common but unfortunately they couldn’t revive or save the man.  Police are trying to establish inquires through witnesses who may have information regarding the attack.

According to eye witness the attackers had fled form the scene on foot while abandoning a car.

clapham common
Air ambulance arriving on Clapham Common 

No formal arrests have been made or can be made yet without substantial evidence.

Procedures regarding the road are being put in place due to this being a homicide. Examining of the area will have to be put in place for officers to investigate further.

Further updates will be given once police inquires have improved and information has been given.

for those who witnessed or have any information regarding the attack contact details are below

@MetCC or call 0800 555 111

RFID chip, convenient or catastrophic

Recently  not only has America joined movement with Switzerland in the development new technology for citizens to use but now the UK is advancing on the alleged opportunity, the RFID chip (radio frequency identification)

The chip is implanted in the right hand of whoever uses the device is a new way of being your own smartphone, entering buildings, opening car doors and purchasing of goods.

Image result for microchip implant

Since 2017 Switzerland has been spreading and pushing the high demand in giving out the device, NPR reports that over 4,000 citizens have already adopted to the device and are using it to there daily lives normally.

The chip to some is very much like carrying a phone except you can open your car door and purchase things in the stores using the chip as the radio frequencies work the same as identification cards or credit cards.

The exploitation of the chips grew instantly and has now reached the USA when around 50 people other than the people surrounding Three Square Market  have purchased the chip and had it implanted.

People that work within the area in Three Square Market also embedded the chip in there hand to use for purchasing food within the building and also using  the chip as a form of identification to allow them in the company building they work for.

Recently the chip has grown even larger regarding the base of its intrigued users and has now reached the UK only differences is the nature of why firms within the UK are intuiting the progression of the microchips.

The firms believe it would induce higher security and more efficiency regarding the working field.

Discussions are being held with Biohax the Swedish technology firm who created the microchip and was the first to gather people who would’ve want try the microchips.

UK business believe that it would cause a better surveillance for security and also would make the working field consist of more efficiency

But the real question is which a swell as their being many people who agree with the use of the microchips there are majority who do say otherwise.

A portion of people see this as a very bad issue regarding public privacy and untrustworthy initiations involving the chip, Trade Unions in Scandinavia made popular attention towards the privacy and danger that could come with the RFID chip

The real important question of this advancement in technology is will the RFID chip be a success and convenient invention or will it be a catastrophic making of technology that we as people will have to compromise to.