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Female robber has been arrested for robbery and kidnapping

A Woman in Brixton who has been taking other woman hostage and forcing them to steal money from ATM’s has been arrested. Brixton has been having a communal problem regarding a woman who is kidnapping other females in the area by using a knife to scare them into giving her what she wants. According to the Lambeth metropolitan police the woman

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Demented Son kills mother in Peckham

Due to his unbalanced mental state Edward Watkins,55, has been issued to a mental institution hospital  under killing his mother.   According to the metropolitan police On Friday 19th November a mentally diminished man was given a hospital order due to him killing his own mother in their home in Peckham. Maureen Watkins,75, mother of Edward Watkins was stabbed by

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RFID chip, convenient or catastrophic

Recently  not only has America joined movement with Switzerland in the development new technology for citizens to use but now the UK is advancing on the alleged opportunity, the RFID chip (radio frequency identification) The chip is implanted in the right hand of whoever uses the device is a new way of being your own smartphone, entering buildings, opening car

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