Will Communities In Brixton Be Displaced Through Gentrification

The Idea of Gentrification and does it help areas such a Brixton

My idea of Gentrification is when areas like Brixton that has been left neglected for decades, classed as no go area, high crime rate, high unemployment and lack of housing, yet it has a close nit community where people can actually afford to shop, rent properties, open small businesses and youngster grow up being able to stay within the area if they chose to do so, yet suddenly the area is being renovated, advertised as the best place to live and everything is geared toward a certain influx of people who are seen as more affluent and rich residents who then begins to out price and out sourced the area.  Ethical/ racial balance also begins to show changes.  Household with lower budget feel neglected and betrayed through the vast development of unaffordable and very expensive properties being erected all over the area, with businesses closing down due to high rent so cannot afford to stay after having their businesses for many, many years.

The area is given more publicity to attract and generate more people from middle class and elite with higher incomes, who then begin to spill over into the communities and set the property values, renting very expensive and keeps rising dramatically over a period of time.

ivor house brixton lambeth old offices
The old Lambeth offices Ivor House in Acre Lane, which has now been converted into luxury apartments

You will also see bigger investors coming into the community and new developments taken part all over the area that mainly leads to communities being displaced, thereby seeing migration from the area of those on lower income who cannot afford to stay. Many other areas just like Brixton were previously, classified as very dangerous, crime ridden and unlivable and not good enough for the middle class and elite to live, we now see the same people, now suddenly finding the area to be desirable through only one way that is gentrification that leads to urbanization.

Why has Brixton become the target of Gentrification

Brixton back in 1880 was agriculture land until 1860 and 1880 when the railroad and trams arrived, it was gentrified in order to attract the rich and wealthy middle class big posh housing was then built along the major road in order to bring the rich people to Brixton as it was linked via the Chatham rail main line and in 1888 the first electric lights were built in Brixton in the now know Electric Avenue surrounded by large expensive houses along  main road. There was also a class divided into class as the middle class and high earner were put in houses around the major roads and the lower income families were put to live behind railroad and commercial street areas.

Electric Avenue Brixton
This is Electric Avenue in Brixton which was the first street in London to have electric.. Singer Eddy Grant also released a song in 1982 called Electric Avenue.

Brixton started another change in 1925 when the working class started to replace the middle class and a lot of the big houses were turned into lower rent boarding houses and flats. Brixton was now attracting more and more new residents with it cinema, market, theatre, pubs and had become the new shopping capital of South London, with the their large department stores which are Morley etc and other stores and major retailers.

Brixton came under fire from the bombing in World War 11 which led to a crucial housing crisis and decay. The council decided to do a slum clearance and started to build council housing in 1940’s and the 1950’s which saw many immigrants from Ireland and the West Indies moved into Brixton, many from the Windrush generation.

windrush square
Windrush square opposite the Ritzy Brixton, was name after the Windrush ship that bought people from the Caribbean in 1948

I recall Brixton back in the 80,s after the riots in 1981. It was still a place that everyone came to do their shopping, to buy their music from places such as Red Records, to go to Woolworth and most of all to go to the markets, hang out eating patties and drinking rum punch as the sound of music especially reggae filled the air.  It was still the place to feel at home as you watch the flock of people doing their shopping and avoiding old ladies pulling trolleys over your foot. The main scenery in Brixton during the 80’s was that of stalls selling Caribbean food such as yam, green bananas and many other foods from the Caribbean. Mass of hair shops selling wigs etc. and many hairdressers, barbers, Caribbean takeaways was the main culture that was showing until the Council Materplan of Brixton in 2009 came into place and Tesco moved from Pope Road to Arce Lane in July 2009, was the first sign of changes on the way, and become realistic in 2019, are seeing overpriced properties, family run businesses going under due to quadrupled rent and being replaced by new chain stores.

Link to Future Brixton Masterplan 2009..

Many who previously left Brixton is now finding it hard to return to live or even set up a business due to the expensiveness the area has become. Also many of the young generation who have grown up and lived in Brixton all their lives, feels dissolute at the prospect of not being able to stay in their own community, as they feel unwelcome, and eventually priced out.

Quote from a young woman.  “This is not the Brixton, I know, grown up in all my life. It feels like I am being forcibly removed, with my culture that was created completely vanishing.”  Another quoted from a young man. “People are being forced out by high rent and unaffordable house prices along with universal credit which is probably a part of their plan to move people out to the countryside such as Stoke on Trent and Peterborough and burdening those Council’s with people from Lambeth & London problems, it sucks”.

Brixton coming into the last 5 years has seen many changes such as the Voice Newspaper, disappeared, replaced by luxury apartments and trendy cafés/restaurants that’s only seem to be focusing on catering to certain clientele. Just opposite Brixton Village that leads unto Sommerleyton Road is a £100million development to the old Peabody housing estate, with very little affordable houses amongst some social houses. To further establish the area the Oval House Theatre will also be moving from the Oval into the area opposite the Brixton Village.

brixton village one of the entrance
One of the side entrance off Pope Road leading into the market now known as Brixton Village

Brixton is now known as the trendiest place to live with its vibrant mix of socializing, music, bars, events, and it multicultural ethnicity, mixture of different nationalities that when around the tube station, it sounds like you have stepped out of Heathrow International Airport due to the vast languages that is spoken around that area but yet local communities cannot afford to socialize especially on a weekend as its overcrowded with credit card wheeling middle class ravers who can afford to pay the high charges as gentrification steps in. House prices  has rocketed with people paying outrageous prices as properties are being sold for double the price, showing a staggering 76% rise since the Brixton Masterplan 2009 and businesses push to the limit of no coming back. Brixton being the main strategic and cultural centre in Lambeth, is generating an increase in population yet even with gentrification on the door step the high rate of unemployment and increase in homelessness still prevails.

brixton underground
Brixton Underground Station on the very busy Victoria Line The international airport of South London

This is a link to an interview with Solomon Smith of Brixton Soup Kitchen, on Gentrification of Brixton.


The main market known as Brixton Village, creates the ambiance in the heart of Brixton but has seen the biggest sign of gentrification as many businesses has closed making way for influx of trendy café, bars, restaurants who are willing to pay the asking price of £40,000 per year for lease.

brixton village brixton
Brixton Village with its new trendy cafe, bars and restaurants that use to be food stalls

Food stalls before many closed to make way for the cafe etc
Brixton still remains highly protected with listed buildings that gives it that authentic and historical look , even regeneration and gentrification cannot demolished such as the Lambeth Town Hall in Acre Lane, which has now been given an upgrade costing an estimated £104 million, along with the new Civic Centre, that were part of the Councils Master Plan to urbanized the area. This also means removing the prominent and iconic building Olive Morris House, likely to turn into luxury flats, (also erasing the memory of the Olive Morris who Lambeth, honoured in 1986 by naming the building after her) no doubt be unaffordable to the local community.

brixton ritzy
The Ritzy cinema and Brixton Library two of Brixton’s historical landmarks
brixton town hall
Lambeth Town Hall which has been newly renovated and reopened in January 2018                         
olive morris house brixton
Olive Morris House in Brixton Hill, the former offices of Lambeth Council before they moved to the new Civic Centre. People are petitioning the Council to ensure that the name Olive Morris remain after it turned into luxury apartments
civic centre brixton
The newly built Civic Centre attached to the Town Hall housing the majority of Lambeth Council staff which replaced Olive Morris House

Further down behind Brixton Academy you have Stockwell Park Estate and the Skate Park (once called notorious and no go area) now seeing luxury apartments which is changing the area.

Why this sudden change of Brixton? Is it the easy proximity to West End, the City, St Pancras International Station for Euro Star, fast Victoria Line and overhead train links and Vauxhall regeneration of high rise luxury apartments, the American Embassy that this image is offering a certain attraction to middle and high purchasing power that is leading to the fatal blow to the communities of Brixton and pushing out the working class out the neighbourhood.

One aspect that created controversy on gentrification is the arches in Brixton owned by Network Rail and housed many small businesses. Network Rail new venture to renovate with an £8million upgrade has seen many traders still being evicted even after a petition of 30,000 people supported them. Many are unable to return on completion due to the higher rent that they say are unaffordable putting many out of business and had to take compensation in 2016 and leave.  Some moved somewhere else with very few returning to join the elite purchasing power that has outweighed the lower earners who feels displaced and abandon as they are pushed farther away where rent are more affordable.

arches and recreation brixton
Some of the arches in Brixton Station Road opposite the long stand Brixton Recreation Centre that were closed for renovation by Network Rail
arches to let
One of the newly refurbished unit under the arches going up to let as the former leaseholder is not returning


One trader from the arches Mr A said “I have to return to my native country after having my business here for over 25 years and it is devastating” Further quote by a traders said “The arches, once community backbone for small businesses has been moved by Network Rail and the Council, hence evicting our community.

Other business around Brixton has closed down due to Landlord wanting properties back such as the long standing over 30 years, 414 Night Club in Coldharbour Lane, now a prime spot for a new venture.  One former worker quoted “they don’t want any black businesses in the area anymore, so they are taking it all away little by little”.

414 Night Club in Coldharbour Lane which has now closed after over 30 years as the landlord wants the property back
Further business that looks to go to gentrification is SW9 Bar in Dorrell Place after investor Miraj bought the Superdrug site in front for a staggering £76million with monies borrowed from Lloyds Bank, to build luxury 96 room hotel. Owner Alan Culterhouse of SW9 Bar told Brixton Blog in February 2017 when he was first approached by lawyers from the developers. “They told me there was no point even consulting a lawyer of my own,” he says. They said they had the money, resources and experience behind them to make pointless any resistance to their plan to terminate his lease with compensation that falls many tens of thousands short of his own view of what would be appropriate”. Another 250 room hotel is set to be also built along Brixton Road in the old DHSS office with the front entry where the shop Barnados now lives. The original businesses such as Marks & Spencer, Morley Store, Boots and Superdrug has now being joined by new additions like TK Maxx, Pret Manger, Costa, The Department Store, Premier Inn Hotel.

dhss and barnardos
The old DHSS building which will become a 250 room hotel with the entry where the charity shop barnardos at the corner of Stockwell Road with the Brixton Academy 2 mins away.

Link  from Brixton Blog article.

On the other hand can gentrification really help an area such a Brixton to progress in the future.

A link from Telegraph’s writer Zoe Strimpel in November 2016

Another link from Brixton Blog Linda Quinn in January 2018 article and documentary on Film Maker Shaun Duncan

A quote from Shane Duncan on gentrification “I realised the place I called home was changing fast and I wanted to make a film that reflected that – I wanted the people that were blind to the fact, to now be able to see.”

And a response by Beatrice Gorman about the article in the comment section. “I don’t see many Jamaican posters on here who bought property for two grand in the 60s in Brixton and then sold them for 850k to white professionals moaning much do you? Black people didn’t just live in social housing – in fact, those arrivals in the 50s bought properties. My street was nearly all black in the 70s and the last black family moved out and sold for 900k last year. Nice payback, and not the fault of white people”.





Health Matters on STIs – Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham

Lambeth joins force with Southwark and Lewisham to tackle the rise of Sexually Transmitted Infection in the boroughs as stated “ sexual health is a national and local public health priority. Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham (LSL) have the highest rates of sexually transmitted infections, HIV and teenage conception rates in London and the UK)

Cllr Dyer interview on Sexual Transmitted Infections in 16 – 24 years old in the boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham,

Cllr Dyer MBE  (Lambeth Cabinet Member for Health & Adult Social Care) also quoted “Something about shame, stigma and embarrassment, as many don’t get help because of this aspect, however , the Lambeth online service enable people to access help swiftly and privately and its really brilliant”.

The alarming rate of around 422,000 cases of sexually transmitted diseases in England and between the three boroughs.  There were over 22,000 diagnosed new cases in the Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham. This seem to be affecting areas that are in deprivation. This is not a new trend for these borough, there have been a repetition of these  patterns. These three boroughs has comup in the top ten London boroughs, with Lambeth heading the top and Southwark behind, making these two borough the highest for STIs  and HIV across England going back to 2016. The largest group seem to surround the 16-24 years age group.

Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark are still showing a high rate of STIs around the UK, which is affecting mostly the young people ages 16-24 compared to other age groups in other parts of London and around England. What could this be down to the lack of opportunities to access local services, not having the means to be taught about safer sex and being able to ge free condoms as the price of condoms in the shop are quite expensive to purchase

Could the lack of talks on Relationships Sexual Education or not knowing how and where to get support or told about the options for contraception and how to access them freely, as fact shows that young people living in these three boroughs are sadly averaging more STIs, compared to other London boroughs and around England.

As we speak The Department for Education (DFE) has decided to put these things in place by stating they have “unveiled fresh guidelines for sex and health education across England, with relationships, cyber safer and mental health all set to be included as part of the new curriculum. Three new subjects have been created – relationships education from primary school, relationships and sex education at secondary school and health education for all ages”

Young people are amongst the highest group for being reinfected with STI and in Lambeth the estimation shows that 15-19 year old women are at a 13.1% and the men of the same age group are leading with 17.1%. This age group is seem to becoming reinfected within a 12 month period, that maybe due to the lack of negotiating skills with partners.

In terms of chlamydia in Lambeth the 15 – 24 years age group is a staggering 6131.9 per 100 ,000 test of 59% of 15-24 years old showed a whopping 10% being tested positive, compare to a 26%, 15-24 years nationally tested and only a 8% positive rate.

Studies in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham has also show a higher rate of STI of gonorrhoea for men and women. Chlamydia were also recorded in women. Below is the results from Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham Health Authority

Results: “The gonorrhoea rate among black Caribbean 20–24 year olds was 2348 (95% CI 1965 to 2831) episodes per 100 000 compared with 931 (95% CI 690 to 1288) in black African men and 111 (95% CI 100 to 124) per 100 000 in white men of the same age. Among women gonorrhoea rates were highest in black Caribbean 15–19 year olds (2612, 95% CI 2161 to 3190 per 100 000). In contrast, rates in black African women of the same age (331, 95% CI 154 to 846 per 100 000) were similar to those of white women (222, 95% CI 163 to 312). Chlamydia rates were also highest in black Caribbean 15–19 year old women (4579, 95% CI 3966 to 5314 per 100 000), compared with 1286 (95% CI 907 to 1888) in black African


The link above is the voice of young people in Southwark and below the content pages.

Background and what we did 3

Demographics 6

Knowledge of sexual health 8

Influences on sexual behaviour 10

Getting information 13

Support from those close to young people 19

Support from professionals 23

Embarrassment and stigma 26

Recommendations 28

Getting support from professionals – Quotes form 16- 24 age groups

From an online survey by Health Watch Southwark , the majority of youngster said that they felt more comfortable when speaking to a health professional “as they are more experience”, “they have more knowledge” as they do not make them feel too embarrassed.

The majority of people said they would feel comfortable speaking to a health professional. Some explained that they trusted professionals’ advice: – “They are more experienced” – “They have the knowledge” – “They know what advice to give.” Others explained why they did not feel too embarrassed: – “The doctor is there for advice, it’s not personal so they won’t care” – “That’s their job, to make you feel comfortable – though some do judge” – “If they are experienced they make you feel comfortable.” However, some others would not find this so easy, with one even saying, “Unless I was really worried or dying I wouldn’t go to a doctor. I don’t want to be judged”. A young Trans person also said, “I’m not sure. I think I’d have issues with that. I still feel ashamed.” One person suggested, “Boys don’t like to get tested – they think they’ll stick something in [their urethra]. But I don’t think that’s true!” Three people mentioned concerns about confidentiality – “The doctor I go to has a big mouth so my parents would find out.” Another said they would not see their school nurse – “they’re not trustworthy. A sexual health nurse is more professional.” There was confusion about whether a school nurse could or would break confidentiality. Some Latin American young people found language a barrier – “The only boundary is the English. I would feel more comfortable if the doctor could speak the same language, rather than use a translator.”

BROOKS BRIXTON (to access information on sexual health)

374 Brixton Road

sti 5 brook

Open in Google Maps

Telephone: 020 7787 5000

Email: admin@brookcentres.org.uk

Website: www.brook.org.uk

Link below about Brook STi on how to get help and search about symptoms for age group up to 25 years of age

sti info


Link below to Dash Lambeth is a service offered to under 21 years old who attends Lambeth College, Lambeth school or other colleges in Lambeth to supports sexual health, drugs and alcohol


Lambeth & Southwark has noticed that since offering E-STI testing kits over the internet has seen a boom in the uptake from youngster compare to them being asked to go into a clinic, especially as survey has shown that most 25 and under age group do not use condom to sleep with a new partner. The sample to be return once you received the kit through the post and the result is then given via text or phone call.

There has also being criticism by some source that that this is only a way to cover the fact that funding are being cut and clients are not being offered the opportunity to get counselling  or other matter.

Link below to online sti-kits information

sti picture 4


The super gonorrhoea untreatable bug

The importance of safe sex has been further push forward  leading up to Valentines Day asthe super bug gonorrhoea has affected two women in the uk with the disease but there has been no known cases within Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham.

The rise in unprotected sex especially in the under 24 age group has doctors concerned due to the resistance to antibiotics with this new super gonorrhoea. They are also telling youngsters to take measure to avoid other diseases such as chlamydia which take an average of up to two weeks to detect and with between 10%-40% of  with chalamydia can end up with pelvic inflammatory disease as it tends to affect the ovaries, womb and fallopian tubes and in men can affect fertility. There seem to be a fall in testing for Chlamydia as it has fallen by about 60% from around 2015.

sti picture 2 

Picture above of the gonorrhoea super bug that is said to be untreatable.

 Link below of the write up on the super gonorrhoea belowhttps://news.nationalgeographic.com/2018/03/gonorrhea-evolving-untreatable-spd/

After reading you may ask what is STI (sexually transmitted infection)?

It is a viral or bacterial infection, that you passed on through not being protected, during sexual contact with someone else and it does not discriminate as anyone can get it.

Symptoms are not always noticeable straight after unprotected sex so its important to wear a condom or get tested regularly as the effect from diseases such as gonorrhoea, HIV, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and human papillomavirus (which affects women) and many more diseases. It is therefore very important to know what to look out for and what to do should you be unfortunate to catch STi, but the best cure is to protect yourselves whether or not you use the pill or other contraception by still using a condom to safeguard you against the STI diseases.

The link below to Lambeth, Southwark & Lewisham draft consultation on STI for 2018 – 2023


sti picture


KFC takeaway/restaurant approved for Waterloo

Waterloo see the proposal for a KFC Planning has been give for a Kentucky Fried Chicken Takeaway/restaurant  on Tenison  Way just by the Bus Station.

Lambeth application planning committee  have given approval based on the company following strict guideline and working closely with and consult with the ward cllrs and South Bank Employment Group.

The intention is for the main door to be opened in Mepham Street with a serving hatch in Tenison way that people on that side can order from.

It has also been noted that staff will pick up the litter from the KFC as many as 8 times a day to ensure that litter dumped by consumers are removed.

Delivery companies such as Just Eat and Deliveroo will not be able to use the hatch for collection.


Canada: A Rare Album by Prince Found

Singer Prince Black Album has been discovered in Canada.

One Prince rarest vinyl album which is supposed to be hard funk that contains some of his darkest lyrics and was released in 1987, which he demanded to be destroy as he had changed his spirituality has turned up in Canada.

There is still around 9 copies of the album in circulation, with 5 copies found already in the US and one copy selling for a whopping £31,500.

The album found in Canada is owned by a former employee for Warner Bros who held unto the album when it was pulped by the record company.

This led him to contact the former Warner Bros Executive Vice President Jeff Gold who now runs the memorabila store call Record Mecca and sold the previous Us The Black Album earlier in the year.

Jeff Gold said: “So I was like, How could you have a Canadian one? Such a thing doesn’t exist. Gold has now inspected the record for its authenticity and will help the owner to sell it online via marketplace Discogs.

Even though the record is not in top condition it is still likely to fetch around £20,600.

prince record

This album was something which Prince had planned to record for his percussionist Sheila E’s birthday party that was to follow on from Sign ‘O’ The Times.

Some of the songs on the album were more funky, compared to others which were very sinister such as tracks like Bob George which Prince himself playing a gun wielding psychopath that accuses his girlfriend of having an affair.

A week before the album was set for release, Prince had second thoughts and cancelled the album and asked for it to be destroyed. No video was made or any single and the bill was footed from Prince royalties to destroy over a half-a-million copies.

The album was supposed to be released without name and cover should have been in a plain black sleeve.

In the video link below of Prince video for his single Alphabet Street, a message comes across the screen telling fans “Dont buy The Black Album. I’m sorry, but somehow copies got out and became the most source after bootlegged records.




2018 On The Run Tour 11 – Tickets Giveaway

Mega superstar Beyonce and her husband Jay-z are giving away ticket for upcoming joint concert to the Prince’s Trust.

The tickets will be a reward for kindness, being charitable in helping and doing good for other people, so giving fans who has volunteered for the Prince’s Trust will have the chance to win a pair of tickets for everyone of the concerts.

There are also an auction launch with the opportunity to win VIP (/Very Important Person) for most of the up coming concert dates.

Beyonce has links with the Prince’s Trust during her last tour in 2014 with her husband Jay-Z who she married in 2014. This will be there second tour together.

Link below of  website for:

The Prince’s Trust and Global Citizen

Help and support for young people


Beyonce and Jay -Z Team Up With The Prince’s Trust and Global Citizen

The tour kicks off this Wednesday 6th June 2018 at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, followed by  9th June Hampton Park in Glasgow, 13th June Etihad Stadium in Manchester, 15/16 June in London Stadium London and Northern Ireland and across Europe.

ET on the On the run tour 11

Link to list of tour dates and venues below:

Tour Dates

beyonce and jayz bike

Beyonce twitter

Lambeth at Balfour Beatty London Youth Games 2018 Final’s


The annual London Youth Games final takes place on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th July at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, which can see up to over 125 thousand people at these games.

Can you compete for Lambeth

Trial’s for the games that are part of the National School Games Programme continues and should you wish to represent Team Lambeth, the responsibility for entries stands with the Council.

Team Lambeth Competitor in the Javelin

For further information contact Rodney Craig by emailing him at rcraig@lambeth.gov.uk or telephone 0207 926 0338.

Team Lambeth would love you to compete as part of the Love Lambeth to find talented young people to represent Lambeth at the games and also includes sports for those with disabilities and special needs. Let find some greatness in Lambeth.

The games consist of 33 boroughs across London including our borough of Lambeth in South London competing again each other in what is the largest Youth Games in Europe.

The games are available to both primary and secondary schools and have around 30 competitions, which includes football and volley ball along with all the other main sporting events and are aimed at 7-18 years age group,

London Youth Games Map of area of competing borough’s

Lambeth Borough always have good team especially for Basketball, disability football, fencing, which they have done well over the years.

Lambeth at the previous games

Lambeth Borough had these people in previous games being Samson Oni the UK high jump gold medalist took part in the Youth Games for Lambeth playing Basketball for boys team and Common Wealth and European long jump medalist. Jade Johnson represented Britain in 2004 and 2008 Olympics and was 4th in 2003 World Championship, 2nd in Commonwealth Games and silver medalist in 2002 European Championships in the long jump. Joice Maduala, British sprint champion. These three were in the same youth games.

Jade Johnson Competed for Lambeth in the Long jump.

Link to Youtube video of Jade Johnson

  • Competing for Team GB in the long jump
  • Training sessions with her trainer
  • Taking part in Strictly Come Dancing
jade johnson at the 2008 bejing olmypics
Jade Johnson at 2008 Bejing Olympics in the Long Jump

Jade Johnson in 2002 won silver medals in both the Commonwealth Games and European Championships.


Steve Bucknall 

steve bucknall
Steve Bucknall who took place in 1979 Youth Games as a Trail Blazing Baller

 Steve Bucknall was an NBA Basketball Star who play as Trail Blazing Baller in the London Youth Games in 1979 for Team Lambeth. He went to to become the first person from England to make it big in the American Basketball League where he has  played in the no 24 vest for the Lakers      

  • Link below of Steve Bucknall interview with London Basketball Association

LBA Exclusive: Interview with Steve Bucknall


Joice Maduaka

Joice Maduaka – Former Team Lambeth track star

Joice Maduaka holds the record for winning the most medals in the Bristish Athletics Championships.

The Youth Games has seen some big names in sports rise to become medallist’s including Mo Farah, John Regis, Mike McFarlane, Tasha Danvers, Steve Blackley, Paralympic David Weir and Linford Christie. Lambeth has produce many sport greats some who has moved onto other borough to continue doing well in there chosen sports.

This years 2018 games Lambeth is looking to do very well in all the sports that they have entered against the other boroughs which mounts up to around 33.

The competition will give the Lambeth Borough contenders the opportunities to grab some of the incentives on offer and to make it into sport at very competitive level.

There is also the means to volunteer at the games by contacting Lucy on gamesforce@londonyouthgames.org

Go and support Lambeth youths at the game by contacting  info@londonyouthgames.org

The annual Youth Games logo

Brixton Acid Attack

Lambeth Police have said there has been an acid attack on a 20 year old woman as she travelled by bus on Brixton Road.

The incident took place at the corner of Electric Avenue by the Boots Store.

So far there has been no arrest for this vicious crime. Police are now looking for a male suspect.

The woman was targeted before being attacked.

  • Twitter link on the story from the Lambeth Police



acid attack 2
Police at the scene of the attack in Brixton

Green Party Co Leader Jonathan Bartley Elected to Lambeth Council

May 3rd 2018, local election saw the Green Party celebrate as they gained 5 seats, with a clean sweep of 3 seats in St Leonards, which included Jonathan Bartley and 1 seat in Gypsy Hill and 1 seat in Herne Hill. This now takes the pressure off the Conservative who kept 1 seat out of 3 in Clapham Common as the other 2 went to Labour.

Conservative Cllr Tim Briggs kept his seat in Clapham Common to be the only man standing for Conservative after the election results.

Conservative Cllr Tim Briggs
Cllr Tim Briggs celebrating his win for Clapham Common

Cllr Brigg – Clapham Common Conservative Party

Interview with Cllr Brigg below.

  • Live interview at the election counts with Cllr Tim Briggs.
  • Cllr Brigg answer a question as to whether he thinks that all the matters with the Windrush lost them the two seat.


The Green Party with 5 seats will now be the main opposition to the Labour Party’s 57 seats.  Cllr Bartley stated ”  It’s a privilege to be the only party leader in England elected to serve as a local Cllr”  “In the Green Party we believe in the power of local and leading by example”.


green party st leonard
Cllr Jonathan Bartley and two other winning Cllrs from St Leonard’s ward

New Gypsy Hill Green Cllr Peter Elliot defeated the sitting Labour Cllr Luke Murphy by 144 votes to take the seat. Labour Cllr Jennifer Braithwaite held onto her seat with 2,063 votes, while Labour Cllr Matthew Bennett remains with 2,054 votes. Link below of interview with Cllr Peter Elliot and Cllr Matthew Bennett.

Link to interview with Cllr Peter Elliot 

Link to interview with Cllr Matthew Bennett. 


peter elliot
Peter Elliot (middle) after winning a seat in Gypsy Hill

Cllr Peter Elliot, Green Party for Gypsy Hill

Cllr Becca Thacknay  won a seat for the Green Party in Herne Hill by defeating Labour Jack Holborn  by 251 seats.

Herne hill llrs
Cllr Becca  Thackray Green Party who was seated alongside the two Labour Cllrs Jim Dickson and Pauline George

Cllr Becca  Thackray Green Party who was seated alongside the two Labour Cllrs Jim Dickson and Pauline George

Overall the Green Party has 173 Cllrs around England, making them the third main party close on the heels of the Lib Dems.

This is the link below of the interview with the soon  outgoing Mayor of Lambeth, Labour Cllr Marcia Cameron on what she had to say at the election counts

  • audio interview of Marcia Cameron outgoing Mayor of Lambeth speaking about Lambeth and winning her seat at the election counts on May 4th 2018.
marcia cameron
Outgoing Mayor Of Lambeth Cllr Marcia Cameron who won her seat at the Local Election for Labour in Tulse Hill.

London Borough Of Lambeth Local Elections 2018


Local Elections take’s place around Lambeth on Thursday 3rd May 2018. Polls open at 7am and close at 10pm

  • Lambeth website to show you all wards in Lambeth for 2018 elections

Lambeth’s Local Elections 

Wards to Watch in 2018

Lambeth consist of 21 wards in this local elections and the main target wards to watch could be defined as Gypsy Hill, Herne Hill and Clapham.

What is the importance of these three wards in this election. Firstly Gypsy Hill has two current Labour Councillors who are Cabinet Members, Regeneration and Planning and Housing and Environments.

Gypsy Hill for many years was a Conservative ward until they were ousted by Labour in the last local elections in 2014. Labour are now been challenged in both target ward Gypsy Hill and Herne Hill, by the Green Party who are stipulating around the subject of the Libraries and Central Hill Regeneration.

central hill 2
Central Hill estate which comes under Gypsy Hill ward

The Conservative took Clapham in the last election so will the competition this year be tough for them with Labour looking to regain the seats and the Green wanting to position themselves there too. Lib Dems seen to have faltered around the borough so are they likely to ever recover.

Labour and Green Party seem to have up there campaign with door knocking, leafleting and generally speaking to the residents of Lambeth.

The Conservative have somewhat diminished themselves around Lambeth with the Windrush fiasco and the Lib Dem seen to have gone very quiet, with other parties not generating much publicity.

Going into tomorrow elections out of the 63 seat rolled out for the 21 wards, Labour holds 59 seats, Conservative 3 seats and Green Party 1 seats. All other parties including the Lib Dems hold 0 seats, having been wiped out in 2014.

Is this position likely to change after the election tomorrow 3rd May, with the counts results expected on Friday 4th May? Watch this space for further updates! We will be reporting live from the count. 

Below is the list of seats from the 2014 election results:

Election results by party
Party name Seats won % of votes
 Labour 59 54%
 Conservative 3 15%
 Green 1 16%
 Liberal Democrats 0 13%
 UK Independence Party 0 2%
 Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 0 < 1%
 Independent 0 < 1%
 The Socialist Party of Great Britain 0 < 1%
 Trade Unionist and Socialist Against Cuts 0 < 1%
 Pirate Party 0 < 1%
Turnout: 34%
Lambeth are hoping the 2018 May elections turn out to polling station will be much higher than the 34% that voted in 2014.
no vote no say
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Brixton Chocolate Museum Experience

The Chocolate Museum in Ferndale Road, Brixton, SW9 was established in March 2013 by French Artisan Chocolatier Isabelle Alaya.

Isabelle said the “Chocolate Museum is to represent chocolate industries in the Uk”

The chocolates are usually produced by independent bean to bar makers which have a combination that origins chocolate bars along with flavours of melange chocolate that comes from fruits, spices and herbs blended together.

Chocolate Museum provides:

  • Drop-in
  • Workshops
  • Great collection of historic memorabilia on chocolate
  • Cocoa & Slavery – The realities of how slavery involved in the production of chocolate
  • School workshops

Some of the workshops set for April (see website for other dates) 


  • Wednesday 4th April – 11-12 – Family Easter Truffle Making
  • Thursday 5th April 11-12.30  – Family Easter Egg Making
  • Friday 6th April – 11-12.30 –  Family Easter Egg Making


download egg