6 simple steps for ultimate summer make-up

Everyone likes to have a quick make-up routine during summer, with as little steps as possible.

I’ll be giving you a step by step, fresh summer make up look for those who want to look sexy, with minimal effort leaving you more time to enjoy your bright summer days.


Arayara demo Regular

clense and tone

First step you must cleanse and tone the skin, with any kind of cleanser and toner that suits your skin. First off take two cotton pads and apply the censer on them, applying and massaging it into the face using circular motions, once you’re done with the cleanser and the gotten pads come out clean its time to use the toner. wipe the excess cleanser off of your face. You can then apply the toner on your face with the tips of your fingers.




Arayara demo Regular

sunscreenNext step is to moisturise the skin, usually you’d use a face cream but for the summer it’s much better to use an SPF to protect the skin, from the sun, which prevents, wrinkles, freckles,splotches of hyper pigmentation on the skin and rapid ageing of the skin. Use your fingers to apply your SPF all over your skin, paying more attention if you have dry spots on your skin.







                                   Arayara demo Regular                                                                                                                          

cc cream

(This step is optional) Apply your cc cream using a brush or a beauty blender, the choice is yours. a brush is preferred as it helps the application of cc cream have an even layer, extending down to the neck and ears with soft brush strokes. Once you’ve finished applying the foundation and are happy with how it look, apply the concealer with a light hand where you may have dark circles and uneven skin tones, in this step you should use a beauty blender, blending out the concealer in a patting motion, until it looks smooth. ( If you’ve got oily or combination skin you may use a setting powder if necessary, but it isn’t needed if you’ve got dry skin.)


Arayara demo Regular

blush and bronzer and highlightFor your fourth step, choose a blush of your choosing and apply it on the apples of your cheeks, with a brush a brush, its better to layer the colour gradually so you don’t overpower the look. After the blush use a bronzer of your choice ( preferably a shimmering bronzer during the summer.) and apply it to the points of your face that you may want a little more definition, like the cheekbones, top of the forehead near the hairline, nose and jaw. we will be using the bronzer as replacement for contouring. This next step is optional, but its an great step. Use a highlighter to highlight the points of your face that you want to attract the light.


Arayara demo Regular


If you would like to elevate your eye, you can use a shimmery eye shadow or a brown matt nude shadow over the eye, with a fluffy brush making sure to blend everything so that it looks smooth. Once you’re down with the eye shadow apply mascara to the lashes and that’s the eyes done.





Arayara demo Regular

tinted lip gloss

For the last step of this quick and easy make up routine, you can finish off your look with a tinted lip gloss with a light rosy colour or any colour of your choice, to brighten up your lips and bring them to life, this step completes the look and makes it look beautiful and fresh.








This step by step simple summer make-up look is foolproof and guaranteed to be anyone’s summer day or night go to look. 


Teens choose thrift stores over outlets

Teens prefer to shop and thrift stores instead of outlets, when keeping up with trends.


In recent years thrifting has no longer been kept as a dirty secret and the stigma attached to buying old clothes is slowly disappearing.

It’s become ‘trendy’ to go thrifting with friends or on your own, trying to find hidden gems in someone else’s trash.

Thrifters have explained that ‘ Thrifting is a cheaper way to keep up with trends, without spending hundreds every time something new hits the shelves.” – unknown thrifter at OXFAM.

Millennials are changing the negative stigma of thrifting into a positive one, making sure to point out that there’s always a few hidden gems, even designer items for not  even a fraction of the items original price.

According to Thredups fashion resale report, millennials are the generations that thrifts the most but are the generation that also waste the most clothes.

Even though millennials throw away the most clothes they are the generation with the most eco-conscious habits.

77% of millennials prefer to buy from eco friendly brands when purchasing items, and are more likely to switch to thrifting if it involves saving the environment

Millennials tend to impulse bye and therefore only wearing a clothing item once to maybe up to five times.

They have found a way to lessen their waste with clothes, and even save themselves some money while at it.

Thredup had found out that if you thrifted for a whole year then you’d approximately save yourself around £2,420.



Vogue editor Emily Fara believes  “fashion is the second-most polluting industry in the world, surpassed only by petroleum.”

Thredup did farther investigation and they came to a conclusion that a piece of clothings life extends to a further  2.2 years if it’s thrifted which amazingly reduces its carbon print by 73 percent if sold second hand.

So if next time a new trend appears in fashion thing twice and go to a thrift store to purchase it instead. Be eco friendly and save yourself a couple of pounds while you’re at it.

Met Gala: All you need to know

The Met Ball is only a few days away the costume institute is known for its extravagant outfits that take place on the first Monday of every may.

This year it will be held on Monday 6th May 2019.

The Ball is quite easily seen as one of the biggest social events of the year, set in New York. Familiar faces within the Fashion, Television, Movie and Arts industry all come together to raise money for the Met costume Institute and the funds from the New York’s high society which all go to New York charitable institutions.

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Every year the guests who are invited are asked to follow a set theme of fashion, the two previous years it has been Rei Kawakubu/ Comme des Garcons : Art in between in 2017 and last year Heavenly Bodies: Catholic imagination and this year, Camp: Notes on fashion 

For since 1995 the event has been hosted by US Vogue editor and chief Anna Wintour and this year marks it the 71st anniversary.

This years co-hosts along with Anna are the likes of Lady Gaga and Harry Styles.

There role is to act as chaperone for the event and bring the them to life on the red carpet which isn’t unfamiliar to the unorthodox Harry as he’s known for his unusual suits.




The theme for this year’s Met Gala is Camp.

Although Camp can be seen as flamboyant, exaggeration, ironic, anti-serious and sometimes distasteful.









Many celebrities and performers have a Camp dress sense or style, for example Elton John, whose music and stage performances have been put under that category. Another person in the industry that influences a lot of fashion is Creative director Jeremy Scott. Jeremy is known for the brand Moschino which featured a bunch of the wildest styles in his recent fashion show for the new collection Model Gigi Hadid. Who modeled as a bouquet of flowers.

gigi hadid

There is no doubt that there will be plenty coverage on the event this Monday night as all eyes will be here.

It will be interesting to see how some of the most famous stars will interpenetrate the theme.



First Hijabi Swimwear Model

21 Year old Somali-American Model is set to make history with the new Sports Illustrated issue.

The magazine who are mainly known for their Sultry issues has taken a turn for the better which is one for the books.

Halima Aden who was the first Hijabi Muslim runway model has always used her voice to speak on issues within the Muslim community and has also used it to create opportunities for others.

She along with Photographer( Yu Tsai) for the editorial, had travelled to her Birthplace of Kenya where she began opening up more about her childhood.


“I keep thinking [back] to six-year-old me who, in this same country, was in a refugee camp,” she told the publication.

“To grow up to live the American dream [and] to come back to Kenya and shoot for SI in the most beautiful parts of Kenya – I don’t think that’s a story that anybody could make up.” she tells the interviewer.

She made a bold statement by modelling in places that many of them from the Islamic community experienced Islamophobia. Where there was a time that several of the french cities the Burkini was banned so this is her form of setting a new norm.

For models, appearing in a Sports Illustrated magazine it is seen as reaching the pinnacle of your career. In the past it has boosted the credibility of models within the industry and was also only an opportunity given to women of a certain stature and or race.


The swimsuit editor expressed great gratitude for Halima by saying the following

“We believe beauty knows no boundaries,” said SI Swimsuit editor MJ Day. “I admire Halima, and I consider her an inspirational human for what she has decided to use her platform for and her work with Unicef as an ambassador. She is, in my opinion, one of the great beauties of our time, not only outside but inside. When we met, I was instantaneously taken by her intelligence, enthusiasm and authenticity.”

I think its important that more and more brands include more diversity within their editorials and so on because being different is the beauty within the world.

Brazil’s Runway Death

Male model Tales Soares dies on stage during Brazilian Fashion week.

On Saturday 27th April the model Tales was walking the runway when he unexpectedly took a fall in the middle of the runway.

Paramedics were rushed to the scene where the 26 year old model was soon taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead.

The cause of death is still unknown and the Soares family are still awaiting more information.


In a statement put out by the Sao Paolo Fashion week organizers about the situation

“SPFW has just received the news of the death of model Tales Soares, who suddenly became ill during the Ocksa show”

Daily Folha de S. Paulo reported that he tripped on his shoelace and fell. According to the paper, people in the crowd initially thought his fall was part of a performance.

His Agency have spoken out about it saying that he never showed any signs to have any heath problems as far as they knew he had a good day to day routine.

Right now it is unclear how this may have happened but as many know being a model comes with many complications along with fatigue and mental health issues that are detrimental to the well being of models.

Riri Risqué

Rihanna is famed for her bold fashion statements and this nonetheless.

It’s not unknown for the beauty and music mogul Rihanna to be extravagant in her style and how she presents herself.

She is never one to keep the same style, Rihanna is one of those people who aren’t afraid to change their aesthetic as many times over as many of her fans will know.

Recently she was spotted in her home of Barbados wearing a piece which was from the off – white fall collection. Rihanna managed to pull off the Virgil Abloh designed outfit and made it look wearable for anyone.

In the picture above, Rihanna with Jamaican artist Bujuo Banton it is clear that she pulled off the outfit amazingly along with some jumbo braids to add to the island vibe wearing it exactly how it was shown on the runway

This is not the first time Rihanna has made a bold fashion move, it seems like every era its something different which makes her so authentic and likable to the audience.

Although it comes at some disappointment as this years Met Gala theme ‘camp notes on fashion’ would have been so fitting to her style completely as it is sometimes bizzare and we’re always wondering what she’ll do next.


When asking some of the public what they thought of how she dresses they responded by calling her ‘daring and quirky’.

The off- white collection is described as a ‘ ladylike twist on sports’ it ranges with various different outfits throughout along with the checkered dresses with a huge slit paired with matching boots at the time modelled by Bella Hadid at the show in Paris.

To say that this wont be the last time Rih will be outgoing would be a lie

Until next time.

Brides say bye to white dresses

2019 brides are ditching the traditional white wedding dresses.

Designers have taken a different approach on the creation of their wedding dresses and have decided that a pop of colour is what’s needed this year.

Brides have gone as far as wearing red dresses to their glorious day.

Many people don’t agree with straying away from the traditional white look but designers don’t seem to care.

Designers have shown their approval for out of the box wedding dresses in various occasions.

“The important question is, what will your wear for a wedding dress, Alexia? You look horrible in white.” Gail Carriger

“There was no relationship between a wedding dress and fashion. There was no good taste, either. I realized that I could make an impression in terms of changing and readdressing the whole industry of bridal.” Vera Wang

“I love a black wedding dress.” Vera Wang

Local wedding dress boutiques like London Bride Couture have taken inspiration from runway designers and have applied that to their local wedding dresses.

Local south east london shop, Lovebirdal also have flipped their fingers to the wedding norms and have gone as far as showcasing black and white wedding dresses.

reema acra
Reema Acra

vera wang
Vera Wang

Hayley Paige

If you’re a modern day bride would you sport a colorful wedding dress or do you think it’s très tragique trend.

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