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the affect of lockdown on writers

Lock-down has not only stifled some writers but has also made writers feel less of one. This world pandemic has probably been one of the most challenging time that anybody has ever experienced before. Especially writers are creative individuals who feed off of daily life such as the intricate details that they see outside : nature, people, distance for the

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Digital archive created to preserve stories of Front-line workers.

The Story Lab a multifaceted research institution based at Anglia Ruskin University has launched a new project to collate and preserve the personal stories from front-line workers during the corona virus pandemic. The project called The Frontline was established by Dr Shreepali Patel Director at ARU Story Lab and Professor Topun Austin based at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,

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Furlough extended until the end of October

Mr. Sunak has officially announced the Government will continue to support UK employers guaranteeing an 80% of their incomes until the end of October.This extends the original furlough scheme to eight months since it was launched in March. The chancellor also communicated there will be a chance for employers to get back to part-time works, starting from August.The Government will

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University Fees next semester: Should students pay without the real experience?

The UK government has made a decision that university students will pay full tuition fees despite their courses been taught online in the autumn. At the moment all university campuses across the UK are closed and students are learning online until further notice due to the corona virus pandemic. The decision to reopen campuses for the next academic year has

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Covid-19: The Music industry might change for good?

Many artists are having to perform virtual gigs, learn how to market themselves to their fans, as well as filming music videos from home. The music industry is known for its large audiences, venues, as well as events, which are live experiences for many artists. According to MusicBusinessWorldWide, they announced that the streaming of music videos ‘went down’ since Coronavirus

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Award-winning conservationist, Rachel Ashegbofe Ikemeh; project director of The South-West/Niger Delta Forest Project, says she fears for the future of some of the worlds most endangered chimps. Devastated by hunting and deforestation, the chimps now face a threat from coronavirus. Rachel says the pandemic is bringing to the fore issues such as wildlife trade and consumption, and that it’s time

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