Prince Charles’ prospects as King

Prince Charles, who is the next in line to the throne, is the person I am covering in my article with his good points and bad points. Prince Charles will make a good King and whether he will stay out of politics as he can’t get involved as a constitutional monarch. I am pro-Charles, in support of him and as the next heir to the throne he carries a lot of titles such as Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, Earl of Chester and Prince of Scotland along with several others which many other members of the British Royal Family do not carry. In addition to this as most members of the British Royal Family have done, he has carried out military training in the army which he did for six years between 1971 and 1977. He holds the record as the longest serving Prince of Wales in history after his great-great grandfather Edward VII which he broke on the 9th September 2017.

The first audio clip has E.J. Ward who is a Royal Rota Editor and he talked about The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh and other members of the Royal Family being normal like everybody else in the United Kingdom.

Charles was originally named Prince of Wales back on the 26th July 1958 which is the usual title given to the future next male heir to the throne. He was sent to Gordonstoun School in the early 1960s just as he had entered his teens following his father Prince Philip or had first gone their back in 1937 after immigrating to the UK from Nazi Germany. He has since spoken of his experiences describing it as ‘Colditz in Kilts’ as he was bullied at the school by older boys. Prince Charles will most likely become Prince Regent when his mother The Queen turns 95 in two years’ time which means he will be able to take over more of the Queen’s main duties such as seeing and signing documents. However, he has shown his political opinions before which he can’t do as a member of the Royal Family and when he eventually becomes King because as a constitutional monarch he cannot express his political opinions. When he becomes King he will take the regent name Charles III although there have been debates that he might take the name George (which is one of his middle names) because of some of his predecessors who have borne the same name with Charles I being beheaded after losing the English Civil War and Charles II having many mistresses and fleeing the country before returning to the throne again.

The Prince has set up the Prince’s Trust which he set up back in the mid-1970s and originally first appeared in the Daily Mail newspaper. It focuses on helping vulnerable young people to get their lives back on track. The trust has been very beneficial to a lot of young people as many of them have been helped and have benefited from the trust. He has however endured strong criticism for his political views in the past and for his meddling inside politics which he can’t do as a constitutional monarch. With this feature article there is a lot of work with Prince Charles being the next in line to the throne and will become King. He has done a lot charity work and this has earnt him a lot support and respect from people in the UK, across commonwealth and the world. There are people who have doubts over whether he will make a good King but he has also won over a lot support with his wife Camilla even though they are both divorces from both of their first marriages. There have been previous monarchs such as Henry VIII who have married six times, several divorcees and annulments, as well as having two of his wives killed for not bringing a male heir yet remained King. Charles’ great uncle Edward VIII abdicated as the women he loved couldn’t become Queen alongside him and so married Wallis Simpson without becoming King and lived the rest of his life in exile in France although he did make occasional visits back to the United Kingdom.

The second clip is about him talking about how long it takes to be a Royal Correspondent as well as teaching people how to curtsey and bow when meeting the monarch. he furthers talks about them being just normal people wanting to do ordinary things like everybody else.

Prince Charles grey hair

Another reason for this could be because of the amount of criticism which Charles received throughout the years for numerous different reasons as a result of his infidelity and meddling in politics which has led some people to questions whether he will be fit to be King when the opportunity arises after the Queen passes away. This includes getting involved with the black spider memos in which a series of letters were written and published by Prince Charles over a series of years and released in 2005 bought in controversy and were seen as controversial at the time. There were people at the time who questioned whether he would make a good king as a result of the black spider memos. Prince Charles has appeared in popular culture before such as a 2014 play called King Charles III (Charles III is widely seen as his regnal name when he takes the throne). There are some people who believe he will use his middle name George as a tribute to his maternal grandfather King George VI who passed away when Charles was only 3 years old. In recent years there are people who have described Prince Charles as the hardest working member of the Royal Family with him carrying out 560 official engagements in 2008, 499 in 2010 and over 600 in 2011. The only other member of the British Royal Family who has been known to do as much work excluding the Queen is his younger sister Princess Anne, The Princess Royal.

In the bottom clip hexz talks about the monarch as a figurehead and having power (even though they don’t have power) as well as people having a lot of trust for the Queen as well saying that Prince Charles will be a reformal monarch where more people in the Royal Family will be losing their titles.

In conclusion, I believe Prince Charles has a chance to become a great King when the time comes as long as he doesn’t involve himself in politics which is something a monarch cannot do as a constitutional monarchy in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.


Will Communities In Brixton Be Displaced Through Gentrification

The Idea of Gentrification and does it help areas such a Brixton

My idea of Gentrification is when areas like Brixton that has been left neglected for decades, classed as no go area, high crime rate, high unemployment and lack of housing, yet it has a close nit community where people can actually afford to shop, rent properties, open small businesses and youngster grow up being able to stay within the area if they chose to do so, yet suddenly the area is being renovated, advertised as the best place to live and everything is geared toward a certain influx of people who are seen as more affluent and rich residents who then begins to out price and out sourced the area.  Ethical/ racial balance also begins to show changes.  Household with lower budget feel neglected and betrayed through the vast development of unaffordable and very expensive properties being erected all over the area, with businesses closing down due to high rent so cannot afford to stay after having their businesses for many, many years.

The area is given more publicity to attract and generate more people from middle class and elite with higher incomes, who then begin to spill over into the communities and set the property values, renting very expensive and keeps rising dramatically over a period of time.

ivor house brixton lambeth old offices
The old Lambeth offices Ivor House in Acre Lane, which has now been converted into luxury apartments

You will also see bigger investors coming into the community and new developments taken part all over the area that mainly leads to communities being displaced, thereby seeing migration from the area of those on lower income who cannot afford to stay. Many other areas just like Brixton were previously, classified as very dangerous, crime ridden and unlivable and not good enough for the middle class and elite to live, we now see the same people, now suddenly finding the area to be desirable through only one way that is gentrification that leads to urbanization.

Why has Brixton become the target of Gentrification

Brixton back in 1880 was agriculture land until 1860 and 1880 when the railroad and trams arrived, it was gentrified in order to attract the rich and wealthy middle class big posh housing was then built along the major road in order to bring the rich people to Brixton as it was linked via the Chatham rail main line and in 1888 the first electric lights were built in Brixton in the now know Electric Avenue surrounded by large expensive houses along  main road. There was also a class divided into class as the middle class and high earner were put in houses around the major roads and the lower income families were put to live behind railroad and commercial street areas.

Electric Avenue Brixton
This is Electric Avenue in Brixton which was the first street in London to have electric.. Singer Eddy Grant also released a song in 1982 called Electric Avenue.

Brixton started another change in 1925 when the working class started to replace the middle class and a lot of the big houses were turned into lower rent boarding houses and flats. Brixton was now attracting more and more new residents with it cinema, market, theatre, pubs and had become the new shopping capital of South London, with the their large department stores which are Morley etc and other stores and major retailers.

Brixton came under fire from the bombing in World War 11 which led to a crucial housing crisis and decay. The council decided to do a slum clearance and started to build council housing in 1940’s and the 1950’s which saw many immigrants from Ireland and the West Indies moved into Brixton, many from the Windrush generation.

windrush square
Windrush square opposite the Ritzy Brixton, was name after the Windrush ship that bought people from the Caribbean in 1948

I recall Brixton back in the 80,s after the riots in 1981. It was still a place that everyone came to do their shopping, to buy their music from places such as Red Records, to go to Woolworth and most of all to go to the markets, hang out eating patties and drinking rum punch as the sound of music especially reggae filled the air.  It was still the place to feel at home as you watch the flock of people doing their shopping and avoiding old ladies pulling trolleys over your foot. The main scenery in Brixton during the 80’s was that of stalls selling Caribbean food such as yam, green bananas and many other foods from the Caribbean. Mass of hair shops selling wigs etc. and many hairdressers, barbers, Caribbean takeaways was the main culture that was showing until the Council Materplan of Brixton in 2009 came into place and Tesco moved from Pope Road to Arce Lane in July 2009, was the first sign of changes on the way, and become realistic in 2019, are seeing overpriced properties, family run businesses going under due to quadrupled rent and being replaced by new chain stores.

Link to Future Brixton Masterplan 2009..

Many who previously left Brixton is now finding it hard to return to live or even set up a business due to the expensiveness the area has become. Also many of the young generation who have grown up and lived in Brixton all their lives, feels dissolute at the prospect of not being able to stay in their own community, as they feel unwelcome, and eventually priced out.

Quote from a young woman.  “This is not the Brixton, I know, grown up in all my life. It feels like I am being forcibly removed, with my culture that was created completely vanishing.”  Another quoted from a young man. “People are being forced out by high rent and unaffordable house prices along with universal credit which is probably a part of their plan to move people out to the countryside such as Stoke on Trent and Peterborough and burdening those Council’s with people from Lambeth & London problems, it sucks”.

Brixton coming into the last 5 years has seen many changes such as the Voice Newspaper, disappeared, replaced by luxury apartments and trendy cafés/restaurants that’s only seem to be focusing on catering to certain clientele. Just opposite Brixton Village that leads unto Sommerleyton Road is a £100million development to the old Peabody housing estate, with very little affordable houses amongst some social houses. To further establish the area the Oval House Theatre will also be moving from the Oval into the area opposite the Brixton Village.

brixton village one of the entrance
One of the side entrance off Pope Road leading into the market now known as Brixton Village

Brixton is now known as the trendiest place to live with its vibrant mix of socializing, music, bars, events, and it multicultural ethnicity, mixture of different nationalities that when around the tube station, it sounds like you have stepped out of Heathrow International Airport due to the vast languages that is spoken around that area but yet local communities cannot afford to socialize especially on a weekend as its overcrowded with credit card wheeling middle class ravers who can afford to pay the high charges as gentrification steps in. House prices  has rocketed with people paying outrageous prices as properties are being sold for double the price, showing a staggering 76% rise since the Brixton Masterplan 2009 and businesses push to the limit of no coming back. Brixton being the main strategic and cultural centre in Lambeth, is generating an increase in population yet even with gentrification on the door step the high rate of unemployment and increase in homelessness still prevails.

brixton underground
Brixton Underground Station on the very busy Victoria Line The international airport of South London

This is a link to an interview with Solomon Smith of Brixton Soup Kitchen, on Gentrification of Brixton.


The main market known as Brixton Village, creates the ambiance in the heart of Brixton but has seen the biggest sign of gentrification as many businesses has closed making way for influx of trendy café, bars, restaurants who are willing to pay the asking price of £40,000 per year for lease.

brixton village brixton
Brixton Village with its new trendy cafe, bars and restaurants that use to be food stalls

Food stalls before many closed to make way for the cafe etc
Brixton still remains highly protected with listed buildings that gives it that authentic and historical look , even regeneration and gentrification cannot demolished such as the Lambeth Town Hall in Acre Lane, which has now been given an upgrade costing an estimated £104 million, along with the new Civic Centre, that were part of the Councils Master Plan to urbanized the area. This also means removing the prominent and iconic building Olive Morris House, likely to turn into luxury flats, (also erasing the memory of the Olive Morris who Lambeth, honoured in 1986 by naming the building after her) no doubt be unaffordable to the local community.

brixton ritzy
The Ritzy cinema and Brixton Library two of Brixton’s historical landmarks

brixton town hall
Lambeth Town Hall which has been newly renovated and reopened in January 2018                         

olive morris house brixton
Olive Morris House in Brixton Hill, the former offices of Lambeth Council before they moved to the new Civic Centre. People are petitioning the Council to ensure that the name Olive Morris remain after it turned into luxury apartments

civic centre brixton
The newly built Civic Centre attached to the Town Hall housing the majority of Lambeth Council staff which replaced Olive Morris House

Further down behind Brixton Academy you have Stockwell Park Estate and the Skate Park (once called notorious and no go area) now seeing luxury apartments which is changing the area.

Why this sudden change of Brixton? Is it the easy proximity to West End, the City, St Pancras International Station for Euro Star, fast Victoria Line and overhead train links and Vauxhall regeneration of high rise luxury apartments, the American Embassy that this image is offering a certain attraction to middle and high purchasing power that is leading to the fatal blow to the communities of Brixton and pushing out the working class out the neighbourhood.

One aspect that created controversy on gentrification is the arches in Brixton owned by Network Rail and housed many small businesses. Network Rail new venture to renovate with an £8million upgrade has seen many traders still being evicted even after a petition of 30,000 people supported them. Many are unable to return on completion due to the higher rent that they say are unaffordable putting many out of business and had to take compensation in 2016 and leave.  Some moved somewhere else with very few returning to join the elite purchasing power that has outweighed the lower earners who feels displaced and abandon as they are pushed farther away where rent are more affordable.

arches and recreation brixton
Some of the arches in Brixton Station Road opposite the long stand Brixton Recreation Centre that were closed for renovation by Network Rail

arches to let
One of the newly refurbished unit under the arches going up to let as the former leaseholder is not returning


One trader from the arches Mr A said “I have to return to my native country after having my business here for over 25 years and it is devastating” Further quote by a traders said “The arches, once community backbone for small businesses has been moved by Network Rail and the Council, hence evicting our community.

Other business around Brixton has closed down due to Landlord wanting properties back such as the long standing over 30 years, 414 Night Club in Coldharbour Lane, now a prime spot for a new venture.  One former worker quoted “they don’t want any black businesses in the area anymore, so they are taking it all away little by little”.

414 Night Club in Coldharbour Lane which has now closed after over 30 years as the landlord wants the property back
Further business that looks to go to gentrification is SW9 Bar in Dorrell Place after investor Miraj bought the Superdrug site in front for a staggering £76million with monies borrowed from Lloyds Bank, to build luxury 96 room hotel. Owner Alan Culterhouse of SW9 Bar told Brixton Blog in February 2017 when he was first approached by lawyers from the developers. “They told me there was no point even consulting a lawyer of my own,” he says. They said they had the money, resources and experience behind them to make pointless any resistance to their plan to terminate his lease with compensation that falls many tens of thousands short of his own view of what would be appropriate”. Another 250 room hotel is set to be also built along Brixton Road in the old DHSS office with the front entry where the shop Barnados now lives. The original businesses such as Marks & Spencer, Morley Store, Boots and Superdrug has now being joined by new additions like TK Maxx, Pret Manger, Costa, The Department Store, Premier Inn Hotel.

dhss and barnardos
The old DHSS building which will become a 250 room hotel with the entry where the charity shop barnardos at the corner of Stockwell Road with the Brixton Academy 2 mins away.

Link  from Brixton Blog article.

On the other hand can gentrification really help an area such a Brixton to progress in the future.

A link from Telegraph’s writer Zoe Strimpel in November 2016

Another link from Brixton Blog Linda Quinn in January 2018 article and documentary on Film Maker Shaun Duncan

A quote from Shane Duncan on gentrification “I realised the place I called home was changing fast and I wanted to make a film that reflected that – I wanted the people that were blind to the fact, to now be able to see.”

And a response by Beatrice Gorman about the article in the comment section. “I don’t see many Jamaican posters on here who bought property for two grand in the 60s in Brixton and then sold them for 850k to white professionals moaning much do you? Black people didn’t just live in social housing – in fact, those arrivals in the 50s bought properties. My street was nearly all black in the 70s and the last black family moved out and sold for 900k last year. Nice payback, and not the fault of white people”.




The Inside of Lambeth


Lambeth being the backbone of London is a fun place to live, with people from all different parts of the world  it’s like your typical giant market place. Well except the fact, nothing is being sold.

Looking in from the outside there is many people within Lambeth that makes the community so unique.

Brixton is a place to be with constant busking on the streets and crowd of people going around their daily activities.  Stepping out there makes you fit in without having to make an effort.

324,431 of people living in Lambeth the place is a packed of sardines.

There are some amazing communities within Lambeth that I had no prior knowledge though I have lived  in Lambeth since the dawn of day.

Am going to give you the know it all of 3 amazing communities that reside in Lambeth.

Get yourself a popcorn and relax whilst I take you through these 3 unique communities.

First on my bucket list to talk about is “Kyrgyz people”! Well if you haven’t heard of the country’s name before like I hadn’t, fear not because almost everyone who heard of Kyrgyz were once in the same dilemma.

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Just as how you are wondering, where Kyrgyzstan is I’ve been there before so I will let you in on what I know.

Almost all Kyrgyz speak two languages Russian and Kyrgyz. One thing that will definitely blow your mind is their traditional clothes, which refer to as “Belmechi” for the women it is a skirt with a slit in the front, which is worn over the main coat or gown.

“Chapan” a high collared coat and suede of leather pants, “Kalpak” a high hat made of white felt is usually worn by men starting from the moment they turn 6.


There are  Kgyrzstans living in Lambeth, it is a shame that there’s not much exposure about them, for this is the reason why I chose to speak about them.

Having such a multi cultured community like Lambeth is, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they are not spotted in Lambeth.

Setting table at Pasha

The culture difference is what I will be focusing on, I know what you all are waiting eagerly for is the food!!.

I won’t drag it on but will put you out of your miseries, there’s some amazing dishes that the Kyrgyz people enjoy; the country is engaged in breeding live stocks hence meat is a substantive part of the modern and traditional cuisines from meals like Samsy and Plov.

There is a high-end affordable restaurant in Lambeth known as pasha that will cater to your taste.

In there you can opt for a vegetarian option if that is what you are into.

Kyrgyz people are very welcoming and friendly the like to interact with other people it’s nice to  know them.

The next time you come across Kyrgyzstanis you have me to thank for; well just kidding.

I asked Saadat a good friend of mine on her views of her country she said; “I Love my country it is fun we are always entertaining our guests”.

Morocco is a land known for nature it has many amazing attributes to it that isn’t well acknowledged.

The country is blessed with beautiful landscapes that makes it a very country to be in.

Ranging from the Moroccan dessert, The Atlas Mountains, and the Moroccan Versatile Climate there is so many things that makes the country very outstanding.

Moroccans are known to  drift from one place to another. In the UK, they have settled in fine and it’s nice to live across from them since you can be assured you will be hungry all the time from the aroma of their food.

Moroccans has 2 official languages the modern standard Arabic Amazigh (Berber) Moroccan Arabic known as (Darija). However there a lot of other languages they tend to speak.

The French language is embroiled as part of them, having been colonized by the France. French became their second language, which is widely taught and encouraged.


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So please stop having that look of disbelief when you see a Moroccan speaking away in French it is their second official language.

The outfits of Moroccans is generally filled with enriched traditions that says a lot about their culture.

The most common dresses the ladies opt for is Djellaba; it is a long and unfastened type of robe which both men and women can wear. Other clothing are usually worn beneath it.

The tackchita is a very formal type of clothing worn by the ladies its very sophisticated that is worn only on special occasions, it comes with very beautiful designs that makes it one of a kind.

OH I nearly left out the men my bad; like I previously said the djellaba is an outfit which are worn by men too. They usually wear it with a traditional Fez or tarbush a traditional headdress  that is usually red. The finest of materials are used in the making of  these clothing they tend to stand out amongst the crowd.

Let us dive into the most the important piece of information in my opinion, the food yah.


I guess you all are as excited as I am, Couscous is a North African dish that is naturally enjoyed by  Northern African countries like; Algeria, Tunisia and most importantly Moroccans.

Having a plate of couscous in a hot steamy afternoon is like your taste -buds are exploding with tastes you had no idea existed.

Malak a Moroccan had good things to say about her country she said; “the hills the nature and customs we have you can’t help falling in love with the country”.

For colder times of the year when being in an enclosed space with some warmth the only way to shield yourself from the cold, Moroccans prefer their tummies to be warm too.

Pastilla, Tanjia and Harira is a distinctive heavy soup which is eaten during those colder days and nights  in the winter season its usually served for dinner with a side of bread.

It is eaten hot and meant to heat up the whole body “talk about Moroccans and their creativity”

Moroccans residing in Lambeth love to live through their heritage by showing their culture and beliefs.

Moroccans have a lot to share about their culture and experience of living here.

Stay tuned to hear from them, learning new things about a different country is always an exciting to way to look at the world in different perspective.

Do y’all know Bolivia is in south America? Got you if you didn’t know.

Describing a country that is both beautiful and exotic is Bolivia; it is a democratic and multi ethnic country situated in the midst of South America occasionally referred to as the Tibets of America.

Bolivia is a remote country so it is quite thrilling if you are traveler and want to be secluded.

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Lambeth being a birthplace for diversity makes you have a satisfaction feeling when you come across new people.

Bolivians living in Lambeth are quite the pranksters they are always smiling and ready to come up with corniest jokes to crown your day.

Bolivia being a South American country obviously they will speak Spanish ; telling you in case you had no clue. Spanish is their main and official language but that shouldn’t faze you out since there about 39 other languages spoken within the country by the people in different regions.

Guyara, Aymara, Chiquitano and Chiriguano making Bolivia more dynamic.

An interesting fact about the Bolivians is they were known as Amerindians before the Spanish conquest.

Their sense of fashion is on top of its game on a whole next level; Pollera the history behind the pollera   which is a simple Spanish dress was once a symbol of captivity when the colonial masters forced the Andean women now its worn as pride of their past and growth.

For important events such as weddings and festivals the Manta is a rectangular textile that can be worn us a wrap -around dress or a blanket. A woven sash is use to hold the manta together when worn as a dress.

Homemade cotton trousers and brightly colored ponchos and woolen caps called Chullas are the must wear for the gents in Bolivia ; usually they prefer being barefoot its more nurturing for them in that way.

When you hear a sandwich ,what comes into mind? Typically for moi is some slices of bread with ham, cheese chicken or any -other  toppings that suit your palate.  Sorry but Bolivian sandwiches are contrary to what we are used. Their most popular sandwich is known as Chola.


Famous fried plantain dish of Bolivia


Chola is a bun that is stuffed with meat and pork  that’s slowly cooked until its crispy a touch of onions and ahi chili to the already crunchy bun makes it delicioso hence if you want a different kind of sandwich it is Chalo for you.

Y’all will agree with me that night times are the best time of the day when everything is lit for such times Bolivians have a snack that is nasty and delicious what a combination.

Antichucho is a skewer of beef heart with potatoes which is grilled hence a lot of flavour from the aroma and flame of the barbecue.

d56d1bac-b22f-4d81-ab41-c306d605fad1 (1)
The Street of Bolivia

Lovers of coffee will be thrilled to know that cunape(cheesy breads) is the snack to have with your coffee anytime of the day, they are baked with cheese and very delicioso.

Bolivians are very open and genuine people is great that there are some residing in the Lambeth vicinity it’s a great way to be exposed to things from different cultures.

In an interview with Madelyn, she said; “the only sad thing is there is no sea in Bolivia but that doesn’t stop us from having fun”.

Moroccans Kyrgyzstan’s and Bolivians living in London makes it very global and entertaining knowing and befriending is rewarding; if you meet any just smile and they will do the rest of the talking trust me.





Kyrgyzstan – the best place to visit in Central Asia

To start with, I am Proud to say that Kyrgyzstan is the most beautiful country in Central Asia, which is rounded with mountains and there are the Soviet planned building with modern. Lot of tourists call this place Central Asian’s Scotland because of this beautiful views and nature.

Living in London, United Kingdom I realised that a lot of people do not know where Kyrgyzstan is.

I am going to tell you how to plan your holidays in Kyrgyzstan, including the places that you have to visit, hospitality, culture and of course about visa.

However I think that you should know a bit of Kyrgyzstan’s history.

Kyrgyzstan was a part of Soviet Union with other 15 countries and this county took part in World War II, and celebrate Victory Day on 9th of May.

It is bounded by Kazakhstan on northwest and north, and by China on the east and south, by Uzbekistan and  Tajikistan on the west and south.

Kyrgyzstan is a Muslim country but it also has a lot of other different religious.

It has 7 regions: Chyi, Issyk – Kul, Naryn, Osh, Jalal-Abat, Batken, Talas. The capital city of Kyrgyzstan is Bishkek, which is in region of Chyi.

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Kyrgyzstanis were traditionally nomadic people. During the 19th century Kyrgyzstan became a major area of Russian colonisation and that did much to change traditional Kyrgyz way of life.

Kyrgyzstan became an independent country when the Soviet Union disbanded in 1991. After 7 months of independence they adopted their own flag, emblem and anthem.

Watching this video you will feel Kyrgyzstan’s spirit.

Ala-Too square and Kyrgyz flag, national museum and statue of hero Manas 

About the Flag

The background of the flag is red and in the centre you can see sun with 40 rays. Its further symbolic attributes are light, nobility and eternity. On the sun you can see the tip of the yurt (tunduk). It is actually a depiction of the first thing that our ancestors saw when they were waking up in a yurt, namely the construction of the pinnacle of every Kyrgyz yurt with three crisscrossing laths across the circular opening at the top of the yurt.


All EU citizens except Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus don’t need visa and can stay in Kyrgyzstan for 60 days. In the case if you want to renew 60 days you can cross the Kazakh border which is one hour way from Bishkek and come back on the same day.


People in Kyrgyzstan very hospitable and appreciate older people. Whenever Kyrgyz people waiting for the guests they start their preparations very hard.They cook boorsok (traditional small squared bread fried on the pre-heated oil).

Boorsok – national bread

After that all people stand next to the ram and the oldest person start to pray in reverence of ancestors and then the youngest boys who knows how to slaughter a ram start to do it. Later they start to cook meat in a water for 2-3 hours.

When the meat is cooked they took it out and it they start to separate to the different parts. This separated parts of meet brings to the guests in one big plate and an owner of the house start to give these parts to the guests, from the oldest to the youngest people they receive different parts of meet.

Airmen enjoy a traditional Kyrgyz hunter's BBQ
Yurt traditional house

On the different plate brings a homemade spaghetti with the small cut meat and dressed in soup of the meat. This meal called Besh – Barmak.

Besh Barmak

And the traditional bread Boorsok is the first that should be on the table ever before the guests comes. You will drink a nomadic, homemade drinks as a kumys (is a homemade drink which is can be as an alcohol if you drink too much) and also ayran. And also everyone should try kurut, is a dry salted cheese.

Also, Kyrgyz people cook a lot of soups and food from a flour, salads and meat.

Seasons in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is very seasonable country. It has 4 seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. On summer time it gets very hot and on winter very cold and has a lot of snow, which is good for winter sports. On autumn everything get very colored, the tree leaves become red, pink, yellow, orange and velvet.

The best time to visit is on June to September, because you will have more choices on different activities.

Russian Kyrgyz phrasebook

You will be needed to take this phrasebook as it will make your travel hundred times easier as not everyone speaks in English, especially old generation.

Kyrgyzstan is an amazing place to visit for all people on different seasons.

In this place a lot of mountains with the snow-iced peaks which are not melt for millennia. Some iced peaks melting for a lot of years and from that we get clean and mineral water.

Capital City – Bishkek

Bishkek is a capital city of Kyrgyzstan.

Bishkek is also biggest city and it has a lot of modern and soviet buildings, lots of shopping malls and it is also a home for lots of different nationalities.

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In the city people fluently speak in two languages, they are Russian and Kyrgyz. But on other regions people speak in Kyrgyz language.

In the city you would be able to meet a lot of different nations and have a walk to see the city. All the monuments and statues and in the center around the Ala – Too square and they are all near to each other.

Also, you can go to the 3 biggest markets in Bishkek.

The biggest one is Osh Bazar, you can find there anything you want and for the cheap prices. The second is Dordoi and third one is Ortosai.

K-pop in Kyrgyzstan

K-pop is getting popular nowadays in the world but in Kyrgyzstan is popular since 2009 and now is even much more popular. They have a lot of cover groups and teachers that will teach you K-pop dances. The most popular kpop cover group now is Youngkiss and Love iz. There are also two k-pop entertainment companies where you can go and take dance lessons. They are Moon Entertainment and Fam Entertainment.

This two Entertainments do quite a lot of festivals and you can go there and see how the best k-pop cover groups performs there. You will get a lot of new friends and will have a lot of fun.

Places to visit on summer time: 

Issyk – Kul (Pearl of Central Asia )

Kyrgyzstan has a lot of beautiful mountains and lakes, and the biggest mountain lake is Issyk-Kul (In translation means Hot lake). It is the seventh deepest lake in the world and tenth largest lake in the world by volume. Tourists call this place “Pearl of Central Asia”.

Mountain Lake Issyk-Kul  

Around this lake mountains with the snow peaks and the lake fed from them. Around thousands lakes flows into the lake and not even one flows out.

The best time to visit this wonderfool place is between June and September because the water in the lake gets warm and the sand will be very hot which is good for your healt.

In Issyk – Kul, Cholpon-Ata you will find a lot of hotels and hostess, they can be far from the beach or very near that you just need to walk there.

The cost of stay is from £11 to £45+

Ala-Archa – National park

Ala-Archa National park  

The national park is just in 45 minutes from capital city Bishkek, is the most touristic visited place.

This place is the best on the summer time as in the city gets very hot and the national park a lot of trees with cool rivers and the air temperature warm and fresh.

The campaign Ala Arch is located on 2100 meters above the sea level.

In Ala Arch you can enjoy with a fresh air and climb to the mountains and also if you wish you can stay in the hotel which is located there.

If you go there with a tour you will have to pay £31.48 and they will pick you up from the hotel and bring you back to any places on your request (snacks and drinks are included).

If you decide to go by yourself you will have to take public transport which will take longer to arrive there. Pay less than a £1 for the entrance fee and they will give you a lilt guide with a rules that you have to follow in the park. From the entrance you have to walk about 12km up to the mountain but you can go with hitching.

Winter holidays 

On winter holidays you can visit our mountains for skiing. The most popular ski bases is Karakol which is located in Issyk – Kul region. Karakol Ski Base is at 2040 meters and this is the highest ski resort in Central Asia.

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This mountain was used as a training base for Olympic athletes in Soviet time.

Ski pass will cost you for adults £9.85 and children (up to 12years old) £7.66. On holidays it will be a bit more expensive £13.14 for whole day, but if you are going for half day it will cost £9.85 and for children is the same.

They also have ski and snowboard rental at Ski Base.

Adult ski and snowboard set from £5.47 to £13.14 and for children is £4.38.

You will never regret about visiting Kyrgyzstan, as you can see it has virgin nature, fresh air, pearl water and is cheap to visit. Kyrgyzstan is waiting for you!





















Why K-pop is so popular? It’s not just the looks

There are many articles written about K-pop but not many of them talk about why people love k-pop other than the music and visuals. Its not just about the music videos or what the songs sound like. Many k-pop fans know the hard work and dedication that actually goes into becoming an idol.

When it comes to Korean idols they aren’t just put together and allowed to make music like American stars. Once they are in the industry  they have to spend years training, they learn how dance, improve there singing and sometimes put on strict food diets.   But it doesn’t stop there many companies have rules that the trainees have to follow and those rules stick even when they debut.

  • The rigorous training.: It might seem obvious but you have to train all the time and  that might seem normal for some but for these idols many of them become trainees as young as 12 which means they have to juggle school work with training. Some trainees have to wake at 5am just to balance their schedule
  • Dating: dating is a nono for many idols. It does vary with each company but most have a strict no dating rule. If they date and are caught it could lead to dismissal from the company. Just look at Hyuna and E’dawn they were kicked out, lucky for them psy scouted them for his company and we may get the comeback we all want. Oh and they are still going strong.
  • No social media: When you are training and even when you debut there is one rule that may be hard to stick by which is no social media for 2 years. i would honestly find it hard myself.

Many idols can train for 8 years and still not debut and another can train for 2 years and debut before them. Becoming an idol is hard but what you gain is so much better.

Now enough about the hard stuff lets get into the fun and happy stuff.

We all love our idols whether they are actors or singers. And they always show their appreciation of getting where they are today with our help so I thought what actually got these fans started. why they like K-dramas and K-pop and how they got into it?



I myself love that the music is so different from western music. I feel as if they put more dedication into the music videos and actually spend time reflecting their feeling into the lyrics.They want us to be able to relate to the lyrics show that they can go through the same problems as anyone else. Even though there is a language barrier it doesn’t stop us from connecting with the music and the artist.

Now when I began listening to K-pop I didn’t understand what the big deal was but then when i began listening to more songs and reading the lyrics I was hooked. Even when I had no idea about what they were saying it still brought such excitement into my life. There was always a song to fit your mood, whether it sad or happy you could always find a song or artist who fit the way your feeling.


In the last few years K-pop has blown up so much globally. And many western fans know the names of popular K-pop groups. So I got in touch with a K-pop fan to find out her opinion on K-pop.

As a fan living in the UK it’s hard to find stores local for me to be able to buy albums or posters or even restaurants that sell Korean food.

However with some research I was able to find quite a few:

Oseyo – They Sell everything from K-Beauty to food and even K-pop merchandise. The prices are pretty reasonable.

Hmart – owned by the same people as oseyo

Kpop – Cafe that sells Korean food and photos or groups

Seoul bakery– Korean food and drink and downstairs is full of k-pop memorabilia

Gaza soho – serves Korean desserts.

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So as the K-pop world has grown so has the K-drama world if you listen to K-pop you most likely have watched a K-drama or two in your lifetime. And if you haven’t I recommend you do.

I am addicted to K-dramas because some of the characters are very relatable. you don’t just get rich people you also get poor people going through something hard in there lives and still pushing through and being strong and independent. They also allow you to escape to a new world. It could be the inside of a comic book or even going back in time to the Joseon era and experiencing the lifestyle back then.

Scarlet heart Ryeo cast


The Korean culture is growing and there are fans all over the world so why not reach out online. so with the many hundreds of fan accounts I follow I reached out to a few

Now one fan account in particular that I reached out too posts daily whether its new K-dramas or older ones, they shared it. So I chose to reach out to them and ask them why they like Korean dramas and what got them into it. 

” F4 is always going to be my favorite, It was the K-drama that got me addicted to the K-world even though my first drama was full house”

Boys over flowers was my first Korean drama ever and from the moment I started it I was hooked and now 2 years later I am here writing about many of my favourite K-dramas. If you are a new K-drama fan and are unsure of what to watch I recommend Boys over flowers. It’s the most classic drama and contains everything you need from some laughs to some tears your emotions will be high.

source: Flickr

We all can agree K-pop is continuously growing worldwide and that the Korean culture is mixing in more with the western style and are coming together to show language barriers mean nothing. Lets continue to show support to idols and let them know that the hard work and dedication they put in is very much appreciated.

Health Matters on STIs – Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham

Lambeth joins force with Southwark and Lewisham to tackle the rise of Sexually Transmitted Infection in the boroughs as stated “ sexual health is a national and local public health priority. Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham (LSL) have the highest rates of sexually transmitted infections, HIV and teenage conception rates in London and the UK)

Cllr Dyer interview on Sexual Transmitted Infections in 16 – 24 years old in the boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham,

Cllr Dyer MBE  (Lambeth Cabinet Member for Health & Adult Social Care) also quoted “Something about shame, stigma and embarrassment, as many don’t get help because of this aspect, however , the Lambeth online service enable people to access help swiftly and privately and its really brilliant”.

The alarming rate of around 422,000 cases of sexually transmitted diseases in England and between the three boroughs.  There were over 22,000 diagnosed new cases in the Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham. This seem to be affecting areas that are in deprivation. This is not a new trend for these borough, there have been a repetition of these  patterns. These three boroughs has comup in the top ten London boroughs, with Lambeth heading the top and Southwark behind, making these two borough the highest for STIs  and HIV across England going back to 2016. The largest group seem to surround the 16-24 years age group.

Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark are still showing a high rate of STIs around the UK, which is affecting mostly the young people ages 16-24 compared to other age groups in other parts of London and around England. What could this be down to the lack of opportunities to access local services, not having the means to be taught about safer sex and being able to ge free condoms as the price of condoms in the shop are quite expensive to purchase

Could the lack of talks on Relationships Sexual Education or not knowing how and where to get support or told about the options for contraception and how to access them freely, as fact shows that young people living in these three boroughs are sadly averaging more STIs, compared to other London boroughs and around England.

As we speak The Department for Education (DFE) has decided to put these things in place by stating they have “unveiled fresh guidelines for sex and health education across England, with relationships, cyber safer and mental health all set to be included as part of the new curriculum. Three new subjects have been created – relationships education from primary school, relationships and sex education at secondary school and health education for all ages”

Young people are amongst the highest group for being reinfected with STI and in Lambeth the estimation shows that 15-19 year old women are at a 13.1% and the men of the same age group are leading with 17.1%. This age group is seem to becoming reinfected within a 12 month period, that maybe due to the lack of negotiating skills with partners.

In terms of chlamydia in Lambeth the 15 – 24 years age group is a staggering 6131.9 per 100 ,000 test of 59% of 15-24 years old showed a whopping 10% being tested positive, compare to a 26%, 15-24 years nationally tested and only a 8% positive rate.

Studies in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham has also show a higher rate of STI of gonorrhoea for men and women. Chlamydia were also recorded in women. Below is the results from Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham Health Authority

Results: “The gonorrhoea rate among black Caribbean 20–24 year olds was 2348 (95% CI 1965 to 2831) episodes per 100 000 compared with 931 (95% CI 690 to 1288) in black African men and 111 (95% CI 100 to 124) per 100 000 in white men of the same age. Among women gonorrhoea rates were highest in black Caribbean 15–19 year olds (2612, 95% CI 2161 to 3190 per 100 000). In contrast, rates in black African women of the same age (331, 95% CI 154 to 846 per 100 000) were similar to those of white women (222, 95% CI 163 to 312). Chlamydia rates were also highest in black Caribbean 15–19 year old women (4579, 95% CI 3966 to 5314 per 100 000), compared with 1286 (95% CI 907 to 1888) in black African

The link above is the voice of young people in Southwark and below the content pages.

Background and what we did 3

Demographics 6

Knowledge of sexual health 8

Influences on sexual behaviour 10

Getting information 13

Support from those close to young people 19

Support from professionals 23

Embarrassment and stigma 26

Recommendations 28

Getting support from professionals – Quotes form 16- 24 age groups

From an online survey by Health Watch Southwark , the majority of youngster said that they felt more comfortable when speaking to a health professional “as they are more experience”, “they have more knowledge” as they do not make them feel too embarrassed.

The majority of people said they would feel comfortable speaking to a health professional. Some explained that they trusted professionals’ advice: – “They are more experienced” – “They have the knowledge” – “They know what advice to give.” Others explained why they did not feel too embarrassed: – “The doctor is there for advice, it’s not personal so they won’t care” – “That’s their job, to make you feel comfortable – though some do judge” – “If they are experienced they make you feel comfortable.” However, some others would not find this so easy, with one even saying, “Unless I was really worried or dying I wouldn’t go to a doctor. I don’t want to be judged”. A young Trans person also said, “I’m not sure. I think I’d have issues with that. I still feel ashamed.” One person suggested, “Boys don’t like to get tested – they think they’ll stick something in [their urethra]. But I don’t think that’s true!” Three people mentioned concerns about confidentiality – “The doctor I go to has a big mouth so my parents would find out.” Another said they would not see their school nurse – “they’re not trustworthy. A sexual health nurse is more professional.” There was confusion about whether a school nurse could or would break confidentiality. Some Latin American young people found language a barrier – “The only boundary is the English. I would feel more comfortable if the doctor could speak the same language, rather than use a translator.”

BROOKS BRIXTON (to access information on sexual health)

374 Brixton Road

sti 5 brook

Open in Google Maps

Telephone: 020 7787 5000



Link below about Brook STi on how to get help and search about symptoms for age group up to 25 years of age

sti info

Link below to Dash Lambeth is a service offered to under 21 years old who attends Lambeth College, Lambeth school or other colleges in Lambeth to supports sexual health, drugs and alcohol

Lambeth & Southwark has noticed that since offering E-STI testing kits over the internet has seen a boom in the uptake from youngster compare to them being asked to go into a clinic, especially as survey has shown that most 25 and under age group do not use condom to sleep with a new partner. The sample to be return once you received the kit through the post and the result is then given via text or phone call.

There has also being criticism by some source that that this is only a way to cover the fact that funding are being cut and clients are not being offered the opportunity to get counselling  or other matter.

Link below to online sti-kits information

sti picture 4

The super gonorrhoea untreatable bug

The importance of safe sex has been further push forward  leading up to Valentines Day asthe super bug gonorrhoea has affected two women in the uk with the disease but there has been no known cases within Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham.

The rise in unprotected sex especially in the under 24 age group has doctors concerned due to the resistance to antibiotics with this new super gonorrhoea. They are also telling youngsters to take measure to avoid other diseases such as chlamydia which take an average of up to two weeks to detect and with between 10%-40% of  with chalamydia can end up with pelvic inflammatory disease as it tends to affect the ovaries, womb and fallopian tubes and in men can affect fertility. There seem to be a fall in testing for Chlamydia as it has fallen by about 60% from around 2015.

sti picture 2 

Picture above of the gonorrhoea super bug that is said to be untreatable.

 Link below of the write up on the super gonorrhoea below

After reading you may ask what is STI (sexually transmitted infection)?

It is a viral or bacterial infection, that you passed on through not being protected, during sexual contact with someone else and it does not discriminate as anyone can get it.

Symptoms are not always noticeable straight after unprotected sex so its important to wear a condom or get tested regularly as the effect from diseases such as gonorrhoea, HIV, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and human papillomavirus (which affects women) and many more diseases. It is therefore very important to know what to look out for and what to do should you be unfortunate to catch STi, but the best cure is to protect yourselves whether or not you use the pill or other contraception by still using a condom to safeguard you against the STI diseases.

The link below to Lambeth, Southwark & Lewisham draft consultation on STI for 2018 – 2023

sti picture


Breakdown of the Increase in Laptops.

Education is a mandatory in every child life in most countries. The importance of having education is well understood which is a great achievement in the global world we live in now.

Getting good grades is what everyone strives for, the work that needs to be done to get those grades are endless.

In most countries primary schools to secondary school education is free for the public.

Developing countries are on the verge of making their school system free and open.

The essential accessories needed by all students in order to achieve well in school is hardcore in all countries. The price at which such necessities are sold is very expensive, and normally leave parent with no income after going that extra mile to purchase them.

Personally being born in a developed country does not necessarily mean my life has been a smooth ride without my own share of hurdles.

As a child, I had to watch my mom struggle to earn enough for all our bills whilst bringing up my younger sister and me.

Going to tuition centers for after school lessons were a leisure on its own I could not fathom. There were several reasons why I could not dream of going there; for the first reason it was extremely expensive.

For an hour session, I had to pay £15, which my mom could not afford considering our financial situation. The only option I had was to study on my own and work hard in getting good grades like my peers.

The internet is a required platform for students we all know we need that to find research and ideas on our assignments. To get access to the internet we need to connect it from a device here comes the dilemma. Having a device, which can be connected to the internet, is so insanely expensive.

A quality device such as a laptop , which can last for a while, is so expensive; the average price ranges from £280 to £800, which is unaffordable for someone like me.  Part time jobs is the only option in getting enough money to purchase one and it will require more than 3 months’ worth of my income which should not be the reality of us students.


The evolution of the laptops over the years are one of the contributing factors why the prices of laptops and other technologies keeps increasing making it an intense battle for students and parents. They are pressured  by the urge of doing well in school by getting expensive technology.

Schooling is extremely important in every child life; it impacts knowledge into pupils and helps as a stepping –stone in achieving their dreams.

Having education does not require a social class or any other ethics it solely depends on the efforts put in.

Personally from what I have endured growing I am happy I have been accepted into my preferred university to do the major I like. I am one-step away from having my dream job. I cannot continue to stay positive since I have to figure out how I am going to get all the things I need in pursuing my education.

Having a laptop is a top priority but the prices are leaving me breathless.

A break down to how the advancement of laptops over the years has been.

From the reign of Osborne 1, Compaq portable, Window 98 Operating System, Netbook and Smart book the laptop has indeed come a long way since the 1960s. It is no surprising the cost of a laptop continues to surge.

The marketing strategy in selling laptops spend thousands of pounds in branding it they have spent a lot of money in advertising laptops.

Higher education requires a lot of efforts and commitment. It is more challenging hence to do well the strive increases.

Students are inclined to purchase costly technologies for their academic projects. These are normally beyond their budgets, which as a result leaves them with nothing to keep afloat.


Parents and carers are pressured in getting such technologies without any regards to their financial circumstance, which should not be appropriate.

Larger families with more relatives in higher education need to toil and find limited solutions in getting the technologies for their schooling this situation sometimes breaks down families which should not be happenings.

Countries in the world should priorities education of the nation by working hard to gather enough resources and funds to provide students with discount laptops and other technologies which they can in a flexible way.

The cry of the government when it comes to investing in new things they always hum the same thing in repetition like a ritual they alone know of and that is; “ There’s insufficient funds to support a new projects or there are too many things which are more urgent”.

Can someone tell me where our tax payments are going and all the fines that are incurred?

For one thing which is so important they proceed to come up with excuses for everything and totally disregarding the urgency of educational needs for students.

This is sadly, what politicians in almost every country which does nothing but to leave the country bleeding as the future of its leaders are bleak.

Students needs to be encouraged to do well in their education. They should not be left worried about how they can afford the essential things that are needed for their schooling.

Countries like England, USA, Germany and France, which are more developed, tends to disregard the future of its youth but rather fill the country with unnecessary issues.

They forget the future of the country dwells on the students and for that, they need to invest on the future generation. They lose focus on what is most important but rather concentrate on the unnecessary.

As a developed countries they need to set good examples to other countries which will lead to a more global and prosperous world.

Young people in most countries find themselves caught up in fatal violence, which in most cases claims the lives of themselves or the innocence.

It is only after the violence escalates to a point where there is news of crimes every second.

This is when the government starts to confront the violence. It is only when the violence makes headlines in the news.  There’s not much being done to prevent it from happening in the first place it is a sad reality to the current state of all countries which is killing the health of the nation.

Before crime escalates and unemployment reigns there should be effective, ways implemented to prevent them in the first place;

  1. Making education affordable for everyone: Pupils should be able to go to school without having to worry about the cost of their education and how they will pay for it.
  2. Affordable laptops and technologies; to succeed in their education they need these technologies to do assignment. The prices of laptops are so expensive and unaffordable this leads to a lot of unnecessary pressure for parents and students in pursuit of getting these. A rental option can work. If students are given the option to borrow a laptop or other technologies that they can use for a periodic time like a week to do their projects, they can return after the specific time.
  1. Transport: Travelling to school is a struggle in almost every country. It is very costly to get buses or trains. Families with financial difficulties are unable to always pay their children to even get school. If free or affordable mode of transport is available, more students will be inclined to be in school.
  1. Affordable meals in school: The cost of meals in colleges are ridiculous. A bottle of water cots £1.40. Walking into cafeterias is like entering a high street. There is nothing that is reasonably priced. No one can study on an empty stomach if meals in schools are made in consideration of the diverse people. It will be more appealing for young people to stay in school.

Laptops and other technologies should not be an avenue to drain money out of students and parents who are desperate for a good future.

The media needs to portray these issues in their news outlets to emphasis on the ridiculous pricing of laptops and other technologies that are required by students for schoolwork.

The essence in excelling in school is extremely important. A higher education is the platform where we students can grow to be influential. The need to be do better is overwhelming and in a situation where we are limited and not financial stable

Help is needed in getting these technologies for our schoolwork. Being left alone with the burden of providing everything on our own only result in anxiety and worry. It affects us mentally since we are unable to grasp any solution. For the future of the countries we love and live in, we need to unite and work towards building our generation.

More efforts needs to be done for our future and us. Laptops should not be so hard for us students to get when needed for our project. It should be an important issue that should be addressed and not neglected.

An interview with Luke an employee which is included below proceeds to tell us why there is so much increase in laptops on a regular basis, he says;  I think the prices of laptops keeps increasing because technology keeps advancing”.

From his interview which is down below more research is needed when checking out the prices of Laptops.

It needs to be the priority of the government to ensure the future generation will not be lacking.

Beauty standards of different centuries and its sacrifices

You might heard a lot of time the words as “beauty requires sacrifice”. Sociologists said that women are ready to kill their selves for beauty. Is it actually like this? What people of all genders were doing before and what they are doing today to fit into different beauty standards?

From time to time the beauty standard is changing and I want to talk about how it has change and what are women and men ready to do to follow these standards.

Beauty was important to the women all this time and it even more important to men. Because it was a man who noted in the late 1700s that a woman’s “first merit is that of beauty.”

The words “beauty of pain” was actually like this some centuries ago. Women in 17th 18th and 19th centuries were actually killing their selves running after the beauty standards.

Lead carbonate

Picture of woman from 18th century

If people nowadays are spending hours on the beach or going to the tanning salons to darken their complexions. People in 17th – 18th century’s major was having extremely pale skin. A women with a white skin was seen as a higher status, because she didn’t need to work under the sun in the fields all day. In the 18th century people were using lead powder to get their skin look pain. Using this product you were getting that result. Lead carbonate were believed to be effective in the treatment of certain skin pathologies, capable of eroding imperfections of the skin, polishing, cleaning and bleaching the face. If the phrase “bleaching face” sound dangerous you are absolutely right! But because of this type of makeup women would often report hair loss, damaged teeth, inflamed eyes, and even blackened skin. Also, it cosmetics brought paralysis, brain cancer and other fatal diseases.

Cochineal Insects

17th century
Cochineal Insects                     

To finish their look they were adding red paint to their lips and cheeks. To create the red pigments they went so far that it was delivered from the cochineal insects!

Tapeworm diet 


People in 17th century they had a ball inside if them were an eggs of the tapeworms and they were eating them. On the question why they were doing it I found an answer for that – to lose weight and have tiny waist to attract their husbands. They were eating all the food instead of the hostess and they could reach in some cases 30 meters long.

Tapeworm eggs sells even nowadays. As soon as it hatches, tapeworm will grow inside of your body and you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight, because it will eat everything what you are eating.

Sounds good right? Eat burgers and don’t worry about the weight. But it just sounds that good. It is extremely dangerous and it causes more harm than good. You start to have pain in the abdomen, feeling of weakness, fever, complication of the brain, complication of the brain and nervous system which can cause dementia and vision issues, disruption in the function of various organs in your body including the lungs and liver.



The juice of the belladonna was used by women. They were  bury their eyes. From this they acquired brilliance, and the pupils dilated. But it was ending with blindness.



Arsenic is a substance that has been known to both the “healer” and the “poisoner” throughout history. This is one of the most dangerous chemical poisoner in the Earth. We are going to talk not about small amount of dose for the medical purposes.

Some centuries ago, women were using arsenic for their beauty.

People wanted to have smooth skin and to get that result, ladies used very dubious means as mixing in equal proportion arsenic and hydrated lime. After that, in the bathhouse put the “magic cream” on the skin.

Why they were doing that? I just have to say, that even doctors were advising to do not get married with a women that has a hair on her face and body.

The women of 17th and 18th centuries found a new way to use arsenic. On that time was a fashion to have a pain skin colour, having really pain skin colour was meaning that you are from the higher social class and if you have darker colour was meaning that you are from the working class and that you worked in the fields under the sun.

Ladies from that time were extremely scared of the sun as from the fire. To emphasise their high social class they had to artificially add skin radiance and exquisite pallor. And arsenic was just one the poisons that they were using to get the plain result.

Is really difficult to say how many lives claimed such a thirst for beauty.

To be honest even now some cosmetic companies are using arsenic in their products but his scanty amount is officially allowed to add to cosmetics.


Different types of corsets

This corsets was to make you slim. In the middle of 16th century, corsets were a common thing in European women wardrobe.

In the beginning of 13th century they had a wide belt for men and women. After a while, it was made for women only, such a belt supported the chest and highlighted the waist.

In the end of 15th century the beauty standards has changed and women should have big breast and thin waist and wide hips.

To get this kind if body they were wearing this corsets and were laced so tight that it disturbed the blood circulation in the body. It was that tight that women fainted and none was surprised.

Corset with sewn metal

In corsets sewn metal or wooden plates that squeezed the female figure in a vice.

Later that time, there was corsets from metal and with little holes for ventilation.

Metal corset

Obviously the results of wearing this corsets were incredible, it was possible to tighten up to 25 centimetres. Nevertheless, frequent women fainting and wearing such corsets for years deformed the internal organs and led to early death.

deformed organs
A: Natural positions of  internal organs. B: Deformed by corsets

In the beginning of 18th century start to sell corsets from whalebone. And the standards of  women waist was 40 centimetres but later it start to be 33 centimetres.

Ethel Granger with the waist of 33 centimetres

As the owner of the thinnest waist who entered the Guinness Book of Records was Ethel Granger, a resident of Great Britain who died in 1982. She had waist of 33 centimetres.

We were talking only about the women beauty standards, let’s see what was happening with men standards and what they were doing.

Louis de France

Men didn’t have to have big muscles because they were not fashionable. As you could get them, only of moving heavy things, which working class were doing. But it was good to have a hint of muscles and trained body, achieved by practice, riding or dancing, but not mountain-muscles and little belly and double chested was fashionable too. A belly meant that a man could afford to eat that much. There was some time when gentlemen were adding a bit of padding to achieve this look.

Hieronymus van Beverningh

The next handsome thing in men was dark and long hair and worn a slight curl.

I think that for men it was easier to fit into beauty standards.

In my opinion the beauty standards was really terrible and they were bringing a death.

Okay.. The things above is what women were ready to do to be beautiful on that time, but what has change nowadays? What are we doing and what we are using to be beautiful?

Even if today women doesn’t wear corsets and do not use any poisons as arsenic, lead carbonate and belladonna for their beauty but the fashion industry always making up new trends and giving new challenges to people.

According to the research of New Year resolution showed that 64% of asked people wish to lose weight and get fitter and 50% want to live healthier lifestyle.

There is not really that big pressure on how you suppose to look.

The beauty standards nowadays is very different as everyone had access to internet and find a look that you will like and that will make you feel comfortable. However, let’s have a look what is the most popular beauty standards nowadays and what modern people do for their beauty.

Slim body 


Getting slimmer and lack of weight might cause a very big problems. In those unwanted consequences can be the risk of miscarriage, infertility, the development of diabetes, lung disease, depression, arthritis and even an increased risk of death in a car accident.

Kim Kardashian

But not only slim body is trending nowadays, I think everyone knows Kim Kardashian, and if not here is a picture of her. She made a new trend in body image for females and nowadays is more popular to have big boobs and big hips.

But not everyone likes that, most of people just want to look slim and have not too big hips. Personally, I do not like this look, is just too much. I think that it doesn’t look natural.

Doing nails 


Nowadays is also popular to do your nails and there are a huge amount of design that nail technicians provide. They can be with the diamonds, drawings and many others. It is easy to girls because even if you have short nails you can make them as long as you want.

Once you’ve done your nails you will get used to how it looks like and when there will be a time to remove them you will want to do them again and again. So, it is kind of addiction, but it also destroy your natural nails as they use a lot of chemical things to make your nails long and look beautiful.

It is also danger in some cases, for example if you have done too long nails you can break them easily, in some cases even with your own nail.

Also, it is danger because when you visit a nail salon you never know who was before you and if the stuff properly disinfected and cleaned their apparatuses and you can easily get infected.

I personally a nail technician and in my opinion you don’t have to do your nails too often as it is bad for your nails, they become very soft and start to break very easily. You have to give a break for your nails.

High heels

high heels
High heels

Wearing high heels can cause some issues. I know you might think that there is nothing bad wearing them and I agree with you that wearing them just on some special days a few times per year will not cause any big issues with your body. On the other hand, if you are wearing them most of the time, you might get transverse flatfoot, arthritis (inflammation of the joints), arthrosis (joint deformities), edema, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins.

Tattoos and piercings

Tattoo and piercing salon

There is not a lot of cases when something happened with this, but if this happened it can be really serious. The danger can be from the metal that they use as it insufficient sterility.

During the procedure it is easily get germs or infection like AIDS, hepatitis B and C, tetanus, tuberculosis if the materials that they use is not clean enough.

Most of the time the difficulties can be from tongue piercing. As when you do a piercing in the tongue it start to bleeding and a lot of bleeding can block the airway.



Removing hair from the intimate parts with hair wax poses health problems. Doctors says that after removing any hair from any part of your body appears wounds on the body which is the entrance for all sorts of infections and sickness sexually transmitted, such as herpes.

Hair coloring

Choose your hair colour wisely

Nowadays I think dying hair is normal thing. Every women dye their hair at least once a month. If before it was the things that only women were doing nowadays even men change and dye their hair.

When you dye your hair too often increases the risk of chronic leukemia, follicular lymphoma.

Plastic surgery


Plastic surgery is becoming popular from time to time. People can change their look if they do not like something. They can change the shape of their face, nose, lips (cheiloplasty), eyes (blepharoplasty).

For the first few weeks after the surgery women suffer from sharp pains and this pains can appears even after a long time. In the list of possible complications after surgery might be addiction, you might can a lot of infections, allergy, tissue rejection or necrosis.

Make up 


Wearing a make-up is much safer than it used to be before. People like when their eyelashes is really long and even when you are wearing a make-up it suppose look natural even you use it a lot. You have limitless amount of products that will look very natural on your skin.


There is no rules on how your make up has to look like. It can be very bright or just a little bit or you can even don’t put it at all.

Skin colour 

skin colour

Skin colour is also depends of the person and how he likes it look. It can be tanned or fair.

If years ago tanned skin colour, in Europe, was meaning that you are from working class, now it means that you are having good holidays. But in Asia, having fair skin colour still popular, but again it depends of people and what they like.

Men’s beauty standards

men standard

Men’s beauty standards nowadays has change as well as women. If before they were thinking that is not good to have huge musculus, nowadays men prefer to have them.

As you can realise, there is a really big differences between the beauty standard from 21st century and 17-19th centuries.

People were going through different types of suffer to look beautiful, were living with a tapeworm inside of their body to get slimmer and in the result were dying earlier.

Now it might look much easier than before, but now everyone has access to the internet and people can see how other people look like and how they live and sometimes it make big pressure on people. Moreover there are a lot of adverts about how to look like and how to lose weight.

Mega Rear_RT

After you see other people you start to change yourself and tying to look like them, start to sit on terrible diets that says to eat just one apple per day. Trying to look like someone and to lose weight people start having eating disorder and anorexia.

Even when people want to get a fit body, some people overwork in gyms and start to faint.

Personally, I think that people doesn’t have to compare their selfies with others, and people should not do something because others do.

Everyone is prefer exactly in the way how they are. You can be special only because there is none like you in the Earth and you the only one. Love yourself!

K-Dramas through the Decade

Imagine a life without K-dramas, that was me over a year ago when I hadn’t even heard of K-pop let alone K-dramas. Now I wont exactly call myself an expert but i will say I have the knowledge to take you on a tour.

Although I may not have been watching for a long time i have watched many K-dramas that go as far back as 2004. So I thought it would be a great idea to compile a list of my favourite dramas, starting from 2009 to the present with each one being chosen by year.

Let’s begin.

Boys Over Flowers – 2009

Boys Over Flower OST

Boys over flowers was the K-drama that started it all. If you have never watched a K-drama I recommend this as your first one. The plot is amazing and it never seems dragged out which I have seen in other dramas. I believe the cast are beautiful and  they fill everything I want to see in a drama in regards to the flow of love, drama and real life situations. This drama does it all for me.

Rich meets poor in this drama when Geum Jan-di ends up at one of the most prestigious schools in Korea. This is where she meets F4 the most handsome, richest schoolboys. Gu Jun-pyo falls in love with her but will their love-hate relationship and a mother who will not hesitate in ruining their love get in the way?

K-rating: 5/5

You can find Boys over flowers on Netflix 


Secret Garden – 2010


What can I say about secret garden? It was amazing I loved the whole body swapping situation it gave the drama a twist. With the girl being poor and the guy being rich it was nice to watch them experience each others daily life and the struggles they go through. The comedy aspect in the drama made it better too especially when they were in each others body and they would do something out of the ordinary for that person it just brought the whole drama together.

Similar to boys over flowers, rich meets poor when Kim Joo-won a store CEO meets stunt woman Gil Ra-im. She is always on his mind so he decides to pursue her, at first the feelings aren’t reciprocated but with bodies being swapped how complicated can it get?

K-rating: 4/5

You can find Secret Garden on Netflix


Flower boy Ramen shop – 2011


I thought this drama would be worth watching after seeing  Jung Il Woo’s portrayal of Kang Ji-woon  in ‘Cinderella and four knights’ however I was left quite disappointed. The beginning was great but around the last 3 episodes I felt that the story had dropped and it was being dragged out for too long. It seemed as if the plot had just gone and they were throwing ideas together. The cast kept it interesting and I liked the ending but I feel they could have made it better by getting rid of the scenes that weren’t really relevant.

The drama follows a woman in her 20’s trying to pass her civil service exam. She meets the arrogant heir to a large food company and at first is attracted to him until she finds out he is a senior in high school and 6 years younger than her. Then throw in a ‘husband’ she didn’t know she had and her fathers Ramen shop what could go wrong?

K-rating: 2/5


To the beautiful you – 2012

to the beautiful you

I found this drama so cute. The whole girl dressing as a boy kept the drama on its toes especially in times when you thought she would be caught. As much as I love Choi Min-ho I did have second lead syndrome, Cha Eun-gyeol was the cutest. He was very comedic at times which gave the drama more life. I also liked the connection that Goo Jae-hee had with both the male leads 

The drama follows Goo Jae-hee a Korean girl living in the states. She is often bullied by her peers and wanted to drop out. One day she sees a track and field competition on the tv. She spots one of the jumpers Kang Tae-joon. He becomes her idol allowing her to stand up for herself, one day Tae-joon is injured which could end his career. Fearing for the worst Jae-hee decides to transfer to the same school he is attending but there is a catch, its an all boys school. Not giving up she cuts her hair and disguises herself as a boy.

K-rating: 3/5


My love from the star – 2013

my love from the star

There are many reasons why this drama is on here. It was different to other dramas it gave us a twist of supernatural  and science fiction. It also showed us different time lines with the main characters life. There was also a sense of mystery, you didn’t know what was going to happen next with the main couple especially with Do Min-joon’s departure looming so it left you on your toes wanting more. I also liked the fact that Do Min-joon had powers it made it more dramatic and gave some action to the drama this kept it more exciting because you didn’t know what he would do next.

An alien who came to earth in the Joseon era gets stuck for 400 years. 3 months before he leaves for home he meets a top actress Cheon Song-yi. She believes she is loved by everyone until she meets Do Min-joon, she soon develops feelings and tries to get him to fall for her. He tries to keep away from her due to his upcoming departure but finds himself failing to do so.

K-rating: 5/5

You can find My love from the star on Netflix


Pinocchio – 2014


I watched Pinocchio because I love Park Shin-hye and Lee Joon-suk. The drama was good however there were parts which just dragged and some episodes I believe were a little boring. It may be down to the fact of not really being in to the whole murder mystery dramas. The ending is really good and I found it so cute with everything that had happened it was nice to see a happy moment.

A family was destroyed after their fireman father died while helping people caught in a blaze. It was all made worse when the media blamed the fireman for the death of the other firefighters who had gone in after him to save someone who was still inside. The family became outcasts, the brother left and the mother decided enough was enough and decided to kill herself and her young son. The boy survived and ended up with an elderly man who believed he was his son who had passed away. The boy tries to hide his past from the man’s granddaughter Choi In-ha who had gone to live with them after his other son and his wife divorced. Choi In-ha dreams of being a reporter but has Pinocchio syndrome which makes her hiccup when she lies. With her dream in mind secrets are uncovered and a family is brought together to serve justice.

K-rating: 3/5

You can find Pinocchio on Netflix


Oh my Venus – 2015

oh my venus

This drama was just cuteness overload. Shin Min-a made her character very adorable and comedic and So Ji-sub was very comedic but serious. I love the difference in the characters and they way they connect. At times the drama got serious which I liked as it showed more realism as to what people go through.  I also found that  Kim Ji-woong and Jang Joon-sung made the drama very funny and kept me laughing through the episodes even when it got sad at times you didn’t feel down for too long.

When the love of her life breaks up with her for putting on weight, lawyer Kang Joo-eun decides its time to turn her life around. Her ticket comes when she meets Kim Young-ho a personal trainer turned Hollywood star. She finds out his secret that he is the famous John Kim and ‘convinces’ him to help her lose weight.

K-rating: 5/5

You can find Oh my venus on Netflix


Goblin: The lonely and great god – 2016


Words can not describe my love for this drama. The romance, drama, supernatural all rolled into one just created a piece of art. So much happens in this drama that I can’t pick a favourite part I just love the characters and the actors they chose portrayed them so perfectly. The romance and comedy was amazing but when it got serious It left you with tears in your eyes. So if you decide to watch this I advise you to have tissues at the ready.

A goblin, Kim Shin becomes the landlord of a grim reaper in charge of taking deceased souls. Kim Shin has been wanting to end his immortal life but the only way that can happen is by his human bride. Ji Eun-tak a high school student has had a hard life one such problem being that she can see ghosts who haven’t passed on. One day she unknowingly summons the Goblin and through various circumstances ends up falling in love with him.

K-rating: 5/5

You can find Goblin on Netflix


My secret romance – 2017


The best thing about this drama was that it was totally different to any drama I have seen. The one night stand in the first episode just changed what I thought the drama would be like. It was more age fitting for me. The main characters were just a great pairing and it was a bit cliche at times but i liked that, it kept it like a classic K-drama. As a sucker for romance this drama just fit me perfectly. I just wish that there was more episodes because I needed more of their romance.

Through a series of misunderstanding Chan Jin-wook meets Lee Yoo-mi. Jin-wook’s sly, playful personality charmed Yoo-mi. They sleep together and in the morning Yoo-mi leaves leaving Jin-wook confused and angry. 3 years later the pair meet again when Yoo-mi ends up working for his company. She pretends that she doesn’t know him, but he knows she is lying. With all the drama that pursues in there life will there love stay strong?

K-rating: 4/5


My Id is Gangnam beauty – 2018 

my id is gangnam

For Cha Eun-woo’s first leading role in a drama it was beautiful. He played his character perfect and I loved the fact that he liked Mi-rae from when they went to school together. I also enjoyed the moments when Mi-Rae learned things about beauty, you can be born beautiful and the person themselves or others around them could still have a problem with it. Beauty is inside and this drama showed that not everyone is happy just because they are pretty and everyone is going through something.

Kang Mi-rae had been bullied her whole life for her looks. Her mother allows her to get plastic surgery. However when she joins university her looks get her into more trouble than she thought and still gets teased as the ‘Gangnam plastic surgery monster’. It follows her life as she recovers her self esteem and shows you should love yourself for who you are.


You can find My Id is Gangnam beauty on Netflix

Touch your heart – 2019
touch your heart
This drama hasn’t aired yet but I cannot wait to watch it. After Lee Dong-wook and Yoon In-na’s portrayal of sunny and the grim reaper in Goblin I want to see more of them together. 
The drama follows the romance between a top actress who due to a scandal is on the down fall and the a prickly lawyer.