Londoners reaction to the 2019 general election result.

The general election 2019 was held on Thursday 12th December 2019. Britain was due to go to the polls for the party that they wanted to lead, and as a result the Conservative Party won.

The capital voted for Labour and although they won in the city, it was a huge disappointment for Londoners who thought that they could win overall. Understandably London is not the whole UK and compare to other cities, London was the only city where the majority of people voted for Labour. Despite this defeat for London, the city remained quiet.

However London remain a pro Europe and anti Brexit city.  It is a big disappointment for Jeremy Corbyn who was hoping to make a change in London as many young Londoners voted for Labour. This election was a complete disaster for Labour and as a result, Jeremy Corbyn as decided he will not lead the party in the next general election.

election 2

Many Londoners are not satisfied with the result. Some want to leave the UK and return home because they are worried about what the economy of the country will be under the Conservative Party. They think Britain will get worse in many areas and the possibility that we wont have access to certain privilege that we had before. Young people thought that voting was going to make a change in the election, unfortunately for them it did not happen especially for the pro Labour.

The Labour Party was able to win in certain areas of the UK such as Putney, Dagenham, Rainham and Battersea. They failed to win from the key target such as Kensington and Chingford. This election has been a good win for the Conservative Party.

Boris Johnson will get Brexit done as soon as possible that is his first priority and he will now be taking care of the UK for the next five year.






Tory win leaves majority of London voters worried

Boris confirms that the UK will be leaving the EU by January 31st 2020 after a landslide 80 seat majority.

The Conservatives snagging a win once more has caused a lot of heartache across the country; especially for the younger generation who for most, has been the first time they were ever able to vote.

The Conservatives won with a majority, with their wins in 326 constituencies. Spreading a cloud of worry upon those who are already struggling in life. Many worry that the resuming of a Tory run government, will cause utter destruction to an already crumbling economy.

Yesterday was marked in history as the turn out of young people turning up to vote was astonishing. Young people were given a voice and they didn’t and won’t hesitate to use it.

Students lined up in miserable weather to vote, in hopes of a better and brighter future.


We got some opinions from younger people and mothers, who are worried about the outcome of yesterdays votes.

The students at Lambeth college don’t sound very hopeful for the future, describing the results as ” A horrible choice” the students were very adamant that Boris would put an end to the NHS, and that leaves many unsettled, uneasy and worried.

All we can do is stand united and continue to fight for a better future, a greener and reliable future with a stronger economy for us and the generation to come.

Labour holds all three Lambeth Seats

Lambeth now has two black female MPS for Streatham and Vauxhall held by Florence Eshalomi and Bell Ribeiro-Addy and adding Helen Hayes these three women are bound to be a force to be reckoned with.

This the first time there has been a all female constituency. Across Lambeth and Wandsworth are represented by six labour women.  Here are some opinions from what the general public had to say about the representation for black women and women in general


In the hours leading up to the final results Vox Radio Correspondents had the pleasure of  being live at the constituencies across the London boroughs, Lambeth, Dulwich and West Norwood, Streatham and Vauxhall. 

With the Results of the General Election last night ending up with a conservatives win it leads us to believe that there are a lot of things listed in their manifesto’s that may not happen weather these results benefit the UK we will have to wait and see. 

From the manifesto released a few weeks ago it is clear that the impact it will have on the lambeth borough will be catastrophic the hit the NHS will take will the worst it’s seen in years and now eventually the rule to pay for all healthcare access will kick in families will be distraught.


Voters Dogs trending at Polling stations across the UK

The trend for taking dogs to the polling stations and putting them on social media has continued into this years general election as voters share photos of their cute pups outside their local stations.

All around London throughout the whole day dogs and their owners weather the drooly rain and head to decide who they want behind number 10.

Many High profiled voters got involved in the fun, Sadiq Khan with his dog Luna along with Jonathan Bartley and his dog.

Johnathan  Bartley

Even doggy-claus came to visit


Send pictures of you and your pups at your local polling stations over to