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Policy Guides: Health

As stressful the general election has been for the past 3 years, each political party involved have policy guides and aims regarding health and care which they wish to successfully meet. Labour Party -Labour party (which established the NHS services in 1945 when they came into power) state through representatives that they will rebuild the NHS by inducing a better

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Policy Guide: Housing

Parliament have decided to call a 2019 General Election, this article will express the Housing policy and Guide lines. Its up to the public’s vote to decide weather or not the parties policies are truthful. Conservatives The conservatives have promised to deliver the housing people need, they say that housing is one of the main fundamental conservative values and that

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The major political parties in the UK have started campaigning for the 2019 general elections as they have started announcing their aims and objectives. Parties have presented their manifestos for 2019 election, this article shows what various parties have promised the public if they win the election in regards to transport. The conservatives promised to support cycling commuter routes by creating

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Policy Guide: Crime and Justice

As the election date nears, it’s time to look at what each party has said it will do in their manifesto. This guide will cover the issues surrounding policing, crime, and security. Labour: The Labour party wants to try and eliminate institutional bias against BAME employees within the police force and other public institutions. They also want to reform the

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