What We have Learnt From Stress Awareness Month

Since 1992 April has been stress awareness month, stress can have a physical and emotional impact on an individual There are many ways to combat stress and help improve the physical effects. I spoke to Richard Holmes, a well being expert,  about stress in the work place and in day to day life and how to combat it.     You may think stress is a temporary emotion, but long-term stress can alter your … Continue reading What We have Learnt From Stress Awareness Month

Practice Safe Sesh

Students taking drugs is not news to most people, but contrary to popular belief students are not as involved with illegal substances as the media and popular shows like skins would have you believe. Only about 2 in 5 students are regular drug users, and the most commonly used substances are weed, cocaine, ecstasy and nitrous oxide. Despite the moral panic of students bingeing on class A drugs the most frequently used is cannabis, a class C substance. The … Continue reading Practice Safe Sesh

Lucky escape for hamster thrown in South London bin

A live hamster was found in the back of a rubbish truck, moments before it was about to be crushed. One Tuesday morning in West Norwood, a bin man discovered a cage that had been dumped in an industrial bin, with a hamster still in it. The bin man promptly took the creature to the local RSPCA charity shop, South East London Branch, where it … Continue reading Lucky escape for hamster thrown in South London bin

‘Stop roasting & toasting them pots’

How do you like your toast in the morning, golden or more on the charred side? Do you like your roasties crispy? Well According to the Food Standards Agency, roasting, toasting and frying starchy foods such as potatoes and bread could raise the risk of cancer. It has been warned that acrylamide, a chemical compound that forms in foods such as potato products, root vegetables, … Continue reading ‘Stop roasting & toasting them pots’