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As the coronavirus outbreak continues to affect people around the globe, celebrities are turning to social media to cheer up fans. Also many celebrities are giving advice on how to prevent the spread of the ‘invisible killer’, coronavirus, from health advice to much needed light relief entertainment. Danny DeVito, Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller have teamed up with the

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CoVid-19 Are we a confused nation?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson may have imposed a lock down on the UK for three weeks but suprisingly London Underground was jammed this morning with commuters. Londoners are still trying to get to work this morning despite a 50% decrease in transport around the capital. Piers Morgan expressed his disappointment on people’s attitudes to quarantine rules. He says ” what

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A Health organization send support on their ’24/7′ helpline.’

The mental health organization send support messages to people who suffer from severe mental health issues. Located in West London, ‘Shout’ is a mental health support organization that helps to offer a free ’24/7 text helpline’ for people who might be feeling suicidal, ‘anxious’ or experiencing another form of mental health. The organization had been launched by the Duke and

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Listeria in pre-packed salad and sandwiches is killing patients

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has confirmed NHS Trusts have reported cases of listeria are related to pre-packed sandwiches and salads, that were eaten by patients. Over eight hospitals within the NHS that have reported cases of listeria. Listeria is causing patients to their death bed due to sandwiches and pre-packed salad being contaminated. What is Listeria? Listeria is a bacteria, which causes

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Can ‘ultra-processed’ food really cause earlier death

Eating “ultra-processed” food might increase the chance of  an early death, according to the NHS. Researches that have been conducted by two universities in Spain and in France, have instructed that intense extremely processed food considerably will increase your risk of death. Furthermore, studies concerned with thousands of individuals that were funded by organisations  in their individual countries,  founded that participants died following years of intake extremely processed foods when compared with those who had a strict balanced

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