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Health Matters on STIs – Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham

Lambeth joins force with Southwark and Lewisham to tackle the rise of Sexually Transmitted Infection in the boroughs as stated “ sexual health is a national and local public health priority. Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham (LSL) have the highest rates of sexually transmitted infections, HIV and teenage conception rates in London and the UK) Cllr Dyer interview on Sexual Transmitted

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UK facing Plasma shortage that could leave Primary Immune Deficient patients without vital treatment to stay alive. UKPIPS,  a charity established for patients with Primary Immune Deficiency (PID) condition ranging to 300 different types. The charity is urging the government to ensure that patients are not denied the immunoglobulin that they need to survive saying this could lead to thousand

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Condom Recall

Durex has pulled a number of there products off the shelf due to concerns that they may burst. It is said that the condoms may break if used nearer the expiry date. However it can also break during application or use. Although there has been no safety issues as of yet. Durex has advised anyone who has used the products

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Why do we love to dance with each other?

Dancing has a way of taking your cares away. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Electric Slide, the Macarena or your own crazy moves. Who hasn’t gotten lost in an upbeat song as they jumped around?As well as being fun, dancing might have helped us to survive as a species. As much as we all love to dance when there’s nobody watching, there’s

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Hay Fever 101

It’s that glorious time of year again when some of us become actively allergic to our surroundings. This irritating allergy affects 1 in 5 people in the UK. Were going to give you the low down on triggers and prevention so you can enjoy the outdoors fully this summer.   Hay fever is the umbrella term for an allergy to

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Skin Cancer Awareness Month

May is skin cancer awareness month, as the days get sunnier (fingers crossed) the exposure to harmful UV rays increases. Ill be discussing the potential risks and how to prevent them so you can stay safe in the sun. The campaign aims to reduce instances of skin cancer and  help people diagnose the symptoms early. Sun burn in the UK

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