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Is Covid-19 restoring nature back to health?

Nature has reported to be restoring itself since lockdown has taken place and people have stopped going to work. Dolphins were spotted returning to Venice canals in Italy. Owner of Metropole Hotel  Gloria Beggiato says “It is calm like a pond, because there are no more waves caused by motorised boats transporting day-tripper tourists. And of course, the giant cruise

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‘Challenge accepted’ is the new day-to-day list

A new trend is populating Instagram’s profiles – It’s ‘CHALLENGE ACCEPTED’ time. As the world is facing a real hard time by #stayingathome during the Lockdown period imposed by The Government, now more than ever Technology and especially Social Medias are key points to keep people connected between each other throughout this disorienting time. WHAT IS THE ‘CHALLENGE ACCEPTED’ HASHTAG?It

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In an exclusive interview with Lambeth Councillor, Mohammed Seedat, we discuss the events of the terror attack which occurred on the 2nd of February. Mohammed Seedat did not expect a terror attack to occur in Streatham as he thought that attacks like this will only happen in Central London areas. The attacker, also known as, Sudesh Amman, stabbed 2 people

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Lambeth Councillor speaks to students after Streatham attack

Mohammed Seedat, Cabinet member for community safety at Lambeth Council, spoke out yesterday, 6th February at Lambeth College in regard of the communities response after the tragedy that took place last Sunday on Streatham High Road. Mohammed was surprised receiving a call from his work colleague who was enjoying a Sunday lunch with his family at the pub located just

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