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Mental Health: Watchdog goes undercover in care homes following BBC Panorama footage.

Former care home workers have been convicted for neglecting ‘mental health’ patients after throwing away their medications’. Several former staff members were arrested based on footage following , BBC Panorama programme, the brutal footage showed members of staff abusing and taking advantage of patients. Following an alleged patient abuse, Whorlton Hill Cygnet Care home has been investigated. According to the

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What makes extinction rebellion different?

Extinction rebellion was founded in May 2018 and they were supported with a call to action in October by over 100 academics, they believe in strictly non-violent forms of resistance such as blocking government and business buildings or infrastructure like roads and bridges inspired by figures such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King. They regularly hold workshops and teach their

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Will Communities In Brixton Be Displaced Through Gentrification

The Idea of Gentrification and does it help areas such a Brixton My idea of Gentrification is when areas like Brixton that has been left neglected for decades, classed as no go area, high crime rate, high unemployment and lack of housing, yet it has a close nit community where people can actually afford to shop, rent properties, open small

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