Green Party Co Leader Jonathan Bartley Elected to Lambeth Council

May 3rd 2018, local election saw the Green Party celebrate as they gained 5 seats, with a clean sweep of 3 seats in St Leonards, which included Jonathan Bartley and 1 seat in Gypsy Hill and 1 seat in Herne Hill. This now takes the pressure off the Conservative who kept 1 seat out of 3 in Clapham Common as the other 2 went to … Continue reading Green Party Co Leader Jonathan Bartley Elected to Lambeth Council

Labour and Tories left in stalemate after local election

Disappointing election results for Labour gives the Tories new found confidence but still no clear advantage Everyone in London was expecting a “red wave” from Corbyn’s momentum campaign, whether Labour had become complacent after the gains in 2017 or their message just didn’t stick is not certain. Though we can say that the Conservative party and the Labour party have once again entered a stalemate in the … Continue reading Labour and Tories left in stalemate after local election

Last nights results for London

Surprise Lib Dem victory in Richmond signals return to mainstream politics The Tories did far better than expected in London last night or rather they did far less worse than people had imagined. Overnight there has been a consolidation of Labour holdings in London, however so far they have made no gains in the city. The Tories kept Westminister and Wandsworth though it was unlikely … Continue reading Last nights results for London


11:00       The team are here at the oval, not for cricket but the count of the local elections. We’ll have all the results for you as it happens. 11:04       Coldharbour Ward coming up for results shortly, will it be a surprise for candidate. Will the new Independent Rachel Heywood former Labour Councillor surprise everyone by keeping her seat as an Independent … Continue reading LIVE ELECTION BLOG

London Borough Of Lambeth Local Elections 2018

Local Elections take’s place around Lambeth on Thursday 3rd May 2018. Polls open at 7am and close at 10pm Links to all the wards in Lambeth’s Local Elections below: Wards to Watch in 2018 Lambeth consist of 21 wards in this local elections and the main target wards to watch could be defined as Gypsy Hill, Herne Hill and Clapham. What is the importance of … Continue reading London Borough Of Lambeth Local Elections 2018

Trash talk in Ealing

Could issues with rubbish endanger Labour’s gains in the local elections Back in 2016 the Ealing council (like many other councils in London) instituted wheelie bins for the borough and switched to an alternate/fortnightly collection of rubbish. According to Ealing’s council website the reasoning was “Wheelie bins make it easier to recycle and stop foxes and rats ripping open sacks. This will help to keep … Continue reading Trash talk in Ealing

Tories facing collapse in London

The Conservatives will probably dodge “utter disaster” despite Labour’s swing. As of the 26th April, the voting intentions for London are 29% Conservative, 51% Labour and 11% Liberal Democrat, though Labour will be making major gains according to most analysts there will be a few boroughs that will be tough for Labour to break through. Westminster and Wandsworth which have been Conservative strongholds for decades, if … Continue reading Tories facing collapse in London