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Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 2019

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland situated in the heart of London, is the destination for a spectacular Christmas extravaganza. Starting November 21st 2019 to January 5th 2020, the festivities are open to everyone to enter the Park and wander around free of cost. This year amazing attractions includes Paddington On Ice, Magical Ice Kingdom, Ice Skating, Mr Men Little Miss, Winter

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Voters Dogs trending at Polling stations across the UK

The trend for taking dogs to the polling stations and putting them on social media has continued into this years general election as voters share photos of their cute pups outside their local stations. All around London throughout the whole day dogs and their owners weather the drooly rain and head to decide who they want behind number 10. Many

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So far one civilian has been killed, along with 4 other casualties. According to social media, police were forced to shoot the so called ‘terroist’ man. Metropolitan police say they are dealing with the incident amid reports of shooting. They are treating it as a terror related attack ‘as a precaution’. Witness saw a ‘fight’ before hearing shots. Metropolitan Police

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