Originally from Cuba, but expanded throughout Latin America, it has a mix of son, cha-cha-cha, mambo, etc.

Constantly bored or are you new to the world of salsa?

You should concentrate on the musical genre, get to know it more closely to know all its styles and see which one is best for you.

You can choose between the afro-latino, the caleño, the cuban, the Los Angeles and the New York styles.

Although the Afro-Latin style is very popular in the Caribbean, countries like Venezuela, Ecuador and, to a lesser extent, Peru also stand out.

The Colombian style, Cali. It is known for his quick steps and skipping motions.

The Cuban style and that of the last Americans already mentioned are similar, because when the salsa was created in Cuba, its arrival in the United States was quick.

  1. Llorarás (You will cry)

Dimensión Latina – Oscar D’León

With Oscar D’León in voice, the orchestra achieved the greatest success of its history; this sticky theme is found in the album “Dimensión Latina 75”, released in 1975. Although there were hits like Que bailen tós, La Piragua, etc. Llorarás, composed by the same Oscar was the first international success. The musical arrangements were always by Monges and Oscar D’León.

His subject tells us about his ex-partner who cheated on him and, although his love was pure, it was never returned in its entirety. However, Oscar D’León thinks that everything gets back in this life and she did not know how to value it, so she will regret it and “cry.”

  1. Timbalero (Timpanist)

El Gran Combo the Puerto Rico

The group that has been published almost 100 albums in the salsa industry, could not stop being on this list. One of his most popular songs is Timbalero, a song that shows in all its expression this great orchestra.

  1. Rebelión (Rebellion)

Joe Arroyo

This song describes better than any other the so-called salsa dura or brava, a sound that revolutionized the genre, highlighting musical virtues that many exponents used later.

Slavery, mistreatment, the African Diaspora, emancipation and freedom, among many other interpretations, immortalized the song.

Regarding the narrative, it is clear that Rebellion is an impeccable chronicle: a journalistic story, if one wants to perfectly narrated (sung). However, the great legacy of the song, and what is famous in the whole world, is the musical footprint.

Discos Fuentes decided to make a music video whose result, a couple of years later, was an extravagant sketch with the walls of Cartagena as a backdrop, in which some Cartagena dancers made a silly choreography in which a Spaniard in a wig – another mulato – hit the black one. A tender tropical farce.

I want to tell my brother a bit of black history, of the
our history, gentleman

In the sixteen hundred years, when the tyrant commanded
the streets of Cartagena, that story lived.
When those slavers came there, Africans in chains
They kissed my land, perpetual slavery

  1. Gitana (Gypsy)

Willie Colón

Colón was known as a trombonist and a great musician, after Héctor Lavoe’s departure from his orchestra, he took the microphone and became the new voice, surprising the audience. Gitana emerges from the album “Tiempo Pa ‘Matar”, released in 1984.

Its subject of greater radial success turned out to be “Gitana” which owns evident Spanish airs and whose authorship belongs to “Manzanita”, also known like Jose Manuel Ortega a Madrilenian singer who was characterized by his broken voice.

In case one day I die
And you read this paper
That you know how much I love you
Even if I do not see you again
I know you were never mine
You have not been, nor are you
But from my heart
A bit you have
You have, you have, you have, you have

The song directed for a gypsy girl that he fell in love with at first sight, but he is certain that she has not even looked at him, but he has hope and wants to give her his love that he considers to be very pure.

  1. Cali Pachanguero (Cali is party)

Grupo Niche

In the voice of Puerto Rican Tito Gómez, but written by Jairo Varela, this song became the flagship theme of the Colombian orchestra. The album “No Hay Quinto Malo”, released in 1984, reveals this wonderful subject. The Codiscos label released a new video with the original voices in 2014.

The story you did not know behind the legendary song.

In 1982, the group were on a tour in New York. During a rehearsal, Varela noticed that a young man was watching them, so he invited him to chat. He was a Caleño who had traveled to the United States illegally in search of the American dream but due to the bad weather, he dreamed of returning to his homeland. He managed to move Varela deeply, for what Cali Pachanguero wrote.

  1. Periódico de ayer (Yesterday’s newspaper)

Hector Lavoe

From the album “De Ti Depende” released in 1976, this song is revealed, considered the best of Héctor Lavoe, even the best of the genre, for its sensational lyrics, its wonderful arrangements and of course, the interpretation of Lavoe.

Your love is a newspaper of yesterday
that nobody else tries and read
sensational when it came out at dawn
at noon and confirmed news
and in the afternoon forgotten matter.
Your love is a newspaper of yesterday
It was the headline that reached full page
that’s why they already know you where they want
your name has been a cut that I saved
and in the album of oblivion I stuck it.

This theme is directed to an ex-love that thinks and believes that there is still love for him, but that is already really happened, since you already passed page.

  1. Fuego en el 23 (Fire in the 23rd)

Sonora Matancera

This theme belongs to Arsenio Rodríguez, a Cuban artist who became blind as a child as a result of an accident. Despite his state he learned to play the tres (string instrument).

The story you did not know behind the legendary song.

One afternoon, in the department of Arsenio, located on the fifth floor of building 23 East, on 110th Street, between Madison and Fifth Avenue in New York, a fire broke out and smoke ran through the fifth level of the building.

Among so many people someone shouted there is fire at 23rd Street 110! And the singer Luis “Wito” Kortright hurried Arsenio and led him out of the building away from the danger. It was then that this song was born in rhythm of “Son” recorded in 1957.

It is clear that salsa has something that awakens us inside to dance it. Regardless of what gender it belongs to, it is proven to be the best for any party.


Why K-pop is so popular? It’s not just the looks

There are many articles written about K-pop but not many of them talk about why people love k-pop other than the music and visuals. Its not just about the music videos or what the songs sound like. Many k-pop fans know the hard work and dedication that actually goes into becoming an idol.

When it comes to Korean idols they aren’t just put together and allowed to make music like American stars. Once they are in the industry  they have to spend years training, they learn how dance, improve there singing and sometimes put on strict food diets.   But it doesn’t stop there many companies have rules that the trainees have to follow and those rules stick even when they debut.

  • The rigorous training.: It might seem obvious but you have to train all the time and  that might seem normal for some but for these idols many of them become trainees as young as 12 which means they have to juggle school work with training. Some trainees have to wake at 5am just to balance their schedule
  • Dating: dating is a nono for many idols. It does vary with each company but most have a strict no dating rule. If they date and are caught it could lead to dismissal from the company. Just look at Hyuna and E’dawn they were kicked out, lucky for them psy scouted them for his company and we may get the comeback we all want. Oh and they are still going strong.
  • No social media: When you are training and even when you debut there is one rule that may be hard to stick by which is no social media for 2 years. i would honestly find it hard myself.

Many idols can train for 8 years and still not debut and another can train for 2 years and debut before them. Becoming an idol is hard but what you gain is so much better.

Now enough about the hard stuff lets get into the fun and happy stuff.

We all love our idols whether they are actors or singers. And they always show their appreciation of getting where they are today with our help so I thought what actually got these fans started. why they like K-dramas and K-pop and how they got into it?



I myself love that the music is so different from western music. I feel as if they put more dedication into the music videos and actually spend time reflecting their feeling into the lyrics.They want us to be able to relate to the lyrics show that they can go through the same problems as anyone else. Even though there is a language barrier it doesn’t stop us from connecting with the music and the artist.

Now when I began listening to K-pop I didn’t understand what the big deal was but then when i began listening to more songs and reading the lyrics I was hooked. Even when I had no idea about what they were saying it still brought such excitement into my life. There was always a song to fit your mood, whether it sad or happy you could always find a song or artist who fit the way your feeling.


In the last few years K-pop has blown up so much globally. And many western fans know the names of popular K-pop groups. So I got in touch with a K-pop fan to find out her opinion on K-pop.

As a fan living in the UK it’s hard to find stores local for me to be able to buy albums or posters or even restaurants that sell Korean food.

However with some research I was able to find quite a few:

Oseyo – They Sell everything from K-Beauty to food and even K-pop merchandise. The prices are pretty reasonable.

Hmart – owned by the same people as oseyo

Kpop – Cafe that sells Korean food and photos or groups

Seoul bakery– Korean food and drink and downstairs is full of k-pop memorabilia

Gaza soho – serves Korean desserts.

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So as the K-pop world has grown so has the K-drama world if you listen to K-pop you most likely have watched a K-drama or two in your lifetime. And if you haven’t I recommend you do.

I am addicted to K-dramas because some of the characters are very relatable. you don’t just get rich people you also get poor people going through something hard in there lives and still pushing through and being strong and independent. They also allow you to escape to a new world. It could be the inside of a comic book or even going back in time to the Joseon era and experiencing the lifestyle back then.

Scarlet heart Ryeo cast


The Korean culture is growing and there are fans all over the world so why not reach out online. so with the many hundreds of fan accounts I follow I reached out to a few

Now one fan account in particular that I reached out too posts daily whether its new K-dramas or older ones, they shared it. So I chose to reach out to them and ask them why they like Korean dramas and what got them into it. 

” F4 is always going to be my favorite, It was the K-drama that got me addicted to the K-world even though my first drama was full house”

Boys over flowers was my first Korean drama ever and from the moment I started it I was hooked and now 2 years later I am here writing about many of my favourite K-dramas. If you are a new K-drama fan and are unsure of what to watch I recommend Boys over flowers. It’s the most classic drama and contains everything you need from some laughs to some tears your emotions will be high.

source: Flickr

We all can agree K-pop is continuously growing worldwide and that the Korean culture is mixing in more with the western style and are coming together to show language barriers mean nothing. Lets continue to show support to idols and let them know that the hard work and dedication they put in is very much appreciated.

Riri Risqué

Rihanna is famed for her bold fashion statements and this nonetheless.

It’s not unknown for the beauty and music mogul Rihanna to be extravagant in her style and how she presents herself.

She is never one to keep the same style, Rihanna is one of those people who aren’t afraid to change their aesthetic as many times over as many of her fans will know.

Recently she was spotted in her home of Barbados wearing a piece which was from the off – white fall collection. Rihanna managed to pull off the Virgil Abloh designed outfit and made it look wearable for anyone.

In the picture above, Rihanna with Jamaican artist Bujuo Banton it is clear that she pulled off the outfit amazingly along with some jumbo braids to add to the island vibe wearing it exactly how it was shown on the runway

This is not the first time Rihanna has made a bold fashion move, it seems like every era its something different which makes her so authentic and likable to the audience.

Although it comes at some disappointment as this years Met Gala theme ‘camp notes on fashion’ would have been so fitting to her style completely as it is sometimes bizzare and we’re always wondering what she’ll do next.


When asking some of the public what they thought of how she dresses they responded by calling her ‘daring and quirky’.

The off- white collection is described as a ‘ ladylike twist on sports’ it ranges with various different outfits throughout along with the checkered dresses with a huge slit paired with matching boots at the time modelled by Bella Hadid at the show in Paris.

To say that this wont be the last time Rih will be outgoing would be a lie

Until next time.