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Music Venues and the impact of covid-19

2020 is a year that no one across the globe will be able to forget. Why won’t we forget? The parasite called Covid-19 stepped in, took over, and destroyed everything we were so comfortable with, turning our lives upside down and leaving more than half the globe confused. Many lives were lost, people felt imprisoned, mental health was affected, and not to

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Covid-19: The Music industry might change for good?

Many artists are having to perform virtual gigs, learn how to market themselves to their fans, as well as filming music videos from home. The music industry is known for its large audiences, venues, as well as events, which are live experiences for many artists. According to MusicBusinessWorldWide, they announced that the streaming of music videos ‘went down’ since Coronavirus

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Jodie Whittaker: Doctor Who star announces come back

Doctor Who’s female Doctor, announces the fact that she’ll be back for season 13. In an exclusive interview with Entertainment weekly, Jodie Whittaker dropped a shock bomb about her future on being Doctor Who. In a statement given to them, she said: ‘I’m doing another season. That might be a massive exclusive that I’m not supposed to say, but it’s

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Celebrities from all over the world are donating to the Australian fire department and temporary accommodations for people affected, and are encouraging people to donate as well. The fires started on November 11th a fire started in the Ravensbourne area near Toowoomba, which burnt through over 49,000 acres of bush across several days, destroying six houses.  Celebrities all across the globe are donating huge

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This Christmas period, there are many blockbuster movies for everyone to see, either with family and or friends. This year there are plenty of options for films that will please everyone in your movie-going party. No matter what your holiday looks like, there is always one fool proof way how to spend it: Go to the movies Other platforms where new

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