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Game of thrones: Largest battle in Tv history sends social media into a frenzy

The battle of the long night was the biggest battle in the history of television. In the latest episode of Game of thrones the biggest battle in cinematic history coined ‘the long night’ commenced. 90 minutes of swashbuckling and screams as your favourite actors fought the onslaught of the whites under the lead of the Night King. Main actors such

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Avengers endgame breaks box office records

Avengers endgame made $1.2billion on its opening week smashing box office record most global ticket sold in opening week. Avengers Endgame  has taken a record of $350million in the USA alone surpassing previous $258million that ”infinity war” made domestically. The movie also drew positive numbers and reviews from China as it landed $330million and also smashed the record for foreign

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