Game of thrones sets release date

Game of thrones announces official release date for grand finale season 8.

After much wait and anticipation the eight and final season of game of thrones is set to be premiered on 14th April  2019 according to  HBO (Home Box Office).

Previous reports show that the first six seasons consisted of ten episodes each wherein the seventh season had only seven episodes.

The show runners David Benioff and D B Weiss originally planned on making the final season in a form of 3 lengthy feature movies rather than six episodes but HBO didn’t concur to this idea which led them into making it six episodes

The final season is rumoured to consist of just six episodes wherein each episode runs for 80-90 minutes unlike previous episodes that ran up to 60 minutes, this isn’t business as usual.

On January 13th 2019, Game of thrones official twitter page released a short clip with the caption ”April 14th #forthethrone” to clear the doubt of viewers and spectators that the date has been set.

This final season  is set to bring much more than it has ever offered, according to the show runners and casts so much work was put into this final season hopefully it break ground.

Kit Harrington was interviewed on BBC Radio on his expectations of how it would affect TV he said ”I think it is going to be extraordinary, hopefully it’ll change TV again like it did originally, and break boundaries. I think it might.”

Rumours also have it that each episode of the grand finale costs around $15 million dollars that sums it up to $90 million approximately for all episodes combined.

Fans all over the world have predicted what could happen in the season finale as some of them have been interviewed and questioned what their predictions for the final season would be.

George R.R Martin said he would like to call this final season ”The long night” due to the fact the the White walkers would be descending upon Westros from the farthest north, the know region for winter. The white walkers plan to bring an end to all the lives and takeover the world.

Last year October a casting announcement that Naomi Watts would be starring in the final season wherein she plays a lead role in the spin-off.

Naomi is set to play the role of a socialite who hold a very vital secret.

Following the announcement from HBO that there would be an inevitable spin-off in this final season the fans have been curious and full of excitement as they wait on the premiere of the final season.


An Egg becomes the most liked picture on Instagram


A picture of a regular egg becomes the most liked picture on Instagram, dethroning kylie Jenner’s  picture of daughter Stormi Webster. 

A picture of a regular egg becomes the most liked picture on Instagram as it cracks over 26,241,201 likes defeating kylie Jenner’s world record of over 18,302,677 likes on a single picture.

The supposed record breaker goes by the Instagram username @world_record_egg, the account was established on 4th of January 2018 wherein it kicked off the campaign to being the most liked picture on Instagram .

This was just like any other egg with no special features or traits, it kicked off its campaign with the caption ”Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million) We got this”.

egg record

It might have seemed like it could never happen but the with support of 3 million followers it gained from its date of establishment, it displaced Kylie Jenner’s who held unto the record for almost a year.

Kylie Jenner’s picture was posted 7 February 2018 wherein she announced her daughter’s name ” Stormi Webster” as the caption in the picture where she was holding hands with her child.

kylie jenner

The friendly campaign was a success as individuals on social media have been talking about it wherein it is trending. Social media wouldn’t be entertaining without a public response or banter about this issue.

After the confirmation that the regular egg was now the most liked Instagram photo in the world, Kylie Jenner uploaded a video of herself cracking an egg on the ground with the caption ”take that little egg”. Her light-hearted banter to her new rival.


The media star Kylie Jenner has over 123 million followers and was succeeded by @world_record_egg with 3 million followers to have the most like Instagram photo of all time.

Jameela Jamil: ‘Photoshop Should be Illegal’

Actress Jameela Jamil, best known for her role in US TV series The Good Place, brands airbrushing as a ‘disgusting’ tool and ‘should be illegal’.

Living in the 21st century, we have been bombarded with social media and how we present ourselves through it.

With the easy access and use of airbrushing apps such as ‘Facetune’ and ‘Adobe Photoshop’, altering your look and removing your so-called ‘flaws’, has captured the globe.

To crack down, Jameela Jamil, a self professed ‘feminist-in-progress’, has warned those that photoshopping ‘does more harm than good’

In a series of tweets, she states: “Photoshop in advertising and magazines is so often used in ways that are ageist, ableist, fatphobic, racist and deeply sexist”


Jameela had been selected as one of BBC 100 women and through this she had expressed her true feelings towards the ‘fake’ and extremely unreal beauty standards being bestowed upon women.

She wrote: “If you see a digitally “enhanced” picture of yourself, you run the risk of becoming acclimatised to that level of flawlessness and it makes it harder for you to accept your actual image – the one that exists in real life, in the mirror.”

She’s also highlighted the mental health risk factors that come along with airbrushing.

As a means of social media she has started @i_weigh as a way of sharing and appreciating realistic body standards.

Questioning the legal and ethical issues of airbrushing, and promoting weight loss, she has managed to collate herself a 248k following on Instagram.

She blames the hypernormalisation of body image for the rise of botched plastic surgeries and body dysmorphia issues.

Jameela has also been reported to slam the Kardashians for their ‘toxic influence on young girls’

Dalton Harris: ‘Dreams Do Come True’

Dalton who had a troubled childhood, is now a rising star from Jamaica.

The singer had a tough childhood growing up in Jamaica and entered X factor in order to help him look after himself.


He stole the limelight on yesterdays series finale of x factor 2018, sung alongside 2012 winner James Arthur.





Dalton is the winner of X factor 2018. He was born and raised in Jamaica.

He and his family grew up in poverty, this led him to enter a competition at the age of 16 similar to X factor. The winning prize being $1 million Jamaican dollars, which he won.

After getting through his studies in 2014 Dalton went on to release a single which became a number one hit in Jamaican dance hall.

Well done Dalton in achieving your dreams ‘dreams do come true’



Venom: Was it worth the wait? (spoiler-free)

Sony’s long awaited Spider-Man spin-off finally drops, but was it worth it?

I went into Venom with very low hopes. This is Sony’s first solo Spider-Man universe film since The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which was an absolutely terrible film in every way. Although it has an all-star cast, I was convinced that it was just a cheap (or rather very expensive) marketing ploy. Therefore, I wasn’t entirely thrilled by the prospect of yet another disappointing film, especially with such a beloved character. The trailers still showed even less hope, with slightly dodgy visual effects and an excessively dark tone. I was pleasantly surprised then, when Venom lived up to my expectations.


While the story-line is depressingly poor and some of the casting is questionable, Venom had some redeeming features. The film is slow to start, but gathers pace just before you get bored, and Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock has natural development, and by the end you are rooting for him. However, the best part of this film has to be the Venom symbiote, who gives a running commentary of Brock’s every action, sounding like a malicious God-like figure. Much to my surprise, the remarks are generally humorous, or simply just offending Brock. The visual effects are also outstanding, with the many symbiotes throughout the film moving naturally and yet completely unnaturally at the same time. Venom’s character design is one of my favourite in recent superhero films, and it is close to the comics, doing the character far more justice than Spider-Man 3 did. The fight scenes are also gripping, with Venom stomping and smashing (and occasionally biting) his way through hoardes of enemies.

However, much to my dismay, Venom has a startling amount of failings. To start, many of the other characters were far less engaging. Riz Ahmed’s performance as the antagonist Carlton Drake is exceptional, but the character’s motives are unclear and confusing, and his character has no background aside from about 3 lines of exposition clunkily dropped in by Eddie Brock. Brock’s love interest is similarly flat, with good acting by Michelle Williams, but once again a lack of background. All the other characters blend into the background after appearing once. Most notably, I managed to forget about a character who was somewhat important to the story because she had no defining traits whatsoever. As well as this, there are many themes in the film which are left untouched after one mention, possibly being saved up for a potential sequel.

Speaking of which, Sony may have been a little too optimistic to write-up 3 film contracts. Although Venom was a fun, engaging film, it wasn’t a good film. I just hope they learn from the mistakes of this film to make a successful trilogy.

Verdict: Confusing, disappointing, but extremely entertaining.

Venom is in cinemas now and stars Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed and Michelle Williams. Directed by Ruben Fleischer


Sky and Netflix to blow our screens with new merge plans

Netflix and Sky have made head-waves with their upcoming plans to partner which will see a new package coming to our screens, they say it will be the “biggest demand TV service”.

The plans for the new package which will be known as “Ultimate on Demand” pack was first announced earlier this year. For an extra £10 subscribers of Sky Q premium TV box will be able to fully enjoy access to all Netflix programs which is more than a million 1000 shows.

With such package it means Sky Q customers will be able to sit back and enjoy Netflix shows without having to pay for it separately which means they can sit back and enjoy the endless TV shows as it grace their screens.

The upcoming joint package means shows that were only available on Sky and Netflix will be streaming on Sky Q, its audience will get to watch shows like Stranger things and Luke cage for the first time ever.


Movie fanatics will now have no reason to leave their screens since they will be glued to their screens.

The Chief executive of Sky’s UK and Ireland operation, Stephen van Rooyen, said: “We want Sky Q to be the number one destination for TV fans.

“Partnering with Netflix means we will have all the best TV in one great value pack, making it even easier for you to watch all of your favourite shows.

Chris Whiteley, Netflix director of business development for the UK and Ireland, added: “Innovation is at the core of Netflix.

“We are delighted to partner with Sky to offer fans a new and exciting way to access the best of entertainment from around the world.”


Excitement is filled in the air as Sky Q customers await the new package deal.

Canada: A Rare Album by Prince Found

Singer Prince Black Album has been discovered in Canada.

One Prince rarest vinyl album which is supposed to be hard funk that contains some of his darkest lyrics and was released in 1987, which he demanded to be destroy as he had changed his spirituality has turned up in Canada.

There is still around 9 copies of the album in circulation, with 5 copies found already in the US and one copy selling for a whopping £31,500.

The album found in Canada is owned by a former employee for Warner Bros who held unto the album when it was pulped by the record company.

This led him to contact the former Warner Bros Executive Vice President Jeff Gold who now runs the memorabila store call Record Mecca and sold the previous Us The Black Album earlier in the year.

Jeff Gold said: “So I was like, How could you have a Canadian one? Such a thing doesn’t exist. Gold has now inspected the record for its authenticity and will help the owner to sell it online via marketplace Discogs.

Even though the record is not in top condition it is still likely to fetch around £20,600.

prince record

This album was something which Prince had planned to record for his percussionist Sheila E’s birthday party that was to follow on from Sign ‘O’ The Times.

Some of the songs on the album were more funky, compared to others which were very sinister such as tracks like Bob George which Prince himself playing a gun wielding psychopath that accuses his girlfriend of having an affair.

A week before the album was set for release, Prince had second thoughts and cancelled the album and asked for it to be destroyed. No video was made or any single and the bill was footed from Prince royalties to destroy over a half-a-million copies.

The album was supposed to be released without name and cover should have been in a plain black sleeve.

In the video link below of Prince video for his single Alphabet Street, a message comes across the screen telling fans “Dont buy The Black Album. I’m sorry, but somehow copies got out and became the most source after bootlegged records.




2018 On The Run Tour 11 – Tickets Giveaway

Mega superstar Beyonce and her husband Jay-z are giving away ticket for upcoming joint concert to the Prince’s Trust.

The tickets will be a reward for kindness, being charitable in helping and doing good for other people, so giving fans who has volunteered for the Prince’s Trust will have the chance to win a pair of tickets for everyone of the concerts.

There are also an auction launch with the opportunity to win VIP (/Very Important Person) for most of the up coming concert dates.

Beyonce has links with the Prince’s Trust during her last tour in 2014 with her husband Jay-Z who she married in 2014. This will be there second tour together.

Link below of  website for:

The Prince’s Trust and Global Citizen

Help and support for young people 

Beyonce and Jay -Z Team Up With The Prince’s Trust and Global Citizen

The tour kicks off this Wednesday 6th June 2018 at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, followed by  9th June Hampton Park in Glasgow, 13th June Etihad Stadium in Manchester, 15/16 June in London Stadium London and Northern Ireland and across Europe.

ET on the On the run tour 11

Link to list of tour dates and venues below:

Tour Dates

beyonce and jayz bike

Beyonce twitter

Frightened Rabbit singer death have been confirmed

A body discovered at Port Edgar around 8:30 pm was confirmed to be him.

The singer whose actual name is Scott Hutchsion went missing from the early hours of  Wednesday morning, the police were informed of his disappearance and a search for him was conducted.

He was last seen after his at Dakota Hotel in South Queensferry.

Image result for scott hutchison last seen at dakota hotel

In a statement released by his family through Police Scotland they said; “As a family, we are utterly devastated with the tragic loss of our beloved Scott”. they also proceeded to say there had been concern of his mental health and stability.

Being known as a founding member and the primary songwriter of the indie rock band Frightened Rabbit with whom he recorded five studio albums.

His fans have been left in total shock after the announcement of his death, social media have been filled with tributes to him.

The cause of death is yet to be confirmed but there is speculations that it might be suicide due to his struggles with his mental health.

Mr. Hutchsion had previously spoken openly about his battle with depression over the years with his older brother who said the singer went public about that as a way to help other people in similar conditions.

Depression itself is a serious illness that happens without any hint or warning, so if there is anyone you know that suffers from depression it is best to be of help in letting them seek help.
The last tweets from Mr. Hutchsion’s account did give an indication on what to come.

If it is confirmed that his cause of death is suicide, it will come after Wednesday hour long episode of Coronation Street which portrayed the shock and grief of Weatherfield residents after they found about out Aiden Connor suicide.

The new plot to the series was meant to give awareness to the increase of male of suicide in our society and educating them on how to seek help from the available charities that deals with suicide like Samaritans and Grassroots suicide prevention.

For now the death Mr. Hutchison continues to sadden us as we await his cause of death.

Celebrity parents that publicly came out as part of LGBT

Gloria Carter mother of Rap “legend” Jay Z, real name Shawn Corey Carter, was given a special credit “gong” for the impact she made whilst making ‘Smile’ which was released last year as she took the award on behalf of her son.

At the GLAAD Media Awards she told the viewers that is was the first time she had spoke to someone about who she really was.

In a statement she said; “Smile became a reality because I shared with my son who I am.”

My son cried and said: “It must have been horrible to live that way for so long.'”

“My life wasn’t horrible,” she added.

“I chose to protect my family from ignorance. I was happy but I was not free.”

Jay Z addressed this saying he wept when his mum told him about her sexuality and that she was in-love with her female partner.

In his song he spoke about his mum’s struggle as she had live a life of pretended as a way to ensure her children were not ridiculed.

In an interview with David Letterman, American television host, he said; “For her to sit in front of me and tell me, ‘I think I love someone’. I mean, I really cried.”

The public reaction to Gloria Carter remained positive and encouraging.








Caitlyn Jenner, who was previously known as Bruce Jenner, is a retired Olympic gold medal-wining decathlete who formerly identified publicly as a male she had six children from previous relationships.

In April 2015, she announced her name change from Bruce to Caitlyn and her transition, which alongside her name and gender became official in September 25, 2015. She has been called the most well-known openly transgender woman in the world.

In an interview she said part of the reason she openly came out was to bring attention to gender dysphoria, violence against trans women, and other transgender issuesShe also wanted to endorse a more informed discussion of LGBT issues at a time when the LGBT community has unprecedented visibility.

The public’s reaction on her coming out was positive but recently there has been a lot of negative comments made about her.







There are other parents like Duncan James who sexuality changed after they had children.

Growing is a process that does not stop so as we do, we realise what we like and what makes us happy and if that applies to our sexuality there is no shame in that and being who you are meant to be.


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