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The owl was, according to the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, was too “obese” to fly out the ditch in Saxmundham. The sanctuary concluded that “natural obesity” was the reason behind the weight gain of the owl. The reason is that in the place where the overindulgent owl was found was “crawling with field mice and voles” thanks to the mild December weather. 

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Why do we love to dance with each other?

Dancing has a way of taking your cares away. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Electric Slide, the Macarena or your own crazy moves. Who hasn’t gotten lost in an upbeat song as they jumped around?As well as being fun, dancing might have helped us to survive as a species. As much as we all love to dance when there’s nobody watching, there’s

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FBI agent accidentally shoots man while dancing at bar in Denver

At Mile High Spirits an off-duty FBI agent was impressing a crowd with his killer dance moves at around 00:35. At American Distillery bar in downtown Denver, US officer with dance moves and an improvised backflip until his handgun tumbled out of his waistband holster and a round went off as he picked it up, injuring another clubgoer. But his backflip could have proved fatal. The victim was

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