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Whatsapp urges users to update app due to security fears.

The billion dollar company has urged 1.5billion users to update the app as an added precaution after discovering ”spyware”, a cyber surveillance software. This security breach was discovered by Facebook earlier in May wherein the attackers  were able to install surveillance software unto phones by just ringing the targets phone. WhatsApp has announced that it discovered attackers were able to

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PUBG replaced in China by ‘patriotic’ game

Developer Tencent has replaced PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) with a game that fits the Chinese socialist views after failing to collect revenue from the game. Following their failure to get the necessary approval to offer in-app purchases meaning Tencent couldn’t make money from the game due to the game being deemed too gory. Instead, players have been offered a patriotic version

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Facebook privacy issues resurface once again

Privacy concerns surrounding Facebook once again as they have been stored incorrectly within the data systems. Facebook revealed on their Newsroom page that “some” users’ passwords were stored incorrectly within their internal data storage systems. The way that they were stored made them readable to the employees posing a security threat to ‘hundreds of millions of Facebook Lite users, tens

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RFID chip, convenient or catastrophic

Recently  not only has America joined movement with Switzerland in the development new technology for citizens to use but now the UK is advancing on the alleged opportunity, the RFID chip (radio frequency identification) The chip is implanted in the right hand of whoever uses the device is a new way of being your own smartphone, entering buildings, opening car

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