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Lamborghini and Amazon Alexa, now together

Lamborghini recently announced that they have integrated Alexa in their 2020 Huracán Evo. For the first time in Supercars history, the Italian company introduces an infotainment system connected with digital service which doesn’t only allow drivers to adjust simple functions such as answering phone calls but also to modify seat-heating, interior lighting, regulate climate, change playlists as preferred, get updated

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The European Mars rover completes a full set of key tests ahead of its launch in summer. The ExoMars Rover was named after an English chemist and X-ray crystallographer, named Rosalind Franklin. The machine currently is under development by Airbus Defence and Space, being developed and tested at the company’s UK facility in Stevenage, UK.  The European Space Agency announces that the rover is scheduled

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Segway’s prototype wheelchair crashes at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

CES 2020 the Las Vegas Expo has kicked off and Segway’s S-Pod prototype was not very lucky at least not today. The S-Pod a self balancing wheelchair whose maximum speed is 24mph, crashed during a demonstration at the tech show today. The chair was being tested by a journalist when the rider accelerated the vehicle before accidentally crashing into a wall.

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According to a new report, the process of eliminating greenhouse gases in the UK is possible with current technology.   The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), makes plans for a net zero-carbon Britain is possible without relying on future developments. The project coordinator, Paul Allen makes this statement, “We have the technology to combat climate change and we can start today,” The Powys-based charity

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Whatsapp urges users to update app due to security fears.

The billion dollar company has urged 1.5billion users to update the app as an added precaution after discovering ”spyware”, a cyber surveillance software. This security breach was discovered by Facebook earlier in May wherein the attackers  were able to install surveillance software unto phones by just ringing the targets phone. WhatsApp has announced that it discovered attackers were able to

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