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So far, all sporting events including: Premier League, Euro 2020, Olympics, boxing and golf have been suspended until further notice. Organizations such as The Football Association, the Premier League, the English Football League, FA Women’s Super League and FA Women’s Championship have all called a halt to the action. The Grand National, the London Marathon and tennis’ French Open have

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Breaking: Boris and Matt Hancock Catches Coronavirus!

–Mr. Johnson didn’t show up at yesterday’s 5.00 pm conference, which was for the pandemic, nor did Matt. -Shadow Educational Secretary, Angela Rayner, has announced she’s self- isolating. Today at 11.16 am, Boris Johnson has so far sent Twitter wild after posting the fact that he’s tested positive for Coronavirus. He told his 1.8m Twitter followers, the fact that ‘over the last

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Coronavirus: Was the UK Government Given £350bn in the first place?

Rishi Sunak announced that the UK Government ‘won’t get money for the scheme until 1st June,’ which might affect the Arts and Culture community badly… or not… A UK Arts organization, known as the Coventry UK City of Culture 2021, had invested their money to grant people who are either jobless locally or work from home, because of Coronavirus. The organization, which

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An ‘Emotional’ Clap for NHS workers

The UK wanted to thank all of the NHS and care workers for their help and support they’re offering to the UK’s community during this pandemic era. People around the UK have opened their windows last night at 8pm for a group clapping-appreciation to all the NHS and care workers -NHS workers message -The Royal Family message -Boris clapping -Students

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Coronavirus: Has the UK Government Broken their Protection Promise?

They announced the protection scheme last Wednesday, which is said to benefit many bosses and employees at home, including ones within the Arts and Culture community. A week after Rishi Sunak’s speech, a UK Arts organization known as Arts Council England, announced the fact that they’re launching an ’emergency package’ grant. It’s for Artists, museums, galleries, theaters, libraries, and many more within the Arts

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Are Covid-19 symptoms suited to each person?

The outbreak of the respiratory disease covid-19 has claimed 6,650 cases in the UK. Prime minister Boris Johnson announced the lockdown , only allowing people to leave under strict circumstances. The virus of 2019 rapidly made it’s way to the UK in January 2020 and cases further increased in March. The public were informed of the major signs of infection.

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