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Productive negotiation has positively ended Prison Officers Strike

Prison Officers in England and Wales engaged in strikes that took place around 7 am today.  5000 officers were believed to have been a part of the strike. Following a successful mediation with Minister Rowery Stewart and obligation to instruct the Employer to come into an agreement with the Prison Officers Association |(POA) to address their plight. The Union has

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MI5 to share sensitive information about up to 20,000 UK suspects

MI5 may share information of up to 20,000 UK suspects, after 5 terror attacks in the UK last year, as part of Home Secretary Sajid Javid’s new terror strategy.  The information of 20,000 suspects, believed to pose the biggest threat to the UK, will be handed to teachers, social workers and council staff. Following the London bridge attack in June last year

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Today Grammar schools get a £50 million to create thousands of new places

The government hand over £50 million to Grammar schools to create new places instead of funding other state schools. Ministers says that this step will give parents more choice for children moving to secondary school when they are 11. But union leaders said the money should be going to those crippled by Tory cuts, where people have had to beg

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School bans pencil cases to stop bullying

A Primary school in Blyth, Northumberland has banned pencil cases in an attempt to stop the stigma against poor families. The Head teacher of St Wilfrid’s, Pauline Johnstone, has said herself that the reason for the ban is “so there’s no comparison on the tables and children are learning”. Having worked with charity Children North East, the school started providing stationery  for students

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Government grant of £10,000 to be given to every 25 year old person

Every 25 year old, born in UK, will be given a £10,000 Government Grand to help solve yawning economic gap between the generations. The report from the Think Thank’s International Commission, backed by business lobby group the CBI and trade union group TUC, admonish that today’s thirty-somethings are the first generation to see their incomes dropping compared to when their parents

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