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Hospitality after Brexit: UK has moral duty to act in favor of quality and European staff

Almost fifty-two percent of the votes in favor and more than a million difference with respect to the alternative of staying the twenty-third of June the British people determined by referendum to leave the European Union. Why do Britons want Brexit? Membership of the single market has played a key role in the whole process and in the face of

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Neo-Nazi sentenced to life imprisonment

Far-right terrorist Jack Renshaw  sentenced to life imprisonment for plotting to murder MP Rosie Cooper. Jack Renshaw, 23-year-old brought a  19-inch Gladius knife to kill Rosie Cooper, a member of the parliament, west Lancashire. Jack Renshaw also admitted making plans to exact revenge on a female police officer Victoria Henderson who was investigating him for child sex offences. The 23-years-old

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Jeremy Corbyn Ends Brexit Talks with Theresa May with No DEAL

Cross-party talks have ended without a deal confirm Jeremy Corbyn. Jeremy Corbyn has today confirmed he will end talks with Theresa May as cross-party talks reach no deal. He also said discussions have ” gone as far as they can ” and the government is  “increasing in weakness and instability”. Theresa May has said that the lack of a “common

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Inequality threatens to destroy Political system in the UK

A report published by the Institute of Fiscal Studies has declared that the steady increase in Inequality has and will continue to threaten the British Society. Nobel Prize Winner and Princeton Professor Angus Deaton has claimed that the constantly widening gap of inequality threatens and will destroy democracy in the UK. He believes that the gap is “making a mockery of

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