Vox Extra – 6th March 2017 (ish)

On this week’s Vox Extra Jessica talk with #PeterTatchell #LGBT, John meets with the guys from #PoeticUnity. Maame talks slimming sausages and Amirah discussed the need for #housingbenefits for 16-18 year olds in the Capital.



Vox Extra – 6th Febuary 2017 (ish)

Slightly later than planned, this edition of #VoxExtra has a report on use of mobile phones usage in cars, the impact on #brixit on employment in the UK, introduction of #NHS chargers for Non-UK citizens and we chat with 2 outreach workers for ‘#LondonCityMission on their role in supporting the #homeless on the streets of #London. Oh yeah and those #Beyonce pictures get a mention as well.

Vox Extra – 30th January 2017

 This week Maame gives a profile of one teenager who was made #homeless and talks with one of #Lambeth College’s safeguarding officers about support at the college. John looks into child #obesity and the importance of your 5 a day. The team also discuss is it right to bring politics into #awardspeeches?

Vox Extra – 23rd January 2016

Welcome back to our regular Vox Extra programme. This week the team chat to some of the business leaders coming to a special breakfast at the Lambeth College. We look back on Obama’s time in the Whitehouse and what you thought of this 8 years in power as well as debating the women’s march the day after Donald Trump took office. We also talk to buggy bus users about how the high court decision to give wheelie chair users affect them. Steven marks the 75th anniversary of Desert Island Discs and Ramon talks football.