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Gas explosion in Massachusetts and one killed

A gas explosion has ignited flames in dozens of homes, one person dead and at least 12 injured in Massachusetts.  One person died and several were injured and scores of Massachusetts residents were forced to evacuate their homes. Andover Fire Rescue Chief Michael B.Mansfield told:”It looked like Armageddon, it really did. I have been in the fire service for almost

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Eruption of the ‘Volcano of Fire’ kills at least 25 people in Guatemala

After Guatemala’s “Volcano of Fire” erupted at least 25 people have died, spewing lava into a village and sending smoke and ash billowing across the sky. Nearly 300 are have been injured. The death stands at 25 including at least 3 children, but that number is expecting to increase. Four people died when lave set a house in a fire and two children

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FBI agent accidentally shoots man while dancing at bar in Denver

At Mile High Spirits an off-duty FBI agent was impressing a crowd with his killer dance moves at around 00:35. At American Distillery bar in downtown Denver, US officer with dance moves and an improvised backflip until his handgun tumbled out of his waistband holster and a round went off as he picked it up, injuring another clubgoer. But his backflip could have proved fatal. The victim was

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Iran nuclear deal:Trump’s European allies nervously await his decision on whether US will pull out

European allies are on tenterhooks awaiting Donald Trump’s decision on whether he will pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, having spent a week lobbying him to stay The US president tweeted that he would announce the decision at 2pm Washington time on Tuesday. He has long threatened to withdraw from the agreement, signed during Barack Obama’s presidency, and has called it the “worst ever deal

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Cathy Godbold passes away after a decade Long battle with Brain Cancer

Cathy Godbold an Australian actress who played Meg in Home and Away passes away at aged 43 after a long-term struggle with Brain Cancer. In July 2007 she was first diagnosed with Brain Cancer then, she then underwent surgery and had the cancer removed. It was said that during the years she had two recurring cancer that she had to

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Korea’s historic summit

Kim Jong-un the Supreme Leader of North Korea is the first North Korean to legally step into South Korea in decades. Along side the president of south Korea Moon Jae-in, the two agreed on making a peace treaty that was signed on April 27th 2018. In the treaty they agreed upon these terms:  South and North Korea will reconnect the

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