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11 New Routes from Zadar, via Ryanair

The airline company will have 11 new routes from Zadar from spring 2020 to near to the end of 2020. Accessible from May 2020 to October 2020, it’s been reported that Ryanair will have 11 routes from Zadar. It’s estimated that the Airline will fit ‘672,000’ passengers maximum on board, will create ‘500’ on-site jobs in ‘Zadar,’ said Eddie Wilson.

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Kyrgyzstan – the best place to visit in Central Asia

To start with, I am Proud to say that Kyrgyzstan is the most beautiful country in Central Asia, which is rounded with mountains and there are the Soviet planned building with modern. Lot of tourists call this place Central Asian’s Scotland because of this beautiful views and nature. Living in London, United Kingdom I realised that a lot of people do not know

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Whatsapp urges users to update app due to security fears.

The billion dollar company has urged 1.5billion users to update the app as an added precaution after discovering ”spyware”, a cyber surveillance software. This security breach was discovered by Facebook earlier in May wherein the attackers  were able to install surveillance software unto phones by just ringing the targets phone. WhatsApp has announced that it discovered attackers were able to

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Felicity Huffman takes full guilt for cheating scandal

Felicity Huffman admitted to have secretly paid someone to help her daughter to correct  exam answer question. In a courtroom Huffman the desperate housewives admitted that she had paid $15,000 to correct her daughter Sophia Macy exam, she said that she accepts full guilt and is ready to face the repercussion. She will be sentenced on September 13th, she is

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Sweden Julian Assange rape might be reopened

Swedish prosecutor is deciding on whether to reopen Assange rape case after avoiding extradition to Sweden for seven years. Swedish prosecutor decided to drop Assange rape case two year ago  because they were unable to find enough evidence to put him away. “I have today decided to reopen the investigation,” Sweden’s deputy director of public prosecutions, Eva-Marie Persson, announced on Monday.

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