Whatsapp urges users to update app due to security fears.

The billion dollar company has urged 1.5billion users to update the app as an added precaution after discovering ”spyware”, a cyber surveillance software.

This security breach was discovered by Facebook earlier in May wherein the attackers  were able to install surveillance software unto phones by just ringing the targets phone.

Financial times says the surveillance software in question was developed be an Israeli firm known as NSO Group,

The company claimed the security breach has been fixed but they still advise users to update the app just be be on the safer side.

Whatsapp said the spyware was spread by ”advanced cyber actor” who saw the vulnerability in their app.

”The discovery of vulnerability”-sky news

The billion dollar company advised users in a statement saying “WhatsApp encourages people to upgrade to the latest version of our app, as well as keep their mobile operating system up to date, to protect against potential targeted exploits designed to compromise information stored on mobile devices,”

The  National Cyber Security Centre also backs this up saying “It’s important to apply these updates quickly, to make it as hard as possible for attackers to get in,” they also urged users that it is advisable they turn on their automatic update function and quickly update the app as soon as it becomes available because it contains vital security updates to help protect  laptop, smartphones or tablet.


Felicity Huffman takes full guilt for cheating scandal

Felicity Huffman admitted to have secretly paid someone to help her daughter to correct  exam answer question.

In a courtroom Huffman the desperate housewives admitted that she had paid $15,000 to correct her daughter Sophia Macy exam, she said that she accepts full guilt and is ready to face the repercussion.

She will be sentenced on September 13th, she is looking at between four to ten months in prison and a payment of around a $20,000 fine.

Huffman decided to take this action to boost her daughters grades, forgetting about the consequences of her action. Although she was not the only one to be charged with this accusation as a dozen others were charged with fraud.

It was found that she paid someone to pretend to be her daughter to pass the exam for her. She was arrested on March 12th in her Californian home and charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest mail fraud, Felicity Huffman paid someone to take the exam for her daughter pretending to be Sophia Macy

At court the actress was clearly in a state of distress as she could not stop crying while talking to the judge.

According to court documents, she was secretly recorded by the scam’s confessed mastermind, Will i am Singer, after he began co-operating with investigators. It was found that the singer 

She had taken an exam earlier last year but she got 400 points less than what she got with the cheating.

Felicity stated that her daughter was not aware of what she was planning to do and that she feels regret and is ashamed of what she did. She was just worried about her daughter’s grade and wanted to help her improve it she was desperate.

American actress, model, and producer Lori Loughlin, and her husband were also accused of a college scam however she did not plead guilty and thinks that she should be exempt from jail as they paid $500,000 to get their daughter in the university of southern in California.



Sweden Julian Assange rape might be reopened

Swedish prosecutor is deciding on whether to reopen Assange rape case after avoiding extradition to Sweden for seven years.

Swedish prosecutor decided to drop Assange rape case two year ago  because they were unable to find enough evidence to put him away.

“I have today decided to reopen the investigation,” Sweden’s deputy director of public prosecutions, Eva-Marie Persson, announced on Monday. “There is still probable cause to suspect that Mr Assange committed rape.”

Julian Assange was accused of rape involving two women, he is currently at Belmar prison  in London avoiding extradition to Sweden where the Swedish authorities will be taking care of his case. Assange has previously denied all the charges  against him saying that the sex was totally consensual.

The accusation came two years after he had travelled to Sweden where two women claimed that he sexually assaulted them, he denied the allegations  and refused to return to Sweden.

He has been arrested in the Ecuadorean embassy on April 11 where he has been staying since 2012 and sentenced to 50 weeks of jail for breaching his bail conditions.



Swedish prosecutor deciding on whether to reopen the 2010 case saying that she can prove the  Julian Assange guilty, since his circumstances have changed  “Now that he has left Ecuador’s embassy, the conditions in the case have changed and… the conditions are in place once again to pursue the case,” she added.

Julian Assange is also accused to have participated in one of  the largest leak of government secrets, he could get five years prison time if found guilty.

under Swedish law they only have a year to re-investigate that case and ask any questions.


Argentina lawmaker Olivares politician was brutally shot

Lawmaker Hector Olivares and best friend Yadon were both shot in the early hours of the morning on Thursday.

Argentina lawmaker Hector Olivares was shot around 7 am on Thursday by a moving car.  The shooting took place near parliament that involved him and his friend Marcelo Yadon who was said to be in a critical condition. He was treated for wounds that pierced his abdomen and  affected vital organs, the injuries were so severe that he had to undergo surgery to avoid death. His friend died later on due to the wounds suffered.

The two men were friends from their young age and used to have a walk together every morning outside of parliament. Authorities are still collecting evidence from the crime scene and trying their best to find out who was behind this tragic attack.

It was said that The two attackers were mainly aiming Yadon and manage to kill him but were not unable to kill Olivares.

Minutes after the shooting the police and ambulance arrived at the crime scene and gave emergency support to the victims while the police cordoned off the area , lawmaker Jose Cano said that it was a premeditated act.

“The information we have is that the car was parked half an hour before. They were waiting,” Cano told television station Canal TN.

Hector Olivares is a member of the criminal legislation committee and was working on football related violence. Patricia Bullrich the security minister said that authorities found the car used in the attack and they have a suspect who is being questioned.

A spokesman for Mr Olivares’s office, Hector Lencinas, told reporters: “We have never received any threats of any type in the office. It’s an open office were everyone is welcomed.”

BBC news source

Politician attacks in Argentina are very rare they have not  had any attack in seven years, previously they had been many attacks during the brutal dictatorship were many people were killed.

Now were all waiting for an update on the health of Hector Olivares.

Plane crash in Russia claims lives, leaving 41 passengers dead

The Aeroflot flight SU 1492 was forced to make an emergency landing at Moscow leaving 41 passengers dead and 37 survivors.

A lighting strike can cause technical malfunction causing a plane to divert or make emergency landing for precautionary reasons, investigators claim that such incident happens once in a blue moon.

Investigators are yet to make any official comment on the cause of the crash as surviving passengers said the plane was struck by lightning while Russia’s national carrier said the plane returned to the airport for ”technical reasons.”

The plane was airborne for approximately 28 minutes before it made an emergency landing wherein the engines caught fire in the process.

41 passengers in which 2 were children, four members of the crew and a flight attendant are reportedly dead wherein the jet had 73 passengers and five crew members , 5 people are currently in hospital.

The pilot Denis Yevdokimov told the Russian media that the lightning interrupted  communications with the air traffic controllers which made him switch to emergency manual mode.

Murmansk’s Acting Governor, Andrey Chibis has reportedly said that the families of those affected by this plane crash will each receive one million rubles ( £11,630), while the victims being treated in hospital will be given 500,000 rubles (£5,815).

Surviving passengers were left traumatised by this incident wherein most of them thought of never having to see their families again.

“Only thanks to the flight attendants, I survived,” One of the surviving passengers, Dmitry Khlebushkin, said.

Spanish socialist party wins election

Spainish Socialist Party (PSOE) have won the election after several attempt.

Pedro Sanchez has a reason to cheer after Sundays general election, he secured a solid political mandate after his party won 123 out of the 350 votes.

”we made it happen” he told the supporters.

After several attempt he has finally won and vows that he is going to make changes and to help Spain to have a better future.

He is ready to seek coalition to gain the 177 seats, the question is who is he going to choose to form a government with.

Sanchez came back better prepared this time around in comparison to previous elections where he went through a non confidence vote last June. He had more hope to win this election , he said that he  “wants to make sure that the country moves forward and to advance”  he is clearly the only one able to form a new government , with the position that he has as prime minister he as a bigger chance to win the election , also with what he said that that he would do for the country to make it better.

Vox is a political party in Spain they been able to win 12 seats after a long time the party want to make Spain great again by increasing the border control to avoid migrant crossing the Mediterranean reason why their party has gain more support from the community.

Vox also being tougher on the immigration control helped Andalusia where the migrant will not be able to cross the Mediterranean illegally they also mention the independence of Catalan a new decision who helped them to make their supporter grow.

The Podemo’s party against the inequality the corruption and for a better economies won 11 seats

Kim Jong Nam killer pleads guilty to lesser charges

Doan Thi was a suspect in the murder of Kim Jong Nam , the eldest son of  deceased North Korean leader and the half brother of the current North Korean leader.

She plead guilty to lesser charges of causing hurt by potentially deadly means. The judge in the case has said that she should be released by May, however if she has been found guilty of the original charges she would have faced the death penalty

The assassination took place at Kuala Lumpur international airport in 2017 when Kim was attacked by two women one of whom is believed to be Don Thi Hung. The attackers used, the deadly, VX nerve agent in liquid form.

VX can cause death by asphyxiation or by absorption through skin.

Malaysian police said that Kim had alerted a receptionist saying that someone had grabbed him from behind and splashed a liquid on his face he was then taken to the hospital but died on route.

Doan Thi Huong was arrested the day after the attack and subsequently.  sentenced to three years and four months. She is not the only suspect in the attack, however she is the only one is custody at this time.

Oh Ei Sun, a senior fellow with the Singapore Institute of International Affairs, told CBC news that the decision not to charge the two women with murder likely marked the end of the case.

“This is pretty much the end as the real culprits are apparently hiding behind the veil of diplomatic immunity and state-sponsored sanctuary,” Oh said.


The right wing league proposed a chemical castration bill on sex offenders

The right wing league in the Italian government proposed a bill to castrate sex offenders with consent as a condition for parole  in order to prevent women from being sexually assaulted as numbers are rising.

The bill aka ”Codice Rosso” is expected to come back to the chamber of deputies on Tuesday as it was suspended on Thursday when opposition MPs occupied the seats in protest.

The political Five Star party  rejected the proposal, they also disagree over some details of revenge porn being made a crime.

The five star government is saying that castrating  rapist  would not be a solution but that they should think about putting them in jail.

“The topic is so sensitive that it requires wide debate not only in parliament, but also judicial and social, above all involving experts, victims, families, analysts, jurists and all the relevant state actors, like the post and telecoms police. It’s a very important issue, so serious regulation must not be incomplete,” said  Giulia Sarti a member of the five star party who was recently a victim of revenge porn as she wants effective laws against it.


“The topic is so sensitive that it requires wide debate not only in parliament, but also judicial and social, above all involving experts, victims, families, analysts, jurists and all the relevant state actors, like the post and telecoms police. It’s a very important issue, so serious regulation must not be incomplete,” says Giulia Sarti on a Facebook post.

Revenge porn  is a sensitive topic wherein a 31 year old woman  took her life straight after her sex tape got to the public.

Research shows most women in Italy are reluctant to address the topic especially the women who have been victims. sexual abuse can be destructive to the mental health and your career path in general.

Italian women protested against gender violence on 8th March as Italy’s ruling populist coalition have clashed over a major new bill to tackle sender violence.

Countries such as Poland, Russia and Moldova have made chemical castration compulsory for certain sex offenders.




Cyclone causes catastrophic damage in Mozambique

Cyclone Idai has destroyed most of Mozambique, causing a great flood which has left many people homeless and helpless.

A week ago a cyclone hit Mozambique and its people leaving destruction and chaos, while over 750 people have been pronounced dead from the cyclone and many more receiving treatment.

The injuries are just one of the many concerns in the country right now as there are no homes for people to live or edible food. There have been attempts made to get aid from other countries but with communities wiped out and no landscape the ability for planes to land with safely is a challenge in itself. 

UNICEF has said that around 900,000 children have been affected – either orphaned, separated from their families or lacking basic necessities


They citizens of Mozambique cannot stay in these living condition any longer, they have been seeking refuge in stadiums and schools while many people sleep rough.  The cyclone not only affected Zimbabwe but Malawi also where 56 people have died, the cyclone hit Mozambique with winds of ups to 177km (106mph).

“The situation is now dire and we are calling for emergency both locally and internationally”, said Madiro, who is also the Zanu-PF provincial chairperson for Manicaland.

Rescue teams from all over the world have been sent to help such as the RAF

The Department for International Development (DIFD) has sent 20 tonnes of aid to Mozambique along with specialised equipment like forklifts. The agency has also sent water purifiers – a piece of equipment that is absolutely crucial in the battle to prevent the spread of cholera.

Unicef are at the forefront of the effort to try and give aid to Mozambique as it was reported that the A400M Atlas aircraft, which took off on Sunday, will help provide relief for the 37,500 people in need of urgent shelter, amid reports that at least 17,400 homes have been destroyed by the cyclone and flooding.

Unicef’s executive director Henrietta Fore has said it is a “race against time to help and protect children”.

She tweeted: “We’re assisting those sheltering in schools, setting up emergency medical tents, helping reunite separated families, and looking after orphaned children. Things will get worst.

Audio interview of a relative